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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking. I've been checking the traffic today and it seems like the only reason the 5 is slowing in certain places is because there is an accident. I think the media was just over-hyping this, and consequently many people have stayed home this weekend.
  2. I am thinking of braving a trip to SFMM this Sunday. Usually I like to go Sundays and hit all the rides at opening before it gets full, then I wait around and go on the usual walk-on rides until mid afternoon when X2's line dies down. Anyways, I have a couple freeway questions. I live in Orange County, so I usually just take the 5 north all the way to SFMM. With the closure of the 405, I am thinking most people trying to get around that will take side streets through Hollywood or stretch all the way east via the 101 to the 110, then back to the 10 west to continue on the 405. Or the 5 to the 170 all the way around to the 110/10 back to the 405. (Is this even making sense?) Sundays usually have very minimal traffic on the 5 (which is why I often go Sundays). Does anyone think the drive on the 5 will be heavily affected enough to the point where I wouldn't want to make the trip to SFMM?
  3. That kid was my hero! He suggested fire, fog, and audio effects for Gold Rusher, along with adding tunnels before the first lift hill. Tim said this is the attraction that is new for 2012, but don't expect it to open until 2013.
  4. ^In addition to that, I would be disappointed with its removal because they already got rid of Sierra Falls this last season. Why would they remove another water ride two seasons in a row without adding another water ride? Unless that is what they're adding for 2012, but I just don't see Six Flags replacing a water ride for a water ride.
  5. ^ Right now, Ninja is a walk on, Viper and Riddler's are 20 minutes, and Apocalypse is an hour (probably one train). I'd say those are about right.
  6. I'd rather have those poor people suffer on those weekends and get the extra profit that Six Flags Inc and SFMM really need then limit that. The more $$ the more improvements like the ones mentioned in this thread will come true. I think single rider should AT LEAST be implemented in the rides with four seats across. Its not like Tatsu's dispatch times will get any slower then they already are. Also: -Paint Riddler's, Scream, and Tatsu. -Rocky Mountain Colossus. -Work on ride efficiency.
  7. Can anyone confirm that Tatsu has been down for the past couple days? I checked the Ride Hopper app a couple days ago and it said "ride down." It's been like this for the past couple days because when my friend told me he was going to SFMM today (I laughed at him and told him it's a Saturday ) I checked today and its still down. Has it just been spotty with operations or has it truly been broken for days? I'll ask my friend if he even makes it out of the Saturday @ SFMM alive.
  8. I've only ever been on an Intamin 1st gen and a gyro drop, along with a bunch of different S&S's. Out of the Intamins the gyro drop was the best.
  9. Family park or not, they still haven't gotten a new coaster since 2007. They're due for one.
  10. You honestly post the best offride videos I've ever seen. The one of Riddler's was amazing too!
  11. I don't know why $10 million rings a bell when thinking about the cost of Superman's transformation. I think management might have hinted at that during West Coast Bash?? It was mainly the couple million for new cars and the couple million to replace the rare earth magnets that were needed to repair the launch systems. A new, more reliable computer system was also installed. Additionally, they ran a giant ad campaign and painted the entire 40 story tower and track. Between Green Lantern, DC Universe, and all the other changes, they easily invested $20 million, probably more into the park this year. That's about on the scale of a new Tatsu or Top Thrill Dragster. I lost my train of thought and don't remember how this argument started (ouch, I know), but the point is SFMM invested a ton of money and got many small(er) rides, but there are a lot more new things to do in the park this year then just one shiny brand new coaster. I, personally, would go for many new things to do, it doesn't even have to be coasters, and it takes significantly more visits for the place to get "old." P.S. I love how my "r ings a b ell" was changed to that!!
  12. ^That's pretty much the basis of this. Personally, I'm just disappointed that SFMM won't put in the money after they've put in so much these last few years to make the park more presentable.
  13. I found the song: "Sandstorm" by Darude. Its Scream's station music, not Deja Vu's. Sorry for the mix up.
  14. I'm actually trying to find out what the songs were right now, because I'm fairly sure it used to have station music.
  15. Just because we're on this subject, this is what should return: -X2: Audio. -X2: Fire (if it isn't already working, but its been off the last few times I've been). -Goliath: Misted tunnel on the bottom of the drop. -Riddler's: Question mark lights and lit up cabinets with all the Riddler's "experiment" crap inside. -Batman: Everything that used to be in the station. -Batman: Fog/mist in the trenches. -Apocalypse: Tunnel mist. -Deja Vu: Station music.
  16. Heck I waited three years before I rode the Finding Nemo ride! Although passing by the Little Mermaid ride at CA Adventures and seeing the wait was only twenty minutes, I couldn't pass it up. As for Green Lantern, off season here I come! I'll probably break down around the end of July and force myself to ride it...
  17. I could be wrong, but I think the courts rejected filing of the suit. The ride itself was defective, and had countless problems. It's a Togo. It would valley in winds less then 10 mph. It's a Togo. It ironically had the name Windjammer, and it was also a Togo. I always think back and slap myself in the face. "Why would Knott's hire that company??" Apparently someone overlooked something!
  18. ^I do the same, but Green Lantern throws this plan off. This is what I'm going to do, staying all day 10:30 - 9:00 1) Green Lantern 2) Riddler's Revenge 3) Superman 4) Ninja. 5) Apocalypse 6) Deja Vu 7) Tatsu 8) Goliath 9) Scream 10) Batman 11) X2 **I usually skip Colossus, Gold Rusher, Viper, and Revolution because I don't care for those rides, but since there are no lines for them throughout the day you can just fit them in whenever. I think the two I'll have to wait in a larger line for are Tatsu and X2, possibly Goliath at around 30-60 minutes each. I plan on getting to GL early, so I will hopefully wait 30 minutes or less. I think I will make it to Superman, Riddler's, Ninja, Apocalypse, and Deja Vu before the crowds clog up those lines excessively. Scream and Batman I'm hoping will have no waits. I will usually go around for rerides, particularly in the Riddler's single rider, Scream, and Batman.
  19. And they'll probably be just like Superman's. Disappointing having them on, but in the end they don't really make a difference. [Edit]: Just a side note, the green GL and green Riddler's don't clash as much as I thought they would. You can't even see Riddler's from Green Lantern's plaza.
  20. I think Apocaylpse/Terminator at SFMM has a pretty lame ending. After all that fast turn action, it just goes up and around a turn really slow and just sort of meanders into the brakes. Big advocate of the final corkscrew on Riddler's Revenge.
  21. For me it's everything after the turnaround, from about where the weird twisty roll thing is until the end. I had an extremely smooth ride in the rain at WCB this year, and have had about a 50-50 chance overall of getting a good ride. I can't wait to see the reports from media day today!
  22. If you don't want to pay the $15, visit between 5:00 and 7:00. I think that's when the line is at its shortest, between 30 and 60 minutes. Although I personally don't think its worth any wait. I visited on Sunday and the flames and audio were down, and it wasn't providing the best of rides. More like smack your calves and shoulders for a minute and rattle yourself until you pass out. But the first drop never disappoints!
  23. Superman is definitely Flash Pass accessible. However, it might only be an option for the gold or platinum ones. I think Deja Vu is available, but I am not 100% sure.
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