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  1. It'll be nice if the road goes away but not really much space to do anything with unless you put a long straight coaster in but then you have the height restrictions to deal with.
  2. I don't think that's going to qualify them for membership in the Mile High Club.
  3. 3 pm everyone will mostly be hanging out in the water park so the dry side should be fine.
  4. Can we vote to reverse it, that spiral would be much more fun to go down instead of up.
  5. But Hunter Orange for safety, don't want any accidental shootings.
  6. You're totally right about Holiday World over KK, and I live 15 mins from KK.
  7. that must have been one hell of a firework piece that fell on the slide to melt that much plastic.
  8. I don't blame you for skipping Six Flags St Louis, I went last year while on vacation in St Louis and honestly I have no desire to go back, it's a decent park but definitely not a must visit type of park.
  9. The official POV has been posted on YouTube and the ride is opening tomorrow, I'm just wondering if they've finished the walk-through que, I thought they were still working on the que building but I could be wrong:
  10. With the crazy hot weather, I considered doing Mile High Falls, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Full queue. Unfortunately it was only running one boat, so I stood on the bridge instead for a quick cooling-off splash before going back by Storm Chaser. ^ sometimes standing on the bridge away from the bus stop cover is more fun than the actual ride but just my opinion.
  11. That's the old "Congo Falls KI/ Mile High Falls KK" type of boat ride, there was an incident where a boat overturned and someone died and CP shut it down shortly afterwards if I remember right.
  12. just don't forget about the handful of grease to put in your hair first.
  13. I could be wrong but if it's a FITH replacement to me the new building looks bigger than the current one. It's possible it's the same size I suppose though, but just looks bigger to me.
  14. yes, exactly what I meant, the provision for the company to decide to end the lease at anytime could quickly turn into another Six Flags/KK situation. I give it until 2027 not 2033.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into another Six Flag Lease dispute that shuttered Kentucky Kingdom sooner than 2033.
  16. I love Flyer, I was there for media day and it took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting it to take off like it did and the pops of air were making me giggle like a little kid. It proves that a coaster doesn't have to be the tallest, fastest, or steepest to be a great ride! My only complaint about it is it doesn't last long enough.
  17. ^ what he said, at rope drop Raven, Legend, and the kiddie area in the front of the park is where everyone heads first and then work their way back as it gets closer to water park opening time. When the water park opens you'll have you pick of which dry rides to ride.
  18. You picked the right time to go because when the water park opens and depending on what's going on at the Exhibition Center/State Fair grounds it can be a mad house with very slow operations.... * The Dutch Clogs ride if I'm remembering right was originally from Kings Island and brought here when KI retired the ride * Yes, our wonderful water rapids ride is set to a sewer plant/ice manufacturing plant from the original Penguin villain DC theming from the Six Flags Era * The amphitheater where they are doing the new Birds Show (not necessarily brought in from Herschend, believe it started last year after COVID) used to be home to a Hollywood Stunts type show with motorcycles, cars, and pyro * Yes, KK is definitely the place to be if you're into plane spotting, in the water park on the tallest and only drop slide you're almost eye to eye with the pilots. They actually had to coordinate with the airport and FAA to have a Crane Window so they could put the drop box and upper level in for that water slide * Thanks to Six Flags we lost our best coaster in Chang not that I'm bitter or anything.... as well as a crazy mouse that was themed to the Roadrunner and Coyote which was a fun coaster too * The park was such a mess after being shuttered for 2 or 3 years after Six Flags had their tiff with the Fair Board - they did no winterization on any of the water park attractions, tall weeds and some tiny trees had grown up in between the lumber openings on Thunder Run, and Wicked Sisters aka Storm Chaser was an awesome dueling coaster that hadn't been touched even longer and pretty much was written off. Ed hart and his company spent a whole lot of cash just getting the park back into what it is today - it's the 2nd time he stepped in and saved it but he absolutely hates coasters and refuses to ride them... lol * At one point the Kochs were in talks to save the park and reopen it but they bowed out of the deal
  19. I love seeing a first timer's screams of terror turning into giggling like a child, it's fun to watch and hilarious all at the same time.
  20. ^ I agree with you, the Ride Op was just following her guidelines and it was the man who chose not to listen. I'm sure it made it worse on her when the son got upset and started crying because his father left him, as a parent I wouldn't have left him especially if the son was young. I could see how it might be a little hard for the op to handle and process everything that happened, who knows what the guy was going to do after he got off and refused to listen.
  21. Next time you're in the area and if you have time, I highly recommend checking out the ballpark in Huntington, it's where they filmed part of A League of Their Own: https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/51781
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