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  1. Screamin is supposed to open in December. DCA is better with Screamin, But that doesn't mean it stinks. Grzzly, Tower and Soarin are still really fun. But yes, Screamin closed is having less people at DCA and more at Disneyland. At least Space Mtns back. Kevin"Stupid California Crashin!"Bujold
  2. I'm most excited for the SFMM Flyer, Expidition Everest, Goliath, and the SFGAdv Woodie. The SFMM Flyer looks really cool, Expiditon Everest looks really cool. I've heard really good things on Intamin Woodies and Goliath looks like a really good hyper. Kevin"The SFMM Flyer has to open soon!"Bujold
  3. So far I've done Six Flags Magic Mountain-done 7 times, love X. SFMMs getting better. Disneyland & DCAdone 5 times, shame Screamins closed, but really glad to have Space Mtn back. Knotts Berry FarmOnly been there once this year. Xcelerator RULES, Silver Bullet fun. Six Flags Marine WorldWent there a month ago. Medusas just like Scream, V2 is very fun. Kevin"Hope to do Vegas in 5 weeks"Bujold
  4. Thats sad about the goose. Nice Photo TR. SFMWs Boomerang is actually smooth! :shock: MUCH better than Knotts. I wonder if the guy really lost his arm. The river rapid line was too long when I was there 1 month ago. Kevin"I love V2"Bujold
  5. Best Coaster I've been on would be X. I really want to do Expidition G Force and I'm hoping to do Dueling Dragons next year. Kevin"I love B&Ms "Bujold
  6. Flashback was THE ultimente mistake! SFGAm got it, people complained about roughness, they said to SFOG "You can have it!" People at SFOG complained about roughness, SFOG said to SFMM "You can have it." People at SFMM complained about roughness they would have sold it, but they realized they were tied with Cedar Point for World Record. Ever since, its been SBNO. Kevin"I really hope Flashback follows the same path Drachen Fire did!"Bujold
  7. I talked it over with my mom and we can go. Isaac might be with me. Kevin"Yay!"Bujold
  8. My favorite endings are on Batman the Ride, Fast corkscrew and fast turn! Ghostrider, the helix at the end is insane! Goldrusher, Save the ground hugging helix for last. Space Mtn, Love the fast ending with the cool tunnel. My least favorite endings are on Ninja, Yippe! Oh wait its just the station. X, Why does a ride with a really good first first half have to have a sucky ending? Flashback, Its evil, painful and sucks SO MUCH, like the rest of the ride! Kevin"I HATE FLASHBACK!!!!! "Bujold
  9. Yeah, Goliath is the most intense helix i've done. I've got to go on more Coasters. Kevin"I really do!"Bujold
  10. The same thing happened to my friend Alisa, her lapbar opened up when the ride started also and we also had to do the same. But the only time I've been scared to death was on Dive Devil at SFMM this summer. I was saying "Oh Crap! My body is being lifted higher than Riddlers MCBR!" I turned out to love it once we pulled the cord. Kevin"Yay skycoasters! "Bujold
  11. I could have met him if I came to the BBQ last meet and I can't meet him this BBQ or ever. Kevin"This sucks "Bujold
  12. The theme park I want to visit most is Holiday Park for Expidition Ge Force!!!!!! Kevin"I want to ride that SO Badly "Bujold
  13. If you skip X you should be able to get on The B&Ms, Goliath and DejaVu if you use the Single rider line if its not crowded. For fastlane its $15.00 and you get to skip the line for 4 rides. It works on Scream, Goliath, Riddlers, Collosus, Viper, Revelution and Log Jammer. Kevin"Have Fun!"Bujold
  14. How dare they put Balder as only #21! And Expidetion G Force is SO much better than Magnum! Kevin"Stupid Golden Tickets Award"Bujold
  15. Top Thrill Dragster is NOT an attraction at Knotts. Kevin"I want to go to Cedar Point"Bujold
  16. I haven't been on Demon Drop but I have been on Freefall. I'm not that big on a fan of them but they are fun. Geauga Lake should definitly keep theirs because of their lack of stuff. Cedar Point could afford to lose theirs as long as the ride isn't turned into Scrap Metal. I think Michigans Adventure would be a good home for Demon Drop. Cedar Point has gotten lots of stuff in the past few years.(MF,Wicked Twister, Dragster,MaXair)Michigans Adventure has got nothing. Besides Cedar Point already has Power Tower. Cedar Point should definitly sell it to Michigans Adventure. Kevin"Hopefully they're not selling Freefall, SFMM NEEDS It!"Bujold
  17. We have a Zenith in our guest room. Kevin"I spend 80% of my time in the guest room"Bujold
  18. Its possible to get all of the credits in one day. But if you want to save money and just do the good ones in Vegas, DO Speed the Ride at the Sahara and the 2nd best coaster is Desperado. Don't ride Manhatten Experss unless you want to see a New York model high in the air at 60mph in Pain. Kevin"I miss Vegas"Bujold
  19. I like X while most people don't like it because its rough and Silver Bullet. People say Silver Bullet is forceless and its true but its still a really good coaster.
  20. My Wood Top 5 List. 1.Ghostrider@KBF 2.Giant Dipper@SCBB 3.Roar@SFMW 4.Collosus@SFMM 5.Psyclone@SFMM My Top 10 Steel List 1.X@SFMM 2.Xcelerator@KBF 3.Riddlers Revenge@SFMM 4.Batman the Ride@SFMM 5.Goliath@SFMM 6.Scream@SFMM 7.Medusa@SFMW 8.California Screamin@DCA 9.V2@SFMW 10.DejaVu@SFMM
  21. Medusa was pretty good. If you like Scream you like Medusa. They're so simalar. V2 was alot of fun. Zonga was closed. Roar was rough but not as rough as the SFMM woodies Kong was almost smotth the first time so i rode a second time and realized I lucked out. Boomerang was smooth unlike the one at Knotts. Too bad all the employees for the ride were lazy and rude. Tasamanian Devil and Hammerhead were good. Voodoo was good exept the restraints were too tight and it was too short. Half of the park actually looked nice and had sometrhing besides roller coasters. But SFMW is stricter than SFMM. I couldn't take my camera on the kiddy coaster at SFMW yet at SFMM I could take my camera on Batman the Ride. Kevin"Stupid Zonga for being closed"Bujold
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