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  1. I still think $53 is a VERY reasonable price for an ENTIRE day's worth. The price is definitely not going to keep me away from this one, although I won't be putting in the extra money for shirts (they're awesome TPR ones, but do I really need them? Something inside tells me I do though ).
  2. Yay! This is awesome! Will hopefully order my tickets soon (they'd better not sell out lol, cause something like that would happen to me )... Looking forward to converting some of my friends to roller coaster enthusiasts.
  3. Thanks! The best deal is to go to Costco and pick up a 4 of 5 day ticket for $240, working out to $60 a day, which isn't bad considering a normal day ticket is $92. Of course though, you have to ski four days. Even if you skied three, that would be $80 a day, a $12 savings per day. It's the best way to go without getting a season pass.
  4. Yes, you can ski there. My second picture shows the ski area from our condo balcony. There is a small lodge and you can barely see the chairlift running under it.
  5. I LOVE cracking my back on chairs by twisting around. It's just great!
  6. Yes, last time I actually checked and the water in the springs was too hot. We stayed in a friends cabin in June Lakes, about a half hour north. (And used the jacuzzi in the condo complex I might add ) Mountain biking off the gondola in the summer is also a favorite of mine. Didn't take Climax, took Chair 9 traverse over to the Dragon's Back. I have to say, those traverse lines are scary! You only have about a foot of space and on one side is a wall of snow and the other is a drop off. Didn't ski Cornice (or the entire top) either since the top was shaded the entire time and it was a bit crusty up there. Took chair 23 over to chair 14 on the backside.
  7. Has to be the new one for me! The old one doesn't stand out like this one does. It was due for a nice change.
  8. Amateur question here, but I never figured out why they even retrofitted Revolution to put on the OTSRs in the first place.
  9. I think that's why they painted the top portion red so it can be judged how far the car climbs the tower. It should run at 100 mph since there is a newly designed car that is supposed to help them achieve that again.
  10. I'm sure the key words in there are "substantial improvement." If the backwards trains are getting HUGE lines even months later, I doubt you'll see the one train turned back around until attendance starts to drop. Now the question - when the turn a train around are they going to put one of the old ones back on, or take a new one and turn it forwards? Hopefully the old one since it only has a lapbar.
  11. Coasters and skiing do go great with each other. And sure you can learn to ski after 50! You can do anything you put your mind to on skies. (That is, if you have the knees for it). I finally skied my first double black run this trip. I wasn't sure whether to just jump off the mountain and die or at least try and die anyway.
  12. http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-superman-escape-from-krypton-magic-mountain-01201112,0,33627.story That's a lot earlier then I originally expected, but with the way they busted through that paint job I guess I'm not surprised.
  13. Thanks! I am an avid skier, and it co-ops with my roller coaster hobby. April is a great time to go! Mammoth is still in the full swing of winter as well. I went the last two years over spring break and there was still snowstorms and fresh powder to be had both times on top of a good 10 feet plus of snowpack. Hope you have fun!
  14. Yes, I'm a fan of the Flash Pass. Although I don't think anyone else will be into spending the money, it will certainly be a good fallback if it gets bad (Damn one train ops) We'd probably go without it.
  15. Going to the Mountain Sunday the 23rd... Taking some friends that have never been and they are VERY concerned about lines. I know they are down to one train operation on most rides, and some are closed. But it is a Sunday, which I think won't be crowded (doesn't bother me if I miss a couple rides). Can anyone share some wait times they experienced yesterday?
  16. Hey, changing the subject a little bit, quick question. I have never been to SFMM over President's weekend. I'm thinking about going this year. I was wondering what is the park like on Sunday. (Crowds - Flash pass? Two train operation?). I'm assuming it won't be like a Memorial weekend headache. Park hours are 10:30 to 8:00, with darkness at around 5:00, meaning plenty of time riding coasters in the dark! (Hopefully someone will answer this in light of 8 pages of response to the TR earlier )
  17. Headed out to Mammoth for an extended weekend. Was up there from Thursday (1/6) until Sunday (1/9). Tried to get some pictures while out on the hill. Didn't though on Sunday since it was chilly and I was too lazy and cold to take out the camera. Cold and windy Sunday, but beautiful blue skies the rest of the days! Had an awesome time! Anyone else a fan of Mammoth? View from our condo in June Lake View of June Mountain Ski Area from our condo Starting the day off at the parking lot by chair 10 First run off chair 2 B-A-utiful! View from the mountain Skied down the face. I always thought it was funny that chair 3 is called the Face Lift Express... View towards the summit Cool clouds Spent the next two days on the other side of the mountain I about killed myself trying to traverse on that huge face Summit of Mammoth Chair 9 - a Mammoth classic gone modern The valley below... Fancy gondola shot The gondola station is hiding up there Mmm, nice and toasty warm
  18. According to the photos for the past events, there were 320 people in 2008 and just over 700 for 2009. I didn't see any mention of attendance figures for 2010, but judging by how much fun everyone says this event is, I would be surprised if it wasn't still growing in size. Is there a limit to how many spots that can be sold for the event?
  19. Riddler's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I have absolutely no reason to love that ride as much as I do...
  20. -About 15 minutes from Disneyland/California Adventure -About 30 minutes from Knott's Berry Farm -About 45 minutes from Legoland -About 60 minutes from San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World (If those even count) -About 90 minutes from Six Flags Magic Mountain
  21. When they decide to expand Hurricane Harbor. Which probably won't be for a couple seasons, since I think they just put in Mr. Six's Splash Island. (Or something like that?) Correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been to HH for a while.
  22. OH YEAH!!! RIDDLER'S!!!! P.S. They're all shots you've "seen before" lol. loop de loop
  23. That bobsled coaster pov posted under the Utah thread certainly takes a while. A good 7:30+! But I don't know if you'd want to count that...
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