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  1. Not wanting to be insensitive or sounding like skin color is a thing for me, but come on 19 young children dead at the hands of a gunman, this, this is what we should be filling the streets in protest over! I'm sorry if this offends but I'm just being honest.
  2. yes, if you're going to HW just for the coasters the best thing to do is stick to flats until the water park opens because when it does the crowds disappear from the dry side and waits for the 4 awesome coasters are best up until it closes then the lines will go back up.
  3. Any word on Holliwood Nights this year, this is about the time of year for it.
  4. no, they showed a very quick shot of him actually falling. I was shocked that they would even show just that part. I agree with you, people are so sensitive about everything now days but you're right 100%.
  5. I just can't believe CBS National News showed him falling, totally not needed, and looks like the maximum wight from manufacturer is 285 or 287 lbs I think they said. In today's sensitive environment telling someone that they weight too much could be bad too, it's a fine line for parks nowadays.
  6. I think you're right, there's definitely like a main path and it has two different openings.
  7. The central time zone doesn't start until you get 30-40 miles south and west of Louisville, the whole city is on EST year around with Daylight Savings Time. I don't recommend going too far west of I65, around the airport is fine but the NW/West side of Louisville are rougher parts of town.
  8. Love the track colors, the support columns doesn't look right against the sexy gray/red combo of the track.
  9. the best part of the tunnel was it was a nice spot to go and get cool under when it was hotter than the devil's balls. There's very few spots left now to go and cool off now.
  10. Kentucky Kingdom - do not head to Storm Chaser if you're there at opening that's pretty much where everyone goes first. I would head to Thunder Run or Kentucky Flyer first and then check out the line for Storm Chaser or Lightning Run. Be Prepared for slow dispatch times on all rides and waterpark being very crowded anytime during the summer. I'm not a fan of SLC's but I've heard T3 can beat you up.... also another good coaster for the first one of the day would be Roller Skate.
  11. well at least Six Flags didn't just up and pull out and leave things abandoned and also take two rides with them, they could easily do that at one of the less maintained parks... lol
  12. I know both of my kid's trips to HW were in May... the lines weren't horrible, it just depends on how many schools show up that day.
  13. this is becoming the norm, I did my Computer Science Bachelor's degree totally online and never stepped foot in a classroom while working full time.
  14. Most of the school groups stay more in the dry park from my experiences so the lines usually are filled with school kids during the day.
  15. I agree about having to be on your phone all the time at any Disney property would suck, that's supposed to be quality family time not play on your phone, but then again anytime you go out to eat everyone around you is usually on their phones instead of spending time as a family.
  16. I think you're right the layout won't change, I think looking at the crossover in the picture I think they might mean that the elevation will change at the tunnel entrance, like the drop in will go lower and then the crossover will move to above the drop-in... just how I'm reading it.
  17. Agreed, Grandfather's Mansion, and if you're not careful you can easily miss the entrance to it. SDC doesn't really make it too obvious we kind of accidentally passed the entrance when we were there.
  18. What I'm getting from it and I could be wrong is they're redoing the geometry so instead of dropping down and then coming back up possibly maybe start out on the bottom near the tunnel and then climb up the helix?
  19. I'm just going into the Carnival trip next year as being at Walmart for 5 days and an open mind. I'm more excited about actually getting a passport and traveling out of country going to Mahogany Bay and Cozumel and then back to Tampa. It'll be all sorts of interesting.
  20. One good thing about them working on the drop into the helix is maybe they'll get rid of the trim brake that was there, we can hope anyways.
  21. This sounds like a story I heard on the news last night, the employees of the Candlemaker plant in Mayfield are hiring attorneys and are going to sue the company for not allowing them to leave when the storm hit, seriously an EF4 tornado is bearing down on you and you want to go outside, if the company let the employees leave there would have been more than the 8 unfortunate deaths from that company.
  22. My gf and I are looking at a Carnival cruise for 5 days to Mexico, should I be wary of Carnival or is it pretty decent? This will be my first ever cruise.
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