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  1. Whoops I didn't realize it was Shitposting O'Clock when I asked my question. That seems to have died down, so I'll try again: I'm planning a trip in July with 3 friends. I assume the TimeSaver Q-Bot works the same as at Six Flags, aka buy it online for a certain day, go to a building and pick it up, and reserve your ride times throughout the day, correct? Also, it seems like the cheapest bet for the actual tickets and parking is to buy them discounted from a participating grocery store, and take the tram into and out of the park? Does anyone have recommendations for particular stores that sell tickets?
  2. That is why they have the Q-Bots........ To force a segue into a question I had: I'm planning a trip in July with 3 friends. I assume the TimeSaver Q-Bot works the same as at Six Flags, aka buy it online for a certain day, go to a building and pick it up, and reserve your ride times throughout the day? Also, it seems like the cheapest bet for the actual tickets and parking is to buy them discounted from a participating grocery store, and take the tram into and out of the park?
  3. I don't know what the boat thing is, but if it's anything even half as bad as #Itllneveropen, I don't think I want to know. People obsessively checked the Valravn construction cam. Once there was a single boat in the marina in like December. People lost their damn minds, for some reason. Also, beautiful.
  4. Hush hush, it's an original, unique joke that transcends forums and even time itself. It's a magnificent work of comedic genius. Oh wait... This and the boat thing from the Cedar Point thread (plus its spillover) has been some of the worst, most forced stuff I've seen on this forum. We've reached new highs of shitposting in 2016, that's for sure.
  5. This is getting into a different argument of "updated" vs "kitsch". Personally I prefer kitschy Disney, like the old Spaceship Earth with future technologies we currently have, the kind of faded retro-future, -y Disney. So I have yet to ride kitschy Blazing Fury, but I hope I do before they make it new and modern. This is definitely a minority opinion though, since World of Motion no longer exists.
  6. Nah it'll just rip the cornrows out of your scalp. Source: The Gang Goes To The Jersey Shore, from the documentary It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  7. I'm currently planning a 4-person Dollywood trip for sometime in late June or July (hopefully LR is up and running by then lol), and will actually be in the park on a Sunday. I've done a bit of research already so some of this is just confirmation instead of questions. It looks like DW doesn't offer any sort of promotional codes for regular one-day tickets, correct? Seems like the only things that aren't tied to season passes or their own resorts is $5 per person discounts at like McDonalds, or participating hotels (which I still need to research). But also it sounds like at-gate prices are the same as online prices, right? If so, then there's not as much of a rush there, and we can figure out the best price up until the day of the visit. As for parking, we'll go with the trolley that stops in Patriot Park. Is TimeSaver worth it at all? We'll be there just one Sunday, and we've bought FastLanes for similar trips to Cedar Fair parks. Food I definitely don't have to worry about in the park. Everything looks delicious. And for not-Dollywood things, any particular recommendations on stuff to do? We were planning on bumming around Knoxville or visiting the various oddities in Pigeon Forge, but are there specific recommendations or avoidances? Any of that sound particularly stupid?
  8. I have a map from KD in '98 when Volcano was brand new, and Avalanche has the same "layout". Which is even crazier because it's completely restylized from this one. Which means the artist was going over the old map as he was making the new one, took a look at Avalanche, went "yup, still looks good!" and did it the exact same way.
  9. Hopefully I'm not too late but I just wanted to chime in that the 1988 video is one of my favorite commercials ever, even though I never even came close to actually seeing it on TV. I frequently watch it just because. FEEL THE WOOOONDER IN THE AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR mmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMCATCH THE MAAAAAAAGIC EEEEVERYWHEEEEERE
  10. I've seen this discussed briefly when HitP was first announced, but what do you think the likelihood is of them running anything other than B&M coasters during Holiday in the Park? As much as it pains me, I'm guessing to not expect El Toro to run, unless it would be an unseasonably warm day? I haven't been/ am not able to go to Great Adventure at all this year, which is a first in many years
  11. I posted this before but got no response. Would anyone visiting Carowinds any time soon be willing to pick up a t-shirt for me? I visited in July but never got a shirt to add to my theme park collection. I will gladly pay for the shirt, shipping, etc.
  12. They're not bad rides, but it's not what Great Adventure could use right now. They haven't had an original brand-new ride in nearly a decade
  13. Is there a master list anywhere of upcoming park announcements for 2016? The only ones I know of right now are Cedar Point on Aug. 18, and Carowinds Aug. 27
  14. Question about the Magical Express option: Is there a time the buses stop running? I'm considering going to Disney World in October with my girlfriend, but the cheapest option for us currently is a flight that arrives at 11:20 p.m. Do the Magical Express buses run for 24 hours, or is there an off-time and I need to find a different flight?
  15. It's definitely not standard! It looks like a Medusa-style barrel roll drop.
  16. Hey all, I have a bit of an unusual request. So I was at the park this past weekend for the first time, and I just realized that I had forgotten to go to the gift shop to look for a t-shirt from the park! I know this is an odd request, but would anyone who has a season pass or was going to the park be willing to check out the shirts for me? I usually go for the more subtle, vintage-looking shirts; these are the ones I got from my previous park trips for reference. Not sure if there is anything like that in the shops. If anyone is up for it, I'd be more than willing to pay you back for shipping and buying the shirt, and would even be willing to get you something from Great Adventure of Hershey or anything nearby if you'd like. If you're up for it just reply or PM me or something like that.
  17. No. Please no. I don't want to believe that a group of people designed and built that without anyone once going "this is horrible let's not do this"
  18. At Cedar Point in 2013, I remember one of the employees at Maverick openly insulting GateKeeper to anyone who wanted to listen. Kept calling it a '$20 million mistake'
  19. I've never had a problem with asking for cups of water at any park. I can't even remember the last time I've had to buy a bottled water at a theme park. Maybe I've just gotten lucky every time.
  20. It's a 6-hour drive. Likely more, since you'll be on most of Interstate 80 through Pennsylvania. It's rather notorious for lots of construction and less-than-stellar road conditions. You'll have to leave really early to get to Knoebels even by the early afternoon. It seems to me like you've fallen for the trap of underestimating the size of the United States. It's big.
  21. So my friends and I have already made arrangements to go this Saturday, but every weather site I've looked at says rain all day. Besides Flying Turns, what doesn't run in the rain?
  22. Where does it say something about a youth conference? I was planning on going either Saturday or Sunday as well. Considering there are thunderstorms in the forecast Sunday I was thinking Sat., but now I'm not so sure...
  23. I've been planning a trip to Carowinds for the first time ever this summer. It'll likely be in July but I don't have a set date yet. I was reading up on summer weather in Charlotte and it's not a good prognosis. What's the likelihood on any given day we'd get rained out or stormed out in July?
  24. You're not the first person from NC I've heard raving about this place but I have to admit I thought it was terrible. I don't mean to be a New York pizza snob but with very few exceptions pizza just isn't worth getting if you're not in the New York or Chicago (in the U.S.). The only way to pull off Pizza outside of those areas seems to be to do something a little different. The problems is that everyone tries (and fails) to copy New York or Chicago Pizza instead of putting their own twist on it and they can't duplicate it. I don't know why, some people say it's the water... the elevation... whatever, but nobody can duplicate it. The only Pizza I've ever had outside of the New York or Chicago area that I've enjoyed are Grotto Pizza in Delaware (it sucks in Pennsylavnia but it's great in Delaware). They put their own twist on it and it worked out great for them, and Cesari's at Knoebels. Cesari's is very much a NY style pizza but for some reason it's good anyway... probably because the food at Knoebels defies the laws of nature and is always amazing. Are there any good country-fried chicken places anybody would recommend in the Carowinds area? Seconding this question. Also, in general, what are some good restaurants in Charlotte? I'm looking primarily for local food/ chains you can't find anywhere else, so not like Mexican food and such.
  25. It's not actually though, right? I've heard nothing of the sort. I'll be going to the park for the first time in June, and even if it's not great of a ride I'd hate to miss out on two credits.
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