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  1. If you don't resist the forces on the launch, it is pretty easy to get flung forward. But most people automatically try to stay back in there seats. I don't think they're that big of a deal, they don't really interfere with the ride experience too much IMO.
  2. I've only been on one generic boomerang: Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm However I've been on two Invertigos and two GIB's.
  3. One of my friends is heading to the park this Saturday. I told her good luck...
  4. No. Was your first time living on your own in a house?
  5. On a side note, I have seen the DJ's in line that they talked about at WCB. It was in the evening and they had one in the Tatsu line (smart, one train op). He seemed to be keeping the crowd somewhat amused, brought a couple people up, sang happy birthday to a 16 year old, and played some songs that you'd probably hear on KIIS 102.7 or 97.1. Overall, a good thing to see!
  6. Green Lantern, as of its state of construction right now, seems really behind. Its supposed to be open Memorial Day weekend. As am I.
  7. I think it was down since the end of October this year. Easily 6 months+ rehab window! But SFMM did say it was taking longer this year because of a new lift cable, but wow, that's sure a long time.
  8. I think Undertaker will just get new paint, since that was a trend for Six Flags (at least Magic Mountain) to get new paint between 2007 and 2010.
  9. It's good to hear of some progress. It seems like the park has been frozen in time in terms of construction lately. That BBQ was good, and lets hope this is just as good!
  10. Yes. Do you put butter and/or whipped cream on your waffles?
  11. That's good to hear. It was opening day for the season so I guess I should have been a little nicer. Colossus's retracking did make a big difference. It definitely had smoother drops then previously, which made a very nice ride. The MCBR was the only area I could see needs some improvement. I thought the train was going to fly off the track when it hopped up on the brakes!
  12. Madame Title Fairy, Can I please have my title changed to: "You mean I have to stand up on this donkey?" Thank you, and long live the Title Fairy!
  13. You don't remember someone standing up and shouting Metro? Neal said does anyone know the answer? And the entire audience shouted "NOOOOOO!!!!!" Returned from an intense day at Magic Mountain. I don't think I've spent a legitimate day at the mountain like this (except WCB, which is a little different). Brief report here: Got to the park at 9:45. Was one of the first to enter the park, grabbed a Gold Flash Pass quick, and headed to Tatsu (one train of course) via Revolution exit. Got on it without having to use the pass, exited quickly, and headed to Apocalypse (also one train), without having to use the pass again. I exited and BEHOLD!!! Deja Vu reopened!! It wasn't available on the pass today, so I got on it with a one train wait (which turned out to be 10 minutes). Rant in next paragraph. Deja Vu... I entered the station and went to the very back row. Immediately I overheard the ride operator complaining to another op that was being trained that they were understaffed. Two people working Deja Vu? (not counting one being trained). Wow. One more op would even make a huge difference. At least so the two ops don't have to be bouncing in and out of the control area. Overall, dispatches were slow to say the least, and the line had backed up to the entrance at over an hour when I checked later in the day. Maybe they got a third crew member later, but I didn't bother checking. On another bad note, Batman's crew was slacking, which it usually isn't that bad. I think the (very loud) person sitting in the row in front of me summed it up best: "Do you know what my favorite part of this ride is? Sitting here." ....you had to be there, it actually was pretty funny. Of course I have to add Tatsu to this list. At one point in the evening the seats in the station were stuck in the flying position. Superman's launches were super inconsistent. (hardy har har), but it was still running excellent with great speed and awesome forces. People in the station waiting were complaining (I don't blame them) about the Platinum Flash Pass people riding again without getting out of there seats. Probably increased about a half an hour to their wait time, especially the people waiting in the two seater row. On a positive note, park was very clean and overall operating very smoothly. Rides running very well (as in being efficient) were Colossus (one train was on the lift hill when the other was on the second turnaround!), Apocalypse (when the train was in the station), Goliath, Ninja, Scream, and Riddler's. Didn't ride the front corner (or even walk through) to report on anything there (Revolution, Viper, and X2). Went up the Sky Tower to see if the museum was up, which it was still being renovated. Viper looked like there was a train on the tracks at all times. X2 looked a little slow, but I couldn't really tell. Lots of people on the paid attractions (Dive Devil and Cyclone 500) and playing the midway games. Park was bringing in some good profit there, which I thought was positive seeing people spending money on something other then admission and food. Had a good and long visit, stayed until closing. As I was leaving the tram crossing guard was talking to some guests and he seemed to think the park was open until 10:30 (??). [edit]: Is it a bad thing that the ride op recognizes me in the single rider line for Riddler's?
  14. Thinking about heading up tomorrow, getting there at opening, sprinting to the Flash Pass building, and braving the crowds. Wish me luck! Still up in the air about it though. I want to try to get some night rides in. I'll try to check on Scream's ops on a busy Saturday, but I don't ride it anymore. (Goliath lift hill, here I come!) My ears are the perfect height for those rock hard OTSRs. [edit]: Does anyone know if Superman is available on Flash Passes? Is limited to Gold or Platinum? Or is it an extra charge like X2?
  15. ^Can you take a new overall view of your park? Your screens are great! I love the flats you have.
  16. "TAKE THE TUNNEL!" Great way to put that... I haven't been to Snowbird in a couple seasons, but isn't that conveyor belt friggin slow as ?
  17. Saturdays are always crowded unless its raining. I think maybe one time during the summer it wasn't crowded because it was over 100 degrees outside. Definitely invest in a Flash Pass, it is well worth it for those busy days.
  18. I was all alone on Tatsu on a Sunday this past January. I took a shortcut to the ride and was the only person on, front and center.
  19. Or the LA School District spring break! That's an insane week as well. I think this year its from April 18th to the 22nd.
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