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  1. ^ lmao, gotta love Yahoo, but at least they got the ride's name right!
  2. They're starting to do the same here in Kentucky now. Restaurants and Bars cannot serve after 10pm and has to be closed by 11pm now.
  3. ^ I agree, when I hear Fast and Furious ride it makes you expect something fast and fun like a roller coaster not a ride through drive in.
  4. Looks like fun, the best cave in southern Indiana is Squire Boone Caverns. It's been a long time since I've been there but if I remember right they have a pioneer village as well as a really nice cave.
  5. ^ Agreed, the Beast will always be #1 no matter how much they trim it out or take away the wood setting.
  6. what I thought was funny was the people got off themselves and apparently were told by Disney staff that they weren't supposed to get off, what were they to do, go swimming? lol
  7. I'm just saying in general outside of the pool and there was 0 social distancing in the wave pool.
  8. ^ Wave3 showed a live shot of the wave pool one night and I saw how packed and close people were and you could tell they weren't wearing masks and I was like oh hell no, I'm not going anywhere near there.
  9. There were a few animatronic animals throughout the cave not a lot, and then the train ending with the bright light and the horn sounding.
  10. The last time I wast at Indiana Beach I was a kid and my family stayed in a cabin and that was back when Lost Coaster was still a dark ride and the curved drop over water was more towards the end. I probably rode that thing like 20 or 30 times that week we were there. I loved that thing and haven't rode it since the change.
  11. oh, my mistake, I thought I had seen something about possible Intamin involvement.
  12. yes, for now, the governor is announcing new COVID adjustments so not sure what will be affected.
  13. I'm excited to see the new Intamin models coming and I know it's been posted here before about permits being filed by Intamin for work so I'm thinking based on what posted here that KK is getting the dueling Infinity model which looks bad ass.
  14. I'm thinking the small compact dueling Racer model is what's coming to KK in the old drag racer location based on the rumors that's been posted.
  15. It seems like Beast keeps getting more and more uncovered, hopefully they'll keep the wood setting as much as possible.
  16. I love the new ride but sure do miss that long ass cave section, that was cool as hell not gonna lie.
  17. Is this where Hard Rock Park was located, I was there in May and we drove by this area but didn't stop.
  18. Another point is, Song of the South was based around a swamp setting if I remember right, but I could be incorrect or maybe it's supposed to be set in the Ozarks I guess.
  19. Have they ever opened a ride or attraction on time in any of their chains ever? lol
  20. I know you can only get tickets online but do Coaster groups still get a discount that has been offered by HW before?
  21. I have mixed feelings about this but I understand it and why they have locked away Song of the South, the characters are really only know from the ride for people who have never heard of Song of the South so I think in all aspects it'll be a good way to bring familiarity to the younger groups.
  22. Coaster Kings is saying the area is the old drag strip that's been left sitting in between Thunder Run and the big loop coaster (I'm drawing a blank on the name right now, dang nab it) so it'd be a good spot to fill.
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