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  1. Maybe they plan on doing focusing on sanitizing and cleaning to make sure they are following guidelines on those days?
  2. It was announced on the news this morning that KK and all pools can open on June 29th with restrictions.
  3. I loved Chang and when they took it with them along with the RoadRunner Express which was a fun one too I was really disappointed.
  4. That's disappointing, to me that is an outdoor attraction but hey what do I know.
  5. The other thing to factor in is the water park probably won't be allowed to reopen right away and that's HW's biggest draw because the dry side is busy right before and right after the water park opens/closes.
  6. It's possible, but our governor is being smart and only re-opening things in small steps, so it really depends on what he reopens and when.
  7. since our group of friends were looking forward to a weekend getaway, I kinda borrowed his idea and am planning on proposing to mine at the top of the Space Needle at 6pm in June. She thinks that it's just going to be a me and her weekend, I'm hoping everything will be ok by then.
  8. Me and a group of friends were supposed to go tonight so one could surprise his gf with a proposal but we knew this kind of thing was going to happen so everyone ended up cancelling.
  9. I'm just hoping, and maybe this is me being nit picky, that with Orion being built and Vortex being removed (which its amazing how much smaller that area between Wind Seeker and The Beast now looks without Vortex there) that it doesn't take away from the out in the woods all alone feel of The Beast. Trees with leaves will help but it looks like there'll be more exposed parts of Beast now.
  10. It's a shame they are not doing the turntable for loading like the one in Europe, that'd help move the line faster.
  11. Is that where the cabin was and the area where they launch the fireworks from?
  12. Aren't or weren't they going to build a Garfield Amusement park at the old park that was located outside of Indy?
  13. we went here for a week on vacation when I was young and that was back when Superstition Mountain was still a dark ride, it was such a fun week.... I lost count of how many times I rode that thing. This breaks my heart because I haven't had a chance to share this with my sons.
  14. I've not had a chance to ride it, either it's been down or the line has always been down to the bottom of the stairs.
  15. Oh, I have no issue with it, just surprised me to hear that there was a charge for it now but glad to see the money is going to Give Kids The World, I miss their coaster-thons at Kings Island.
  16. Wait, what, they're charging for it now? I went two years ago and would have gone last year but had to go through stupid Divorce classes on the same weekend, but the first year they didn't charge for it.
  17. ^ I agree, I was like damn it, I had it completely wrong after I saw the ending, I thought I had it spot on.
  18. Elissa that was awesome and as a die hard SW fan I was cracking up at your comments like non-Death Star ship thingy and the other ones.... I definitely need to get down there now and glad to hear that newbies to Star Wars can ride it and not be lost and be able to enjoy it.
  19. If that's true, that's a shame because I never got a chance to ride those but not surprising since they're in a weird spot honestly.
  20. My gf and I and her kids went and seen Knives Out, awesome movie and highly recommend it. I thought I had it figured out by the end but I was completely wrong. I was sitting there for like 10 mins after going over it in my mind like what the heck.... one of the best movies of the year.
  21. Crap, sorry for the double post. Yes, they're no longer offering that, I called and asked them before I went down this summer.
  22. Yes, they're no longer offering that, I called and asked them before I went down this summer.
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