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  1. This whole WD CEO is turning into a soap opera... now the CFO who helped to get the former CEO fired is rumored to be the new CEO in 2025... what a power play on her part!
  2. Clar Clarence Gilyard which the FB post I saw was kind of sad, only named him in Top Gun.... no mention of Walker TX Ranger or Die Hard or Matlock.... seriously FB?
  3. I remember Americana but I was so young so it's a little fuzzy, didn't it have a Western Bar that had actual sawdust? I do remember loving being at Americana though, that much I do know.
  4. I agree about Carnival.... it was exciting because it was a two for trip... my first cruise and my first time going to foreign countries but here's some of my thoughts about Carnival itself (newbie experience so keep that in mind) * we bought the soda package - was a good deal except after 11 or so, all the bars and food places were pretty much closed and if you were up late you could only go to the casino bar which was open till 2:30, room service was a no go on the package * the shows.... for some reason no show lasted beyond 30 mins - the one I did go to was an 80s review and it was 6 singers sitting on stools getting up to sing their parts, huge let down, did go to the comedy club which was fun but again 30 mins and done * people openly smoking marijuana in the smoking areas - even had people arrested and put in the brig for doing it in their staterooms the first or second night out * buffet was mehhhhhh.... my friend got scrambled eggs the day after we sailed from the port and when she used her fork was sprayed with water - the dining room was much better food we ate our meals the rest of the time there * the deck party the final night out lasted around 30 mins at like 8pm on the last day of the cruise - was totally surprised it wasn't much bigger and longer * decent sized ship and yet there was only one little smoking area on the upper pool deck * again not as much entertainment as expected except for bingo and the casino so I spent a lot of time just sitting out on deck in the smoking area when I could grab a seat talking to people and watching the ocean going by
  5. Maybe this is me being nitty picky, I love AE but to me the ending has always been kind of anti-climatic, wouldn't mind hering "Now you must die" on a much much taller hill elsewhere on the ride" instead of the very short drop after the crest of the hill.
  6. They must have said no when they answered the phone and was told I'm contacting you about the extended warranty.
  7. It'll be nice if the road goes away but not really much space to do anything with unless you put a long straight coaster in but then you have the height restrictions to deal with.
  8. I don't think that's going to qualify them for membership in the Mile High Club.
  9. 3 pm everyone will mostly be hanging out in the water park so the dry side should be fine.
  10. Can we vote to reverse it, that spiral would be much more fun to go down instead of up.
  11. But Hunter Orange for safety, don't want any accidental shootings.
  12. You're totally right about Holiday World over KK, and I live 15 mins from KK.
  13. that must have been one hell of a firework piece that fell on the slide to melt that much plastic.
  14. I don't blame you for skipping Six Flags St Louis, I went last year while on vacation in St Louis and honestly I have no desire to go back, it's a decent park but definitely not a must visit type of park.
  15. The official POV has been posted on YouTube and the ride is opening tomorrow, I'm just wondering if they've finished the walk-through que, I thought they were still working on the que building but I could be wrong:
  16. With the crazy hot weather, I considered doing Mile High Falls, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Full queue. Unfortunately it was only running one boat, so I stood on the bridge instead for a quick cooling-off splash before going back by Storm Chaser. ^ sometimes standing on the bridge away from the bus stop cover is more fun than the actual ride but just my opinion.
  17. That's the old "Congo Falls KI/ Mile High Falls KK" type of boat ride, there was an incident where a boat overturned and someone died and CP shut it down shortly afterwards if I remember right.
  18. just don't forget about the handful of grease to put in your hair first.
  19. I could be wrong but if it's a FITH replacement to me the new building looks bigger than the current one. It's possible it's the same size I suppose though, but just looks bigger to me.
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