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  1. "Wegweiser" correct = richtig geschrieben well done! and interesting TR about a nice little park. wegweisende Grüsse utila
  2. Last year there was a similar accident on the B&M Katun at Mirabilandia in Italy. http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=465592#Post465592 The guy climbed over some fences to get his hat he has lost. A girl in the frontrow hit his head with her leg. Her leg broke, and so did his head Really horrible and unbeliveble stubid these accidents. Since then i only go in my skiboots on inverted coaster. Utila
  3. Hey team thriller That was an interesting post. you should read the sticky topic for the 12years old
  4. PS: Chiken an "French!" Fries... best ever... don't miss. no words... I'm loving the golden Hähnchen from Ewald and the delicious Pommes Frittes... hmmm I already can smell the chicken... hmm... nice mercedes by the way. check out their homepage for direction and the amazing variations on their menu http://www.haehnchen-ewald.de
  5. It's definately a coaster! Lifthill an "onboard braker" (Like rutschebanan at tivoli copenhagen, denmark) do it yourself
  6. Here are some pictures of the amazingly themed Black Mamba B&M Inverted Coaster in Phantasialand Brühl, Germany. I've visited it last June. And Black Mamba is just awesome. You always think you hit your legs in a wall, a house, a waterfall... or anything else. Panorama 1 do it yourself Panorama 2 Panorama 3 droping in to Africa Vertical Loopunga. Testing Waiting 10min. The water was themed too Phantasialand ) tracks an stuff Snakes on a Coaster! DEEP IN ACRICA Where is the railwaystation please? Overview
  7. Hi everybody I just wanted to say hello to all of you coasterers I'm going to Malaysia in September and wanted to ask if there's somebody from Malaysia and/or if someone has any Tips regarding coasters in Malaysia / South East Asia. I'm landing in Kuala Lumpur, so Super Sonic is already Super but is there any other nice coaster / theme park in Malaysia, Singapur or Thailand? Thanks for your help and just keep on riding. Utila
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