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  1. I bet if the city and park were to put their heads together and come up with something and promote it nationally and promote the hell out of it they could create a huge big time affair.
  2. You gotta love KK poking fun at KI for announcing they're closing Vortex with this tweet. I didn't put it together until now.
  3. Ed has made bashing remarks towards T3 too and laughs at them. Ed is a very cool guy.
  4. It's definitely going to leave a big gap in that area from Windseeker over to Mystic Timbers and The Beast.
  5. Disney never seems to amaze me, parts of Epcot were created back before today's technology and so it's gotta be tough to hit the reset button and come up with ideas for a whole new set of technology that the future maybe like.
  6. Kentucky Rambler @ Beech Bend Park, I don't think my butt stayed in the seat at all, a very fun ride.
  7. The Storm Chaser area is an area that they really need to work on, that whole corner area from between Thunder Run and Mile High Falls back to Storm Chaser is pretty empty and is a long walk to get back in that area for two rides and then Eye of the Storm is just kinda out there on it's own not even tied to either one of those areas. They really need to redo that whole back area and make it one cohesive area and make it to feel like its actually part of the park.
  8. They run deluge so slow that I never really want to climb the stairs to ride it, it's a shame they don't redo it to where you load at the ground and they have a moving conveyor belt like Wildabeast.
  9. Looks interesting but was hoping for something other than another water coaster, I thought for sure that they might actually be doing something with the big hole left behind by the removal of Pilgrims Plunge.
  10. I really liked it, yeah it was kind of uneventful until you got to the elevator lift but man what a nice way to cool down on a hot day. The drop was awesome, I think it just needed the roller coaster part like its counterpart in Europe which I'm blanking on the name now.
  11. Nobody was “snooping.” It’s all public record. Kings Island knows exactly what they are doing when they file those blueprints. Besides, the park is LEGALLY REQUIRED to file those blueprints. Go yell at the politicians who made the FOIA if you are really so upset about this. Agreed, when there's a filing for a local government permit like in this case then the documents become a part of the open records law this is how the media is able to get information for news stories and the general public can also request access to anything covered by the open records laws.
  12. Maybe they are finally doing something with the Pilgrims Plunge remnants???
  13. Thanks, it was a shame to see it boarded up and not being used. It would make a good location for a dark ride of some sort. It's definitely a good place to go to if you want to cool off without having to go to a show to do it.
  14. Lightning Run was running both days I was there, the first day it was a 50 minute wait in the morning. I noticed as we were walking the park there was one point we crossed the RR tracks and we walked through a cave-like tunnel and a couple of parts inside of it was boarded up. I was just curious if anyone knew what used to be in the cave tunnel or has it always been a storage area?
  15. I kind of got that as well too and then on top of that the poor employees having to wear overalls and themed outfits for their rides in this heat. I asked one and she said that the overalls were required and that only parking lot employees were allowed to wear shorts and she said it was supposedly a safety issue. I'm sorry but I think heat exhaustion would be more worrisome then maybe some leg bruise or a scratch.
  16. Just got home from the mountains yesterday and we were at Dwood on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a good week overall but it sucked that the 4th of July parade got cancelled because of storms, the news said it was the first time ever to be cancelled. I hadn't been to Dwood since 16 and I really enjoyed it, the only thing I think the park could improve on is maybe some kind of transportation that goes from one side of the park to the other so you didn't have to walk all the way around. I rode most of the coasters but not all as the park seemed busy in the morning and by late afternoon the ques seemed to be empty. I did get to ride LR and it was the first chance I got to ride an RMC... what a ride! I got to the brake run and I was like what just happened, it was awesome but everything was a blur. I'd say my most favorite and probably in my top 5 now is Thunderhead. I was really disappointed to see such a great awesome coaster with an empty que all day long. It's really one of the great woodies I think and it should get more attention. Firechaser Express was awesome as well, backwards is much more fun then the frontwards. All in all I give Dollywood 2 thumbs up.
  17. I downloaded the Dollywood app and I've been playing with it and I see where it has wait times as a header but no actual wait times shown, am I looking in the wrong place? I'm going in under rides.
  18. I was afraid of that, at least it's open from 10am until 9:30 so that will be plenty of time.
  19. I've been googling and think I have my answer but just want to be sure, but is Dollywood no longer doing the come in after 3pm and come back the next day offer that they used to do?
  20. this is awesome, according to the KK FB Page they are bringing back Haunts!!!!!:
  21. I love the wolf howl too as you're getting ready to drop, I can never help myself either because I automatically howl too without thinking about it.
  22. My gf and I are talking about heading to Gatlinburg for the 4th and will probably be there until the 7th, I was just wondering how busy Dollywood might be during this time?
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