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  1. Had to go for Nemesis because it is just such an amazing ride. However my top three inverters would be 1) Nemesis 2) Batman 3) Raptor
  2. I paid a visit to Malaysia just under a year ago and found that all the coasters listed on RCDB were easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur, and could probably be visited in two/three days. I would have to agree with dementedguy in that the best park in the area was Cosmo’s World, home to Supersonic Odyssey. You’ll find this in the Times Square shopping centre. For an indoor park, this one was very good, and very cheap entry, with a nice selection of flat rides and one good Intamin coaster. I have to say that during my visits at the end of September last, Cosmo’s World was not especially busy, especially in the mornings and later evenings, and on a couple of occasions there was a wait while enough people turned up before we could go. One other good point is that if you want to take pictures of the coaster or film off ride then there are so many places where you can do this, not just from the park but also from some of the walkways around the building. I would also agree that Genting Highlands is worth a visit and if you don’t have a car then you can get the coach from the central railway station that will take you to the cable car that brings you to the park. At over 6,500 feet it is certainly the highest theme park that I have visited and they do have a good selection of rides and possibly the most amazing view from the top of a corkscrew lifthill. However make sure you check their website before visiting as it has a maintenance schedule showing when rides will be closed. Also, during my visit the mine train would only run/twice every half an hour so when the sign says open at and gives a time then be in the queue for that time. Also be aware that low clouds/mist may cause the rides to shut. Another park fairly close to KL with a couple of coasters is Sunway Lagoon. It is real easy to get to by train as far as Subang Jaya station from where a bus takes you direct to Sunway Lagoon shopping centre entrance. The theme park is round to the side and you enter it through the shopping centre car park. The Buffalo Bill Coaster was a fairly average powered coaster but Lost City of Gold was a really fun Soquet mine train with a couple of good spots of airtime. They also have a good wet log flume that weaves its way around the power coaster, a rapids ride, a small selection of flat rides to enjoy and a big water park. If you are after all of the credits then Mines Wonderland is also easy to get to by train, 10-15 minute walk across a couple of busy roads from Serdang station although you may have to cross one or two busy roads from the station, However, if you are not bothered about missing a credit then give this one a miss because it was the most expensive of all the parks visited and had the least interesting rides. The one and only coaster is a small family coaster, looks like it could be a Soquet, which comes off the lift hill, through a helix and back into the station. Hope this helps with your trip
  3. I'll happily travel any distance as long as there is a coaster fix at the end of it and I'll often take six or nine hour round trips in the UK to visit Alton Towers, Blackpool or Oakwood. The longest distance I've gone so far is a 12 hour flight (six and a half thousand miles) from London to Kuala Lumpur to ride Supersonic Odyssey at Cosmos World
  4. It has to be Millennium Force for me although Magnum XL, Raptor, Wicked Twister and Blue Streak would not be that far behind.
  5. Sadly, my nearest coaster is Shock Wave at Brean Leisure Park
  6. Why do I like Intamin rides? Because they have built some of the most enjoyable coasters that I have ridden. Goliath, Expedition GeForce, Millennium Force, Balder and Xcellerator to name just a few. A lot of their coasters are great just to look at and watch as well as ride. Would I be scared or feel worried when riding an Intamin ride. Never in a million years because I am firmly of the view that the accidents involving these rides are down to human error. I would feel more worried when crossing the road than riding a coaster built by Intamin.
  7. I made my first visit to Cedar Point last year and was very impressed with both Magnum XL and Millennium Force. They were both very enjoyable and both very re-rideable. I have not experienced so much airtime on a steel coaster as on Magnum and the first drop on Millennium Force is awesome. I would certainly recommend you try both coasters during your trip. I wouldn't have thought you would have any problems getting onto either of the coasters
  8. I don't mind the occasional screaming but it seems that far to often I'll end up seated near people who just scream a very high pitched tone the whole way round not because they are scared but just because they can. That is annoying.
  9. I'm a member of the ECC and would recommend them to anyone for the magazine alone. It's full of good pics and articles. Their trips are also good fun and they come up with some good offers each year. Well worth the membership fee.
  10. A good trip report. I'm looking forward to making my first visit to this park in a few weeks time. Just a shame that it will also be my last visit if they close.
  11. If there is a coaster and if I can ride it then I will so I guess that puts me into the credit whore category. Anyways some kiddie coasters can be great fun, Zipper Dipper at Blackpool and Karavanen at Tivoli with its airtime for instance. I've not yet borrowed a kid to get those coasters that are unavailable although as there is a park in the UK, Gullivers Milton Keynes, that does not allow access without kids but has three coasters then this may have to change.
  12. If you want to ride a large variety of different coasters then have a day at each park. However if you want to ride the best then head just for the Towers and Nemesis. As has been said before, you can never have too much of Nemesis
  13. I spent three days at Magic Mountain last New Year and on that basis my favourite coasters would be 1) Batman 2) Scream 3) Deja Vu
  14. I have only ridden two florless coasters, Daemonen at Tivoli and Scream at Magic Mountain and loved both of them. Hope to ride some more in the near future
  15. Really enjoyed looking at your pictures of Tivoli at Xmas. They are good. I have visited Tivoli during their Xmas time for the last 2 years and would recommend anyone to go. The gardens look fantastic with all the illuminations and there are plenty of good rides to enjoy. The staff are very friendly, all speak perfect English. and it is just such a great exprience
  16. I think you should at least pay Knotts a visit and then make up your own mind. You may find that you really enjoy it I visited Knotts back in December 2004/Jan 2005 had had two great days here and can't wait to visit again. In my opinion it was much better and cleaner than Magic Mountain. Some great coasters, although Silver Bullet was a disappointment, short queues and the staff were friendly. No problems with any of them and no problems taking pictures although this is only my experience and others may have found different. At any park there will be one or two bad staff, there certainly are at one of my most visited parks, but remember that there will also be some first class employees doing their best to give you a good day.
  17. From my experience of the over the shoulder restraints on RITA they do not give extra room for airtime but actually reduce the amount of airtime that would be available with lap bars. For those who are taller they are also very very uncomfortable, even painful on occasions, and certainly spoil the ride. In no way do they feel to me like lap bars as has been mentioned. If Intamin have problems with their lap bars then what a shame they could not come up with a new design rather then resorting to over the shoulder restraints.
  18. For me it has to be Schwarzkopf all the way. I've only ridden one Arrow shuttle loop, the Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and, while I like it quite a lot, it just cannot compare with the two Schwarzkopf shuttle loops I have been on. The launch is faster and so much better, there is no waiting at the other end, the fast run through the station backwards is fun and they do not require four flights of stairs to get to the platform.
  19. Excellent. Another reason to visit Spain and Port Aventura in particular. Sounds like this could be an interesting coaster although only time will tell. I last rode Colossus at Thorpe park just a few weeks ago and I would have to say that it was easily one of my roughest coaster rides of the year. Whether this is down to the manufacturer or Thorpe Park is open for discussion. The roughness was at least on a par with Gouderix at Parc Asterix. I agree. Rocket Coaster sounds so much better than Accelerator
  20. Good video which I enjoyed watching. I was lucky enough to ride Supersonic Odysey this year and it is a great coaster, especially when you consider that it is indoors. Bit of a strange feeling having the lift hill almost halfway round the ride but a lot of fun with some good elements. Also there were quite a lot of good places to film the ride although they would not let us take any cameras actually on the ride. Guess they were scared they might fall onto the people below. I'd recommend any one visiting Kuala Lumpur to pop into the Times Square shopping centre and give this one a go.
  21. If I remember right at least one/maybe both of them have gone to Vekoma in part pament for the new rides
  22. My local park is Brean Leisure Park which has no good coasters, just Pinfaris. The best coaster near to me is Megafobia
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