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  1. My first memory was hen I was 2 and accidentaly stepped on a bee in our backyard.
  2. I love In'N'Out, Snapper Jacks(They only have one in Ventura) and McDonalds I like Pizza Hut, Subway, Carls Jr., Dominos, Jack in the Box Its OK, Round table, Burger King, Wendys, KFC, Taco Bell Its Digusting, Arbys
  3. The Scandia Screamer is a good start for Nebraska. Expect all the Nebraskan ACErs to go nuts for a coaster in the northwest area! I don't think there is a single full sized coaster in the entire Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana area until now! :shock: Kevin"Expect a 6 hr line "Bujold
  4. Here are the ones I really like riding at night. Ghostrider! Thats 4 sure Goliath X California Screamin Big Thunder Mtn
  5. It will be Castles & Coasters building a 620ft Goudrix clone to scare everyone away from Phoinex so they can have their very own town! Just kidding! It will probably be Cedar Point building a 500ft hyper coaster. Kevin"A 700ft Flashback could do it also"Bujold
  6. Xcelerator is AWSOME! But the problem with it is its 2 short. If they made a rocket coaster that did inversions, airtime hills, helixes and lasted for 2 min, that would be sweet!!! Kevin"Xcelerator ROCKS 8) "Bujold
  7. Vekomas arn't the end of the world. Boomerangs hurt, but they are still fun. And my ride on Viper 2 days ago, I barley got any headbanging at all :shock: ! But ya I'm spoiled by the smoothness of many coasters like Xcelerator and Riddlers Revenge. Kevin"Hoping the Vekoma SLC insn't so bad when I go to SFMW this summer"Bujold
  8. Oh boy, Another meet. I hope to stay for the entire thing this time. The last meet was fun and now I now to STAY AWAY from Robbs Hot wings! This meet should be even better! Kevin"Good thing I didn't comer to the BBQ and didn't try the hot wings of death!"Bujold
  9. The Mary-Kate & Ashley movie Our lips our sealed has the old Luna Park in Australia back when it had Big Dipper.
  10. Storm Runner. Both Rocket Coasters Both Red
  11. The only time I saw Elissa on TV was interveiwing Montu for the Discovery Channels Top 10 Steel Coasters 2001. Glad to hear Elissa was on TV again. Kevin"I still have that on tape "Bujold
  12. California. It wouldn't be bad if people didn't rip you off! Everything in California is a Ripoff! California would be a very nice state if they didn't rip you off on Everything! Even the Cafeteria food is a ripoff! Yet So many people LOVE California for its weather and SO many people come here. So the govoner rips everyone off so he becomes rich! Even if California didn't rip you off, Florida is still better! Kevin"I enjoy California ALOT more than Alaska though!"Bujold
  13. Of course the castle is tiny! It was made by the Dollhouse Factory! Kevin"When you live in So. Cal, you're used to pathetic castles. "Bujold
  14. I'd say Xcelerator@KBF! 2nd best coaster I ever rode! Batman the Ride. Its not tall. Its not fast and yet It still ranks as the 4th best coaster I ever rode! Kevin"Oh yeah Batman the Ride does have a record. Most cloned! sorry"Bujold
  15. I think it might be a woodie that ISN'T CRAP! :shock: Years ago there was a rumor about a Intamin Mega Woodie at SFMM. Too bad that was just a rumor It couldn't be The Escalator ride because of how the marks are made! Kevin"The Intamin Mega Woodie had to go to SFGAdv. "Bujold
  16. Glad your trip was insane! Glad everthing went great!(exept for Gardaland) And when you said Goudrix wasn't running well, What can you expect! Goudrix running well is not having your head bleed on both sides! You should have taken my advice and told Dan and joey to stay away from it! Kevin"Now you're stuck back in Southern California with me "Bujold
  17. I also want to see a Floorless coaster at Cedar Point. They need another B&M there badly.
  18. Go on Sunday. Its less likly for there to be crowds. If it is crowded, there is Fastlane. If its crowded, get fastlane. BEWARE! You get 4 Fastlane tickets for $15.00. Fastlane will not work on X. So if you go when its crowded, be the first one there. WARNING! If you see Xs line right up the ramp into the station, it will take an hour thanks to stupid ride operaters . Its worth it though. Best coaster in all the West coast! 8) Hope the advice helps. Kevin"Have fun"Bujold
  19. Sorry to hear that Gardaland lacks customer sevice. The rest of Europe really looks great! BTW, when you go to Parc Astreix, Be sure to tell Dan and Joey NOT to ride Goudrix. Kevin"If they ride, they will pay "Bujold
  20. I think its true because they need a good wooden coaster. I'm suprised at SFGAd because if it was at SFMM, they'd break the record and get a woodie that isn't crap! Kevin"A Balder clone at SFMM would be sweet!"Bujold
  21. RCDB counts everything as a credit. The Starflyer looks like so much fun! Europe looks GREAT! Hope your trip gets better. Kevin"Wish I could be there"Bujold
  22. Windjammer@Knotts Berry Farm __________________________________________________________ When you ride Flashback, first comes this lackeye: , then this :dead:
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