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  1. I had a dream at SFMM where one coaster had cars from all different rides that are there. One train had cars from Gold Rusher, Revolution, Viper, Colossus, and Apocalypse all on one train. The second train had cars from Scream, Riddler's, Goliath, and X2. They were all on the same ride connected to each other. I woke up and was blown away by the "WTF" factor of my dream.
  2. I don't think any of the coasters at CGA have station buildings, including Flight Deck/Top Gun, and Vortex. Its just something that has never been built at a park that is heavily neglected by its parent company.
  3. No, I woke up at 4:45 for no apparent reason. Is there any customer that can correctly identify everything that is on the shelves at a Persian market? (I had to pick up some baklava recently)...
  4. Because you have those pervy ride ops that say "lemme pull that lap bar down for you" for every person on the train. Why are some websites so addicting that you have to keep visiting them so frequently? (ie TPR and/or Facebook).
  5. I'm on Novolog, which fills my cartridges on my pump. I bolus for a meal or snack (every time I eat) anywhere between 9 and 15 units. My A1C was 6.5, and I usually don't have to give myself much, if anything, for a blood sugar correction. The basil rates on my pump take care of a lot of that. Do you have a long term insulin like Humilin or Lantus? P.S. A guilty fast food pleasure of mine is dipping my fries into a milkshake. It sounds gross but it is SO GOOD!!!! You have to try it, but only when your blood sugar is low. I haven't ordered something like this for months!
  6. Almost instantaneous for Firefox on my Mac. Have fastest available network and internet connection. No problems whatsoever.
  7. Hopefully yes, but don't get your hopes too high. The fact that its planned to be open for WCB ERT means it probably will have a good chance of being open.
  8. Yay! Now I don't feel like a diabetic loner on the forums! I eat fast food occasionally, my insulin pump covers it all for me. It's usually not like Taco Bell or Jack in the Box, more like In-N-Out, and maybe Carl's Jr or McD. [Edit]: Not like its much better for you anyway...
  9. If you really want a Ninja credit, just go sometime during the day. There is usually never a line for that ride. I also like how it is broken up like that. A full park of ERT sounds overwhelming! I also don't know when evening ERT ends.
  10. Went on Viper twice yesterday, but I don't ride it often so I can't really compare. One train seemed smoother then the other, though. They still have that one train wrapped with hair gel ads.
  11. Very cool, the ride will look great once the surrounding land is forested. The only thing I would have to say is a personal preference. I wouldn't have the return track cross under the lift hill and back for that one turn. I would either make more turns on the other side of the lift or add more to that turn. Other then that, great work.
  12. Glad you got your ride. I left the park at around 5:30, so I definitely missed it. I'm excited for the ride as well, doesn't matter whether it screams airtime or not, that ride needed some new life. Good report!
  13. Revolution took a train off the track today just after opening, when asked, the operator said it needed "some work" done to it. Everything else was double train, which was good to see. Tatsu, Apocalypse, Riddler, and X2 were the only ones that had measurable waits. All other lines weren't too bad at all. Riddler was back to 2 trains, and obviously stacking big time. Tatsu's ops weren't much better, but what else is new? Only thing I have worth posting: Cyclone Bay repaint muahahaha!!!! ....Or the rain just washed it away. -Cookie Good I wasn't going insane. I was keeping an eye out for a car going up the tower all day but didn't see one. Too bad, but we have plenty of time to ride it in the future!
  14. Hopefully not. The last thing they need is a slip up. I'm heading up Sunday for a normal trip around the park. I'm assuming it will be like a bit busier Sunday, possibly tameĀ® Saturday, but with all the passholders crowding around Superman. Any guesses?
  15. I was planning to visit the park this Sunday, so hopefully I can get in! That would be amazing! Hope this doesn't mean that the park will be really crowded during my visit, I was hoping the rain would drive people away.
  16. Very interesting data! I can't believe Vekomas are so dominant throughout the world. Be right back, have to grab some Advil........ .......Riddler's Revenge! Gotta represent. Anyway, what did you use for the theoretical capacity on this ride?:
  17. I always liked chocolate bars better than granola bars. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I crushed the walnuts with the nut cracker.
  18. Pony Express' brakes were painted and during a rollback they failed to stop the train and it hit the train in the station. Well luckily this ride is designed to have rollbacks every cycle. Now lets just hope the car doesn't blast its way off the end of the tower!
  19. She can do whatever the hell she wants. She can't be tamed... Which side of an arm rest in a movie theater is yours?
  20. How typical of Six Flags, especially in 2006. I hope this park doesn't get sold!!!! When did Shapiro take over the company?
  21. Is GhostRider still getting trimmed at the midcourse? I'd assume so. There is no way that they'd trim it that hard a couple months ago and ease off the brakes over time. Its not in the habit of Cedar Fair parks to do so, or in that case any park.
  22. A lot of times, the GP considers twists and turns as "loops." Its almost as annoying as hearing them called "loop de loops."
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