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  1. Where did it go after it left the entrance? Did they have extension chains like they just did to Superman outside the fortress?
  2. ^Was that the Four Winds Steakhouse? Or was the Four Winds Steakhouse where Laughing Dragon is. I've never been in that building before.
  3. I know, I shouldn't have said anything... I am a posting whore until TPR reaches 1,000,000. [Edit]: By the way, I totally understand about getting burned out. I go through phases of visiting all the time, then not going for months.
  4. I've ridden Riddler's Revenge in every "seat" on trains 2 and 3. Of course, train 1 is in New Jersey! So I guess overall its around 100+ times.
  5. Call me one of those holding hope for a train rebuild. I do remember when one of the Disneyland monorail trains was shown leaving before they released the MKVII train designs. It was always a nice way to get halfway up the hill. If they could get it to run on its own like a real metro system then it would cost very little to maintain. But i do also realize its prolly nothing and the track is to be scrapped for the steel and some extra cash. My statements above reflect the fact that the ride has been SBNO for 10 years. I think there is no way that Six Flags would ever try to get it to run again, unless they completely rebuilt it. Since I don't think there was a chance it would ever run again, I'm glad to see something is happening, which brings them closer to removing it. I don't think anything I said makes sense. I've been awake for over a day...
  6. I'd love to see the track come down and the stations leveled. Now that the trains are gone, the whole thing should be removed properly, not SBNO track around the park. We'll see if that happens... Glad to see that something is finally happening with it.
  7. All time favorite is Diet Coke. Can't get any better then that!
  8. It's basically impossible to find anything under $4 right now... Some places, especially the cities, are encroaching on $4.75!
  9. I can not get over the man, woman, man, and man with limp wrist photo!! Great trip report!!
  10. The Coke can deal this year is $25 off general admission, so it is the same if you just bought it online. Plus you can save time by not being in the ticket line at the park.
  11. ^Same, another nitpicky thing, but Goliath's turnaround before the lift is just a turn, it doesn't have a drop before hitting the lift hill. Otherwise, looks great!
  12. ^This is good news! Is the retaining wall completely sealed (like wood?). So you can't see through?
  13. I like Mead the best out of all the lakes. Powell too, but that's a lot farther up the river. Mead is a half hour from Vegas, and is a very unique lake and fun to explore. I was there in October (best time of year IMO; not too hot, no crowds), and the water level is very low, as is has been since around 2003, so if you are boating be careful. Lots of beaches to spread out on as well. (After quick search, found this interesting sidebar article: http://www.ktnv.com/story/14434753/falling-water-levels-at-lake-mead-to-rise )
  14. I think Superman had sketchy operations through March, but it seems to be up and running good and consistent now. With both tracks running, the wait moves pretty fast by Superman standards. And about Gotham City being closed for construction, it might be true. My friends said they did not get on Batman (or even go close to that area) during their visit because it was unavailable on the Flash Pass. I don't know if that means anything, but I wouldn't be surprised. Also, the wait for Apocalypse was at 2.5 hours when they walked in, with all three switchback sections filled and a backed up preshow... They could keep Batman open and pull a Disney, which means putting up a 10 foot wide path way with wooden construction walls on both sides (cough, CA Adventure, cough) to funnel you to the rides...
  15. My friend went Saturday and said they had one train on Scream and Gold Rusher as well?? Tatsu's second train was malfunctioning as well, so it was down to one train. Can anyone confirm this? (My friends fall into the "GP" category FYI ). They had a Platinum Flash Pass, so no waiting for them. The Riddler's line was supposedly out the entrance to the gas station and the X2 line was on the bridge all day.
  16. Besides my home parks (SFMM, Disneyland, KBF), Kennywood in June.
  17. The speakers on "pocky" have been removed nearly a year ago, so no sound. We broke it at 2010 WCB! Someone needs to check their sarcasm meter...
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