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  1. Just got home from the mountains yesterday and we were at Dwood on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a good week overall but it sucked that the 4th of July parade got cancelled because of storms, the news said it was the first time ever to be cancelled. I hadn't been to Dwood since 16 and I really enjoyed it, the only thing I think the park could improve on is maybe some kind of transportation that goes from one side of the park to the other so you didn't have to walk all the way around. I rode most of the coasters but not all as the park seemed busy in the morning and by late afternoon the ques seemed to be empty. I did get to ride LR and it was the first chance I got to ride an RMC... what a ride! I got to the brake run and I was like what just happened, it was awesome but everything was a blur. I'd say my most favorite and probably in my top 5 now is Thunderhead. I was really disappointed to see such a great awesome coaster with an empty que all day long. It's really one of the great woodies I think and it should get more attention. Firechaser Express was awesome as well, backwards is much more fun then the frontwards. All in all I give Dollywood 2 thumbs up.
  2. I downloaded the Dollywood app and I've been playing with it and I see where it has wait times as a header but no actual wait times shown, am I looking in the wrong place? I'm going in under rides.
  3. I was afraid of that, at least it's open from 10am until 9:30 so that will be plenty of time.
  4. I've been googling and think I have my answer but just want to be sure, but is Dollywood no longer doing the come in after 3pm and come back the next day offer that they used to do?
  5. this is awesome, according to the KK FB Page they are bringing back Haunts!!!!!:
  6. I love the wolf howl too as you're getting ready to drop, I can never help myself either because I automatically howl too without thinking about it.
  7. My gf and I are talking about heading to Gatlinburg for the 4th and will probably be there until the 7th, I was just wondering how busy Dollywood might be during this time?
  8. Not to mention a ride that had it's date moved forward when Disney announced that Star Wars would be opening early. From what I've heard the ride was supposed to open much later, but Universal changed that date, and some people working on the project only found out from what they read on Twitter. I personally would have rather they spent a bit more time testing the ride and opening it later when it was working better, but there's shareholders, right? Didn't this same thing happen with Gringotts... Volcano Bay... there is a pattern here... Gotta love when a park takes shortcuts to try to get a leg up on the competition I guess.
  9. I can't find any updates about Jeff's arrest or indictment but this article is interesting and how could you build a slide like that without hiring any engineers?: https://people.com/crime/schlitterbahn-owner-jeffrey-henry-drug-arrest-domestic-abuse/
  10. Wow! Cedar Fair is buying Schlitterbahn! Coaster 101 has posted the news today ( https://www.coaster101.com/2019/06/13/cedar-fair-signs-agreement-to-acquire-schlitterbahn-water-parks): Cedar Fair Entertainment Company announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire two iconic water parks and one resort in Texas – Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston for a cash purchase price of $261 million, subject to certain working capital adjustments related to the timing of the closing. Additionally, Cedar Fair has the right to acquire a property located in Kansas City, Kansas, for a cash purchase price of $6 million. “We are very excited about the opportunity to bring these two award-winning Texas water parks into the Cedar Fair family,” said Richard Zimmerman, Cedar Fair’s president and CEO. “These properties represent new markets for us with attractive demographics in the growing Central Texas region, and they align with our strategy to identify compelling opportunities to accelerate our growth and profitability. The investments we have made over the past five years to strengthen our back-of-house and customer-facing systems will support a smooth integration of these properties by ensuring a premium guest experience, strong team collaboration and superior execution.” Zimmerman continued, “Schlitterbahn employees are known throughout the industry for their innovation and dedication to the quality of the guest experience. Because of their work, the water park located in New Braunfels has been recognized as the ‘Best Water Park in the World’ for 21 straight years, and Galveston has received recognition as the ‘Best Indoor Water Park in the World’ for a decade. We look forward to adding these parks to Cedar Fair’s industry-leading portfolio of regional entertainment resorts.” In 2018, Cedar Fair entertained 25.9 million guests, reported $1.35 billion in annual net revenues. The two Texas water parks and the resort entertained 1.2 million guests in 2018 and generated annual revenues of approximately $68 million. Following this transaction, Cedar Fair’s portfolio will consist of 15 parks, resort accommodations totaling more than 2,000 rooms across six parks, more than 600 luxury RV sites across four parks, and two marinas.
  11. I love Kentucky Kingdom and really the slow ops is the only real thing that kills it. I went to the water park and they had one lifeguard at the top of a complex managing 3 slides. I felt so sorry for the woman. The River Rapids ride only had 2 ops working on it, the Tin Lizzies had one college age girl working it and she was running from the entrance to the exit and then pulling the cars up.
  12. Kentucky Flyer won't que too much, the ride itself is only like 30-50 secs out and back so it's a pretty quick return to the station and they have 2 trains so there may be a short line but it doesn't take long to get on the trains.
  13. If you don't want the magic ruined don't click the link below... I'm in IT so the techy stuff is catches my attention but just thought I'd share this... it's pretty cool and pretty efficient:
  14. if you're not doing the water park, I would kind of spend the first hour riding some of the flat rides because at 11 when the water park opens the dry side empties out quickly and typically the waits are a whole lot better until the water park closes and then wait times will go back up again.
  15. Wildebeast can be a little intense because you get a little airtime when the rafts pop over top of the hill and you are actually airborne. Mammoth's drops aren't too bad but you do get a lot of spins and it can be hard to see because you're constantly being bombarded with water but both are very awesome rides!
  16. I know they aren't saying anything technical but I'm curious how many pods there are in total. I'd love to do a behind the scenes tour of this.
  17. I love the double station fly through on this coaster.
  18. During State Fair you'll have to pay for parking and admission to the State Fair as well as a separate admission to KK.
  19. I'm sure eventually it will happen but any word if DisneyLand will be getting Tronned?
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