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  1. I hope CGA won't get a new map because it will be the disgusting Cedar Point style which already scarred Kings Island, Kings Dominion, & Carowinds. As hilariously inaccurate as coasters are drawn on them, I actually quite like the Cedar Point style maps. It's been that style at Dorney Park for as long as I've known, and I'm always interested to see the stylistic take on new rides/ rides at other Cedar Fair parks. Then again, I'm not much of a map connoisseur, so I could just be a huge philistine on this matter
  2. ^Looks pretty exciting! I'll be going to Great America this summer; can't wait to wait in line for hours for this! That last photo made me think of two questions, though: How are they going to add the next piece? It doesn't seem like there's anything against which they can guywire that hanging piece. Is there a second crane? Also, what the heck is that one sideways support immediately to the left of the crane for? I thought X-Flight was going to roll out to the right like the Swarm.
  3. Also, Gallopin' Gertie got so... well, gallopin', because the road portion of the bridge was solid. The wind had no way to pass through and had no choice but to push against the bridge, which weakened the structure to the point where it collapsed (and killed a dog). As is quite evident in the pictures, Skyrush's lift has plenty of gaps for wind to pass through without harm.
  4. As magnificent as that shot is, I think it will be almost entirely obscured once summer gets here and all the leaves are in. BUT, it's gonna stick out like a magnificent golden sore thumb when seen from the parking lot. That's sure to get everyone talking!
  5. Ahhhhhhh yessssssssss. Best Monday ever. I've been wondering for the last 4 days "Is today gonna be the day?"
  6. Hello TPR, I have been planning a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for Sunday, March 4th; it'll be the first time I've ever been, and I don't think I'll be back for a good while. However, I heard on these here forums that PMBO is being re-profiled, and that got me worried. Does anyone know if it'll be open by then, or if any other rides will be closed (well, aside from Valhalla)? -JU
  7. Do you know when it will finish up with being re-profiled? I was planning on going for the first time in early March, but if both this and Valhalla are still closed then I'd have to make other plans
  8. Well I know of Maverick's heartline roll being removed before its opening due to stress on the track and trains. There's also Intimidator 305's first curve being reprofiled to reduce wear and tear on the wheels due to the strong extended G's. Hope that helps!
  9. I don't know if ccron will be posting an update with pictures here today, but there's another mini-update from yesterday. Stupid wind kept the lift hill from being topped off! http://keystonethrills.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/hersheypark-skyrush-construction-update-75-1-18-12/
  10. ^ Is it just me or does Dragon Khan's cobra roll look really wonky in that picture?
  11. I think the slowness might add to the ride's excitement. The way the train just sort of lazily rolls through the inversions will be fun, kind of in a Volcano: TBC way (and NOT in a Chinese SLC way). Better not have anything loose in your pockets on The Swarm! Unfortunately I have no idea when I'll be able to get on this in the near future, but it looks cool nonetheless.
  12. This video leaves so many questions unanswered. What year is Grandpa Ryan reminiscing about? What year is it in the present? Even though they're both separated by 50 or 60 years, why do they both look like 1990? Is that what the future will be like? And was it really necessary for his grandson to say Dorney Park's full name? If he really remembers it so fondly, that must be pretty condescending, UNLESS he's suffering from dementia and we've been dealing with an unreliable narrator this whole time. And did he steal that carousel horse from Dorney Park? So many questions!!! ...
  13. I just read somewthing about it on gadvhistory's forums & it is making sense now.Acording to sources SFI wants the big 4 parks to rotate out coasters once every few years to other parks in the chain,this explains why IW & DV were relocated for the 2012 season to two smaller parks,namely SFA & SFNE. So they're starting that program up again, eh? Then I guess I should get my last few rides in before it ends up at another SF, and ultimately the scrap heap. Are there any coasters from the original Ride Rotation Program that are still around today? Wasn't inclusion in the program an eventual death sentence for rides?
  14. Unless there are examples that I'm forgetting at the moment, it seems a little unlikely that SFI would send it somewhere else after putting even more money into it only 2 1/2 years ago. That being said, I'd be sad to see Mizarrsa/Beduso leave. I still fondly remember when it was the new hotness, and despite its growing mediocrity, I still enjoy riding it. We'll just have to see what the Dippin' Dots guy has to say about the whole matter.
  15. Hopefully fewer people will complain about Skyrush being an eyesore after this last update. The sunlight in those pictures made it look absolutely GORGEOUS.
  16. Put me in the 'Likes the Way the Lift Hill Looks' camp. Although right now it just looks like a monstrous yellow I-beam fell from the sky and stuck in the earth, I think it'll look great when the hill and the station (and the winter) are finished, and this beautiful ride can be seen as it should be. But if we're going to argue about little things some more, then this coaster totally has a Stengel Dive, no questions asked ! Also, hello TPR!
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