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  1. That first picture... and I thought that an SLC couldn't be more ominous than it already is
  2. I haven't seen that scream competition thing before and I think it's a really cool idea. Would definitely be something interesting to tell your friends (assuming they don't sonically treat the bejesus out of it).
  3. As in Knoebels' Flying Turns? As in not-even-open-yet Flying Turns? Yeah it's taken a long time to construct, but I wouldn't call it a fail.
  4. Do Spotify ads count on this? I say yes. I cannot stand the one that starts with some woman singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." It COMPLETELY derails the good vibes of whatever songs or album I'm listening to, and it is just so terrible.
  5. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground (and Nico)
  6. Never really heard of Pantera (I don't here them on the radio so they must not be that good lol) but its cool that they wanted to cover such an awesome Maroon 5 song! ...I can't think of a more enraging response than that.
  7. "Well there are still a few pieces laying on the ground there. Once they put those on then they can open it up. But it probably won't be until later this week."
  8. Canada Geese are just the worst. They sh!t everywhere, they're all over the place, and they're mean! Fields and parks are ruined by their bowel activity.
  9. While performing some preventative maintenance (which ends up being pointless if you think about it), a teenager nearly destroys the universe because of his greed, and ends up getting his scientist friend struck by lightning. Hilarity and quantum mechanics ensue.
  10. You are sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder. After two years you get two hours of Internet access per week for good behavior. I wish I hadn't procrastinated so much over the past three weeks.
  11. That looks awesome, yet so weird. This is a really great picture. Duality, yin yang, all that.
  12. Then you'd probably be looking at Mitch Hawker's 2025 Wood Coaster Poll. What if you woke up one morning and your legs had turned into wolves?
  13. I think we should have a good old-fashioned Anchorman-style brawl over which manufacturer is better.
  14. Those trains are just... weird looking. Way too short! Is there any particular reason for this?
  15. My own. https://soundcloud.com/jonurban/to-england-in-two-days
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