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  1. Just looked it up, it was built in 2001. So I guess it isn't THAT recent, but still within the decade.
  2. Funny you mention that. I actually asked Neal that very same question when we walked past it today. He said "Nope! We are done with Thrill Shot." And now that Freefall's gone....... [Cue subliminal zen message] [Edit]: Wasn't Thrill Shot built (somewhat) recently and they are already done with it?
  3. I think it would be cool to add in a Zacspin or something, mirroring SFMM. [EDIT]: I think they're called Coaster balls on RCT3.
  4. Lots of good updates Robb. Glad to hear there is still improvements going on. Did you experience a lot of the "SFMM old days" symptoms like you did when you went that other Sunday in January?
  5. First step would to make the trains longer. I think its standard for an Arrow to have a seven car train. Also, those bunny hops after the MCBR should be smoothed over. I would personally make a batwing or another inversion that sends riders back in the opposite direction, then have a nice big gentle curve into the double corkscrews. That's just my opinion though. [Edit]: Keep the bunny hill with the steeper track that's right under the loop. Have the batwing or something merge into that hill. Did what I write make sense?
  6. Aren't all B&M's standard with a 54 inch height mark? I could be wrong on the hypers though.
  7. Seriously... I wanted to shout back "THE OPERATOR IS AN OPERATOR NOT A RIDE DESIGNER!! ARE YOU FRIGGIN STUPID?!?" Now that that's out of they way, anyone up for a ride on Ninja?
  8. I'll give SFMM the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm sure it will return because how costly is it to actually leave the stuff up there? A minute, immeasurably small amount of electricity for the TV's, and you can't possibly forget the Swiffer dusters and vacuum cleaner to keep it tidy... That's the only reason I can think of that they would take it down. Oh lord, not another name alteration!
  9. Didn't they recarpet it when the tower reopened with Tatsu in '06? Would it already need it again now? I'll try and search for the post in the SFMM TPR Archives. [Edit]: Found it, 12th picture down. New paint and new carpets: http://www.themeparkreview.com/skytower/skytower1.htm I can't believe I just spent 5 minutes searching for that lol, but at least its (somewhat) helpful.
  10. Yes, I bet he was referring to the model of GASM right under Ninja's, confusing it with Viper. Just a possibility. And who knows, this maybe isn't true at all, but as I said, it seems like a pretty reliable source (but then again, what do I know about that lol )
  11. That's so sad if it's true. This was a great idea of Brandon's. I stumbled across this site while searching for TPR in Google. After looking over the site, it looks like the person that runs it visits very consistently. Accurate and consistent updates that he's done (even if the site has only been up for a short time) leads me to think that the Sky Tower Museum really is no more. That's really sad considering the tower isn't much without the museum. [Edit]: Or they are just remodeling it, but didn't they just put in new carpet and paint the inside when Jay Thomas worked on reopening it?
  12. After riding Ninja at SFMM next to a person of the GP. Person: "This ride was really fun, but my head like hit the sides." (referring to OTSR) Me: "Ok, but I'm glad it sounds like you had a good ride though." Person: "I'm going to go on it again and I'll just ask them to make it like not sway so bad back and forth." Me. "..."
  13. Can anyone confirm this? Magic of the Mountain Museum no more? http://www.thecoasterguy.com/index.php/2011/02/02/magic-of-the-mountain-museum-is-gone-at-six-flags-magic-mountain/
  14. It's been windy (or at least where I am). If those Santa Ana's continue through the weekend, I wouldn't be surprised to see shutdowns of rides. I don't know how its like up at SFMM though since I'm over an hour out.
  15. I've experienced this too, albeit only twice out of a million. Not a problem for me anyway.
  16. Yep, I was at the park last Sunday and looks like a lot of clearing was done for both sites. This is what was needed to be heard, that track is ready and on site. Vertical construction will be interesting, as I have never seen how a Zac Spin is assembled.
  17. Worked fine for me. A lot of object data installed, couldn't imagine going through everything one by one.
  18. GL = Awesomeness. Have to keep an eye out for the Riddler train and try and spot it there.
  19. They've had a sign in front of Riddler's saying that only one train was operating for a while. The first time I noticed it was when I went in November, but I don't know how long it was there before that. When did RR officially become one train this off season? It's great to see that they are spreading the use of one train signs, as they are very helpful for the GP and "smarter folk" ( ) to gauge the wait time and how fast the line will move.
  20. Great park! Sure is fun going back to those old parks. That B&M totally looks real. I love how the track was waiting in the parking lot.
  21. Hmmm, seems to be following a pattern. Now I need NESUB02. If there are any others specific to the game (maybe NESUB03), then could you post those as well? Thanks!
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