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  1. Every time I've been on Great Bear (which is quite a few times) I've definitely felt some forces, especially on that initial helix way up in the air. And while yes, the last bit of the ride is rather uninteresting, there really is nothing else B&M would have been able to do. They had to thread the ride back to the station through SDL and Coal Cracker and its own supports, and they didn't get permission by the township to place any supports in the creek. I'm impressed that they were able to do that in the first place. The placement of the photo at the very end is indeed stupid. But B&M didn't have anything to do with that I think.
  2. Cool collection! When might they start work on the second half of the ride?
  3. Jurassic Park just seems like a wonderfully terrible idea. I'd only go after it's been open for a few years so they work out all the kinks.
  4. Same here! Wing riders aren't the best coasters out there, but I think they're far from the worse. Seriously. I've been on both and I thought they were pretty fun. Yeah they're not causing crazy forces, but if that's all you want in a coaster go marathon Batman The Ride or Raptor and be a curmudgeon about everything else. I would hate to be so jaded about coasters that I couldn't derive a single bit of enjoyment from one.
  5. Is there any particular reason this loop is spread apart much more than most inverted loops?
  6. John Cage - 4'33" AKA I'm not listening to anything right now.
  7. An old recluse recruits a poor farmboy into a terrorist faction. With the aid of a wanted criminal and a government official sympathetic to the terrorists’ cause, the farmboy destroys the government’s headquarters, killing millions of people and costing trillions in damages. This is seen as a good thing.
  8. I concur. So does this mean it'll be harder to see construction updates? Will they move the webcam at all as it goes back in the woods?
  9. And The Swarm's trains look really similar to Raptor. I ain't mad this looks really cool, especially considering how they were painted.
  10. That first picture looks like it's straight out of some sort of found-footage horror movie. Awesome!
  11. I TA an introductory Geology course, and for one class I'm writing a lesson based around bad science in movies. I have watched The Core, 2012, Volcano, and am currently on The Day After Tomorrow, and I can feel myself actually getting dumber with all this terrible geology. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, what do others feel about questionable science in movies, particularly disaster movies? Do you notice the bad science, and does it affect your enjoyment of the movie? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, science-y and non-science-y folks alike.
  12. I have never set foot on a Ring of Fire carnival ride since I was about 5. It's a hazy memory now, but the restraints were definitely too loose for me and I was slipping out.
  13. Wait... how. Can you... model things in Excel? I can't imagine how it could be used to design coasters. Maybe analyze data from another program' model. But certainly not make it. Unless this is a troll.
  14. On the Facebook picture, someone asked if FT will be open and Knoebels responded "Weather permitting." How foolhardy would it be of me to go either Saturday or Sunday for Flying Turns? The weather forecast right now is cloudy, but no rain.
  15. I still cannot get over the lack of pre-drop. But I suppose that we wouldn't have as awesome-looking of a drop if it was there.
  16. Only 37... with potentially adding 6 more next summer. Did anyone else have the wrong pictures for some coasters?
  17. This is a really weirdly-shaped drop. Should be very interesting!
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