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  1. Went to Six Flags Marine World sunday and got 7 new credits!
  2. Rollerholden I'm with you Zipper Rules! I got 5 flips in a row when I went a week ago.
  3. Manhatten Express is rough usally and you really lucked out! It beat me up bad but lucklily it wasn't running as bad as when Robb & Gregg rode. Kevin"Never riding that again"Bujold
  4. No there is not a single rider line. You have to RUN to it in the morning and you can't get in line one hour before the park closes. The ride is rough but not too bad. My rides on it wern't that bad and it is fun. And the line for X goes slow for obvious reasons. Brace yourself in the second half of the ride and don't pass out in the hot long line and you'll be fine. Kevin"For the smoothest ride, ride Psyclone before you ride X"Bujold
  5. 1.Get the Crystal Beach Cyclone credit. 2.Go into the future when I have enough money to go on a Europe U.S.A Japan Coaster trip. 3.Stop Knotts from tearing down the Parachute Jump! 4.Invent the internet before Bill Gates did. 5.Stop RCCA and Togo from pairing up and building a monster called White Canyon. Kevin"Togo honestly was involved in the making of White Canyon!"Bujold
  6. I'm excited for my Tahoe/SFMW vacation tomorrow! Hopefully it will be great when I go on Sunday! I'd say go to SFMW if you have a SFMM season pass. Otherwise it depends on what you like most at a theme park. Kevin"I was riding an Arrow last time was out of Southern California"Bujold
  7. I'm so Dissappinted I couldn't go Walibi World when we went to Holland. I'll ride it someday. Kevin"Goliath looks awsome"Bujold
  8. Wow. This really makes going to the Ventura County Fair exciting!
  9. The Hammerhead at Knotts. Instead it was replaced by a Top Spin with the most pathetic program. Bring back the Zamperla Ride! Kevin"Why am I saying good things about Zamperla?!"Bujold
  10. Family Guy, Futurama and Simpsons are my Top 3 shows. Other shows I like are Southpark, Mad TV and Malcom in the Middle.
  11. Those Twisted ladders arn't original. The elementary School 4 blocks away from my house has 3 of those! It does look like Expidition G Force though. Kevin"I need my SFMW/Tahoe vacation to start NOW!"Bujold
  12. I got to Themeparkreveiw by going to Coasterforce then went to Westcoaster and found the Themeparkreveiw link
  13. Ya Airplane is also in my Top 10. Kevin"Great Movie"Bujold
  14. I'm 50% French, 35% Dutch and 15% Swedish so I'm white. Kevin"Half of my ancestors died from riding Gouderix!"Bujold
  15. Credit Whoring counting racing coasters as 2, stealing kids to go on kiddie coasters and sacraficing your head at parks such as Parc Astreix and your krotch at parks such as Expoland to add credits to your credit list.
  16. At least its being taken out for something! Kevin"Stupid Knotts "Bujold
  17. I remember 6 years ago I went to Magic Mtn and It began hailing HARD while I was riding Revelution! THAT HURT! lackeye: It was the worst coaster ride I ever rode! Kevin"OUCH!"Bujold
  18. I prefer Coke over Pepsi. Coke doesn't go flat so easily like Pepsi and is more carbonated. But that doesn't make Pepsi bad. Pepsi seems to be more sweet than coke, But I'd choose Coke over Pepsi anyday. Kevin"Pepsi is still a good soda"Bujold
  19. My worst fast food experience was at the McDonalds at the California Science Center! Theywere 1000 times worse at customer service than Knotts! :shock: I ordered my food, waited for 30 min, they just stuffed orders in a box in no order. I finally left without a refund. Kevin"Stupid California Science Center McDonalds "Bujold
  20. I don't care that much if Boomerang is open for my SFMW trip since Bommerang isn't that great and I can ride it at Knotts! I would want to be in a Dragster or Kingda Ka rollback!
  21. I think it might be a B&M Diving Machine. They really should build more of those. It would be sweet to have a Diving Machine. Besides it all ready feels like your flying on X. So I think it might be a Terrain More than Vertical Drop dive Machine. Kevin"Finnaly! Another coaster to see on Revolution."Bujold
  22. When I was at Magic Mtn yesterday, I saw a Please Excuse our mess sign on Flashbacks entrance. So they're doing something to it! I really hope Flashback takes the same path Drachen Fire at BGW took. Flashback makes Psyclone and Manhurtin Express B&M Smooth! :shock: They still have Flashback because they are tied with Cedar Point for having it! I say surrender Cedar Point the record, Destroy Flashback and add a Giant Huss Frisbee! Kevin"Stupid Flashback hogging up space "Bujold
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