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  1. You're talking a Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom situtation here and we all know what happened there. It's a really bad idea given that Six Flags just up and closed a park and moved rides to other parks when a lease deal went south. Just my thought.
  2. I'm hoping it won't but will be sad to see Cedar Fair parks maybe get the Six Flags treatment.
  3. No surprise honestly, they were bound to do something to improve, great ride and love it, and I'm sure it will still be great.
  4. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my father in 2001 so I know how tough the griefing is and how it affects you. I'm so glad you and your family are ready and hope you will have a great time!
  5. HW was just extending it to try and fill in the space left by Pilgrims Plunge, pretty nice way of filling it in and utilizing the space.
  6. I agree especially after what happened and the lawsuit over it, I was surprised about keeping the que in the middle as well but makes sense so it overs protection from over top.
  7. a little corny or in this case a little gravy about the theming but it's good to see them finally doing something with the Pilgrim's Plunge area.
  8. It's just scary seeing how much the top part above the crack moved to the right as a train went by. It was a good couple of inches, this could have been really bad but am glad it wasn't.
  9. I just saw a commercial and maybe it's just me but HW world just doesn't seem as special not seeing like a Koch family member in the commercials or whatever.... just seems like that part of the appeal of it and being family owned takes a little bit from it? I dunno, shrugs.
  10. I know the main change to Adventure Express has been to the ques, but have they mentioned any changes to the ride itself?
  11. lol that's awesome..... sounds like someone was trying to send a message after a breakup!
  12. I mean the whole thing is an awesome concept for us Star War fans but honestly who can afford that much money for a 3 night stay so honestly I can't say I'm not surprised.
  13. My thinking is maybe they are just extending the turn around so they can bring it to a more gradual stop as opposed to a back spike, the footers seem to extend out into the lake and then line up with the station.
  14. Well let's hope they have better luck with this launched coaster, hopefully it runs more like Firecracker Express than LR.
  15. I know it might not be practical or money efficient but if a park created a stand-up woodie, that would be really unique!
  16. We've lost another member of the original Lynard Skynard - Gary Rossington.
  17. Well in my defense, we didn't have either of those before but yeah now you're right, but it was still a fun coaster and between Thunder Run and Chang, I liked Chang a lot more... lol
  18. kind of funny in a sad way, they finally come up with a plan for the remaining half of the go-kart track and now they might be replacing it with another concrete the ride attraction.
  19. If y'all don't want Green Lantern we'll gladly take it back and replace T3 with our best KK roller coaster lol
  20. It makes sense based on the investigation finding that a piece of the brake run was broken off and sent flying and how beat up the launch and brake run was from over time, it does make sense to replace those sections so hopefully that's all that will change.
  21. you're right, my mistake, I thought M&M's were Hershey. I apologize.
  22. I think the biggest reason for the delay was originally they weren't going to include the turntable (which would be horrendous dispatch times) and after they got to building it Six Flags was like yeah go ahead and give us the turntable after all so then they had to wait on the turntable from the manufacturer, good idea to include it but stupid to decide not to include it from the get go.
  23. Not trying to make it into a thing or start a rumor, but I just had to laugh when I saw the M&M characters are going to be doing meet and greets in WDW resort.
  24. The really interesting thing is if you look at the bill of laden, Dollywood is the cosignee.
  25. Don't let the name Hatfields & McCoys fool ya, it's actually a pretty good dinner show and not at all what you expect, my opinion is this and Pirates are the top 2 dinner theaters in Pigeon Forge and both have the best food again just my opinion.
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