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  1. Ya, you got your concussion from a Togo. Glad to hear your surgery was Ok. The Sandy parts were hilarious.
  2. Super Loops! Its only a loose seatbelt and it goes upsidedown over and over and then stops in the loop. I was haging on for dear life. Super Loops are evil! :evildude: After that I ran right for Zipper. Kevin"Zipper rocks! 8) "Bujold
  3. Cp has Woodstock Express. IOA has Flying Unicorn. Other than that, no.
  4. X


    Actually, there is a water proof case for Video cameras. Just go to Epiccam.com. They have a water case that works on almost any Video camera. I plan on buying it soon.
  5. Vekomas. They come in all shapes and sizes. The Boomerangs are rough and it hurts, but its not the end of the world. DejaVu is suprisingly smooth. Rollerskaters and Mine Trains are smooth. I'll see how bad an SLC is this summer. I predict it will be as rough as Boomerang Kevin"Flashback IS the end of the world!"Bujold
  6. X

    Knotts Question

    Not much. Usally most of the rides are running at Knotts. The only one that will probably be closed thats worth riding is Riptide Kevin"Have fun"Bujold
  7. Man, you must be having a blast! I wish I could be there, but I'm stuck in Southern California. Hope you're trip gets even better. Kevin"The mexican readers are probably pissed off at El Paso"Bujold
  8. How can you like Air, but hate SUF? The only difference between them is that Air floats around forceless the whole ride while SUF has a forceful Pretzal Loop and then floats around forceless. Kevin"I'd say SUF is better than Air"Bujold
  9. How can you like Air, but hate SUF? The only difference between them is that Air floats around forceless the whole ride while SUF has a forceful Pretzal Loop and then floats around forceless. Kevin"I'd say SUF is better than Air"Bujold
  10. I had my wisdom teeth yanked out about 8 months ago. For me, they just nummed me. They did it by giving me shots in my mouth which is worse than IV. The actual teeth pulling wasn't that bad though. But the afterwards num feeling in your mouth drives you crazy! You'll be normal by the next day though. I was able 2 go 2 Knotts the next day. Kevin"You can't find Xcelerator in your dentists office "Bujold
  11. What I want more than anything at SFMM is a decent flat ride! They don't have One flat ride! I would like to see a Frisbee there really badly. Or replace Psyclone or Collosus with actually a good woodie. I also say that Flashback has got to go. Kevin"Flashback is just hogging space"Bujold
  12. They are building another 4D coaster. Its true, its official.
  13. Most Vekomas aren't too bad. I can ride Vekomas over and over. They don't give me a headache afterwards, but it hurts a little bit on Boomerangs, Corkscrews & SLCs. DejaVu is usally always open when I'm at Magic Mtn and its not 2 rough. Boomerang hurts as much as Viper which is an Arrow. Gadgets, Thunder Mtn, Space Mtn, and DejaVu don't hurt at all. I'm guessing that Boomerang and Kong at SFMW hurt as much as Knotts Boomerang & Viper. Kevin"Theres a HUGE difference between woodies and Vekomas though!"Bujold
  14. Why didn't you just put in new batteries? My ferby ran out of batteries and I threw it in my closet. I'm sure I'll find it if I disect my closet. If this is the return of 1999, Maybe Knotts will return the Parachute Jump and the good operations. Kevin"But that would also bring back Windjammer "Bujold
  15. Horray! The Great Gasp is staying! Now I must get 2 SFOG before their new 2007 coaster gets in its way. Kevin"I also must ride Acraphobia"Bujold
  16. U Triple Posted and Knoblels is the best park in Pennsylvania.
  17. No I haven't been 2 SFOG. I know that SFOG is SO not poor operated as Knotts, but they have something in commom now, They both Tore down their Parachute Jump which angers me Kevin"I'd rather B at SFOG than Knotts Anyday"
  18. Yippe. Yippe. Another parachute going down the drain. I M Happy 2 C that SFOG is getting a Hyper coaster. But I M dissapointed with them for taking out the Great Gasp. SFOG is starting to remind me of Knotts.
  19. Yeah it was a blast. I can't belive I had to leave early and miss the guy peeing in the bushes! Didn't anyone notice!? Oh yeah, its 6 Flags. I'm also bummed I missed the BBQ. Kevin"I'll see ya at the next meet."Bujold
  20. Heres mine. Sorry it doesn't have Rat tums in it. I Don't Know how 2 use Photoshop. I hope you like it.
  21. My favorite Bathroom is the bathroom at my house. Its the cleanest and the nicest looking. Worst Bathroom easily goes to My schools bathroom! They stink, have graffiti on the walls and pee on the floor! Kevin"Hooray for summer!"Bujold
  22. Why did you even ride Goudurix! Didn't you watch the Bumps & Bruises entry! Its one of the 3 roughest coaster ever! Oh well. I made the same mistake as u. Kevin"NEVER ride Flashback!"Bujold
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