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  1. Having my goal in the future to ride Expidition G Force, Journey to the Center of the Earth and many other coasters.
  2. Some of my other favorite coasters are Xcelerator, Batman the Ride and V2!
  3. STUPID DLR!!!!!!! I was looking forward to riding it in 4 days! Now I'm not so sure. Kevin"THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Bujold
  4. I would say they will tie wint Tatsu opens because Flashback isn't a coaster! Its an old rusty killing death machine waiting to reopen and continue to kill riders, So they'll be tied when Tatsu opens. Kevin"Just thinking about that thing gives me a headache"Bujold
  5. I would ditch the OTSRs on Revolution and get rid of the brakes Give Collosus back the airtime, racing, and PTCs Bring Psyclone back to its original status Give Scream and Medusa a non parking lot theme Make Manhurtin Express smooth Retrack Roar Kevin"Thats it"Bujold
  6. Oh boy! That means I'll be going soon because last time I went in August, in was closed. I'm glad one of my Top 10 coasters is back open. Kevin"Going soon"Bujold
  7. Don't tear it down! 1. Its the only one of its type in the world. 2. Its the only credit at SFMW I don't have! Instead of turning it into scrap metal, FIX IT!!!!!!!! Kevin"Hoping this SBNO for Zonga is making it better"Bujold
  8. Tatsu because its the only new ride I'll be riding next year. There is a very slim chance of me getting on Expedition Everest. Kevin"Might have 2 new for 2006 atrractions to look foreward to"Bujold
  9. Revolution at SFMM- It was 7 years ago and my 3rd coaster! Before it was a Vekoma Rollerskater, Matterhorn and then Revolution! Kevin"It was 6 years ago"Bujold
  10. Knotts is 15 min away from Disneyland. One day is enough. Universal Studios-Can get crowded, only credit is Revenge of the Mummy. SFMM-1-2 days depending on crowds and how many coasters you want to do. SFMW-Spend some time on the side of the park that doesn't look Six Flags. PGA-You're on your own. Never been there. Kevin"Hows Poltergeist"Bujold
  11. Aww Man! When did Amsterdam get a new credit? When I LEFT!!!!! Kevin"Go to go back to Amsterdam"Bujold
  12. Desperado is a fun ride. Theres no airtime and it vibrates alot. But its still fun, the main part of the ride is Speed and the first drop. My friend Alisa thought it was really rough, but I thought it wasn't that bad. Espeacilly after going on Manhurtin Express. Kevin"If you're going to Vegas, do Speed"Bujold
  13. I would say the most comfortable OTSRs are on the B&Ms and V2. They are just my favorite, Horsecollars exept on California Screamin=Pain! Kevin"I miss V2"Bujold
  14. SFMM-45 min USH-55 min KBF-80 min DLR- 90 min Kevin"I would say SFMM"Bujold
  15. Homer: Ahhh! The Bear went over the Mountain! The Beariestein Bears! Ahhh Goldilocks, And the three bears! AHHH! Gummi Bears! Teddy Grahms! They're Everywhere!!!! Are you a care bear? Care Bear: I'm an Intensive Care Bear. Homer:NOOO! NOOO!!!!!!
  16. Peter: Geez, thats a bigger ripoff than that breakfast machine I bought! OWWWW! OWWWW! It doesn't make Breakfast at All! OWWW! All it does is shoot you! OWWWWW! Besides I forgot my wallet.
  17. These are cool names I like X Hypersonic XLC Zonga Kevin"Zonga is the only SFMW credit I don't have."Bujold
  18. Definitley Flashback! I HATE Flashback! I got bruised in two spots on my head from that ride and a headache that lasted for 10 days!!!!!!! Kevin"A spinning coaster could easily replace Flashback!"Bujold
  19. If you want to get bruises on the side of your head and and have a headache that lasts for days to get a credit, Just crash cymbals against your head for 2 min, then go on a baby coaster you've never ridden before! I want to do EGF Mullenium Force Proper 185ft Intamin Impulse Top Thrill Dragster Phoinex Collosus at Heide Park Balder Storm Runner Nemisis Pyreneese Euro Mir Winjas
  20. I'm at 47 . Just 3 more to break 50. Kevin"Counting Powered coasters, I have 49!"Bujold
  21. Geez, no wonder Six Flags is bankrupt so badly. The woodie looks great though! Flashback was supposed to be scrap metal and Swat moved in Flashbacks spot! Kevin"You stole our Swat SFMM!"Bujold
  22. Flashback is the scariest ride there because of the pain. The rusty old coaster scares me when I look about it because it brings back memories of the awful ride I had on it. Kevin"To those who call Flashback fun, you hit your head on the OTSRs so hard, your brain was damaged"Bujold
  23. I didn't mean they would add of Astroworlds coasters, I said they would ignore it the way they are doing with Geauga Lake. Kevin"Cedar Point wouldn't need any of Astroworlds coasters anyway"Bujold
  24. Yeah, Cedar Fair can Improve Astroworld just like what they did with Geauga Lake. They'll probably rename the rides, add white cement and trash cans everywhere and then think about how Cedar Point can have more coasters than SFMM. I still would rather have Cedar Fair buy Astroworld then let it go to waste. Kevin"So much for Swat at SFMM"Bujold
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