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  1. Time to get everyone out of storage! I keep them there if they don't drop items/currency for whatever event/update is going on haha.
  2. Depending on when in March, because while not as awesome as Food & Wine, Flower & Garden may be happening, and the Outdoor Kitchens are awesome! That being said, just one day would almost require some MK. Get there at rope drop, and don't leave till the end of the night!
  3. Here's the fallacy of this argument. As it stands, Malcolm Butler makes a miraculous play and: "Tom Brady is the best QB of all time because he won 4 Super Bowls" If Butler doesn't make the play, and the Hawks score: "Tom Brady is a great regular season QB, but he's lost 3 Super Bowls..." So thanks to Butler, apparently Brady is the best QB of all time? I'm not saying he isn't good, (and I'm a Jets Fan ), but both of those (and those related to them) are ignorant statements. On another note, what did you all think of the halftime show?
  4. From Disney Parks Blog: Source: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/02/super-bowl-stars-julian-edelman-and-malcom-butler-coming-to-disneyland-resort Interesting that it's not the MVP though. I would assume that they would also have players from the winning team go to DL next year as well, as Super Bowl 50 is in Santa Clara, CA.
  5. Somehow I've been getting lucky. Have 19 Ankhs, 3 Sonic Screwdrivers and 8 Ghosts. Focusing on the Screwdrivers since they're epic. Anyone else use clams to buy the mystery box? Of the 8 things they are giving out, I'm only missing Pee-Pee Pants, and I don't think the skin is worth 125 clams.
  6. I'd be interesting in joining on a weekend. I live over on the Space Coast, so about an hour away.
  7. ^That's true, but I just looked at the amount of characters that have actions for this and there are a lot. Started those that have been put away on tasks to get stuff, and will switch characters over to KB stuff tonight when they all end prev. assigned actions.
  8. I can't believe it, but I had to turn on the heat in my house this morning. Woke up and it was 45 degrees outside! (Space Coast, FL for those playing the home game)
  9. With my "Home Park" being WDW, I don't think it ever loses it's luster. While we do things repeatedly, they are still fun. Combine that with the various festivals (Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, Star Wars Weekends, etc.) it's tough to get bored. It also helps that my future in-laws live about 5 mins from WDW, so my Fiancée and I always have a place to stay!
  10. From what I've seen and read, Pat is untimed, so don't worry about getting that done in a certain amount of time. I'm having Stewie go hogwild for the flutes, as it takes a good chunk of time for each. I have Bruce on the task w/ Vinny for the crafting item for the forklift, once that's done I'll have him on flutes.
  11. I think they have to be done concurrently. One needs steaks, the other eggs. The other one's building drops what they need... So yeah...
  12. Both timed. 5 days to get once buildings are built. I think they just have to be built by the 27th, but don't quote me on that. I mistakenly built both quickly, oh well.
  13. What are everyone's thoughts about this? http://www.floridatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2015/01/19/woman-pays-164k-per-year-to-live-on-luxury-cruise-ship/22030011/ I think it's pretty awesome. It seems that she's been living on cruise ships for almost 10 years now!
  14. ^ & ^^ Completely agree. How many of us forgot the whole blimp tease from what feels like months ago? Plus, I really like how they are welcome to give out free clams (Thanks Jesus!). I've probably gotten about 10 clams from him since the Christmas event. May not seem like a lot, but if I save them, that's a new premium character! My only wish would be for premium characters to have a chance to drop whatever items that we need to unlock a character, skin or building (Jillian for NYE). Regardless, I'll enjoy to play TQFS and sporadically check TSTO.
  15. Hey, at least now they have the "Castaway Cay Challenge" so the medal-mongers ship off to the Bahamas for the week instead of clogging up the parks! Adding in the fact that there are now 2 different times with back-2-back races between WDW and DL (Marathon last weekend, and Star Wars this upcoming weekend at DL). All of that should hopefully clear out people that are overly pushy with regards to making it known that they "ran" *Insert Distance Here*. Personally, I would just wear the shirt instead of the medal, damn thing is too heavy
  16. Not that everyone here is a huge fan of RunDisney, but I did notice that on a few of the shirts they had for Marathon weekend, for the "Four Parks" aspect of the race, the silhouettes were Cinderella Castle, Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and the Earful Tower. Very noticeable to me, and I wish that I had taken a photo of it. On the contrary, the Marathon shirts this year had all the park icons on the sleeve, and I think that the Sorcerers hat was on the shirt. I'm waiting to hear back from a friend that ran Dopey to send me a picture of her shirt. Just interesting that potentially there were two different park icons used for DHS. EDIT: Found out that the shirts that they gave out to participants (Marathon, Goofy and Dopey Challenges) had the Sorcerer's Hat on it: Marathon, Dopey and Goofy Challenge Shirts The "I Did It" Shirts for those three had the Earful Tower on them: Interesting...
  17. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hat is still going to stay with DHS, but rather move somewhere else.
  18. ^ That's actually more what we're looking for. Somehow we've never taken a vacation where it's just the two of us! We always go places to visit friends or family, so we just want a getaway weekend! We're thinking about doing a cruise for our honeymoon, so we want to make sure we won't kill each other over a simple weekend!
  19. I wish we could do the longer weekday cruise, but neither of us want to burn the vacation time with work! We're getting married in about a year and are saving as much time as we can until then! Have you guys been on the weekend one before? I'm assuming you've been on the ship (Enchantment) though. And we know from everyone's trip reports that Nassau is a waste! Maybe we'll venture out just to say that we did!
  20. How did you like the new theater? Beautiful, didn't take any photos of the theater cause I'm an idiot, but the overall feel was very Orlando (Nice blend of modern and classic). In a weird way, I think my favorite feature is that the theatre itself acts as a shield for cell phones (or at least it felt like it did, had absolutely no service in there). I'm sure that's on purpose to prevent phone calls and such from interrupting the show, and some people probably hate it, but I loved it. The cup holders under the seats were a nice touch, as were the spacious seats. I'm not a small person, but even I was comfy! I will also say that I don't think there is a bad seat in the entire place. We sat in the Mezzanine, Stage Left a few rows up, and had no issues seeing anything (even Angel Moroni at the top of the set!). I will say that given the chance to buy tickets I'd almost prefer the front few rows in the Balcony vs a few rows back in the Mezz. I'm definitely looking forward to my next show there, mad at myself that I didn't buy tickets for Beauty & the Beast when it tours in May. Not many are available, but they might still be bought!
  21. I think my favorite thing that they did with Frozen at DL vs DHS is the mock movie posters regarding other works by the "Royal Historians of Arendelle"
  22. I'll jump on the Split-day bandwagon as well. With a few suggestions. Do Animal Kingdom in the morning with Safari, Everest (Single Rider), Kali if the weather cooperates to name a few attractions to focus on. AK is a park that can really be done before Noon, so then head on over to DHS, which is where you should pre-book any fast passes that you want to make sure you ride. Rock n' Roller can be done with the Single Rider Line. Get FP+ for Toy Story if you haven't ridden it before. That's my $.02, but I hope you enjoy your visit regardless!
  23. For me it's driving by the port (Canaveral) each day that makes me want to just hop on a boat. I am planning to take advantage of the last-minute RCL deals on a weekender out of Port Canaveral. Anyone have any advice on how late to book to get the best deals? I'll appreciate anything, my fiancée and I are novice cruisers, with my only experience being a family vacation 9 years ago on Carnival... She's cruised with Norwegian before, so that's a much better experience! Thanks!
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