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  1. I miss my kids being that young and having a fun day at a park like that... they become teenagers and don't want to hang with Dad anymore because it's not cool... lol
  2. Probably Six Flags St Louis.... felt like I was back home at KK when it was under their flags. I know there are some good 6 Flags parks but the overall feel is like if you've been to one you've been to most.
  3. I love WDW and WDL but the Happiest Place on Earth is quickly becoming You have to hit the lottery place on earth.
  4. French Lick Resort and Casino is really nice. The hotel has a nice history and is quite beautiful. https://www.frenchlick.com/ I've never stayed there but it's on my list.
  5. I wish KK would run theirs backwards but was told theirs wasn't programmed for that.
  6. I agree... it'd be better to drive south 3 or 4 hours for SDC instead.
  7. Your slower than normal ride on American Thunder surprises me. I rode it as my first coaster in the morning when we got there and it was moving pretty good so maybe just a time of the day thing maybe? I totally agree about Boss, it was painful and not fun at all I couldn't wait to get back to the station and be off of it, probably the worse coaster I've ever been on. I didn't get a chance to ride Screamin Eagle because I got there later in the afternoon and that whole back section was closed even though it was running in the morning so I'm guessing staffing issues. The train was shut down to so missed that as well. I did like the mine train coaster, not fast but was fun. I didn't get to Ninja because I was too worried about cracking my head on the restraint and having a headache.
  8. My thought is he did it on purpose and since it's right as it was coming to the fountain if he was trying to aim for the fountain but lost his grip. The main thing noticeable to me is how calm he is which was also brought up on another site.
  9. There maybe rioting and looting if KI were to announce RMC'ing the Beast.
  10. Usually the dry side is busy for the first hour until the waterpark opens and then the crowd moves into the waterpark. the dry side then almost empties out and doesn't get busy until the waterpark closes.
  11. Going to have to change Kidtums name to youngladytums... I'm glad you all had a fun time together.
  12. Agreed, and I like how you can take the train to the different areas and just hop on and off.
  13. You're definitely right about the weird layout. I'd like to see them add another crossing at the other end down by Lightning Run instead of just having the bridge and road cross walk up by the Enterprise ride area. My biggest thing with the park is the ops are always moving slowly no matter when you go. I agree about the area of Storm Chaser, it needs more developed b/c to me it's kind of a dead area considering it has one of the best coasters at the park. I'm really excited to see what Herschend will do. I think they will greatly improve everything as long as they can get along with the Fairboard.
  14. ^ What you and other police officer are going through is a bunch of b.s..... all I'll say is a few poor choices by a certain few does not represent the majority.
  15. The report I read this morning was saying that the children couldn't undo the seatbelt which is understandable if you're panicking. It's a real tragedy about the child dying. It's really hard imagining a raft dipping down that much that it flips over. I'm thinking maybe instead of letting people get onboard and sit anywhere maybe spread out adults around the raft to try and balance it better.
  16. We were there on the 4th and it started off well in the morning but afternoon was packed. The water park was so crowded that we ended up setting our stuff down on some grass and rocks. The lines for the waterslides weren't bad but the lines waiting for tubes was very long. American Thunder was the best woody in the park. The Boss was fast but I had a hard time enjoying it because it was hurting my back a little bit. I wanted to ride American Scream which was open when we first got there but was closed in the afternoon after we gave up on the waterpark. The mine train was fun, loved the double down tunnel. I skipped Ninja, Pandemonium, and Batman. It was our first time visiting and loved that it was a small park so maybe we'll visit during the week sometime when it's not as crowded. I did like the all day dining plan for 35/person. All you can drink, 2 meals, and one snack was a pretty great deal. We ended up bailing early because we were all hot, tired, and didn't want to stand in lines anymore. I did see the infamous Turkey Leg and told my fiance about it and she was like why? They're just turkey legs... lol
  17. It definitely needs to be closed until they can figure it out. I agree with people who are saying it's something with the motor based on the sound and the way the one leg is bouncing. The sound matches with a motor turning at least to my ears but then again I'm not an engineer and suck with anything mechanical.
  18. I've wondered about these raft style slides since you're going around the turn at a good speed are the large circles just for cosmetic or do they serve a purpose. I was just wondering because you just zip around one edge of them.
  19. Thanks, will do. My fiancée found a rental cottage near the Zoo so we won't be staying downtown. I went to make reservations for Six Flags and the City Museum but still too far out so I'll check again in May. We're really looking forward to the trip.
  20. My fiancee and myself are planning a long weekend away with the kiddos (all teens) in St. Louis from July 2nd to July 5th. We were planning on doing Six Flags St Louis one day, the Zoo and Aquarium one day, and the City Musuem another day. I was thinking hitting up City Museum on the 5th as we're leaving town but wasn't sure about Six Flags how bad it could be on the 4th of July. I know with the Zoo I've been told to get there before it opens as it's usually busy, any tips for tourists would be appreciated.
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