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  1. MASH S:EFK -- Green or black lights in tunnel?
  2. This post is a shrine to the best station ever created. Listen to this song as you look at the pictures: A look at the outside of the best station evaa... Photo from Flickr. Before the guests flood the station... Photo from TPR. Confused GP's try to navigate the odd shaped station and figure out what row they're in. Believe me, it's actually very difficult... Photo from Flickr.
  3. The best seat on Viper is the second to last row of the train. The best seat on Revolution is the bench outside the ride entrance.
  4. Diamondback - King's Island Firehawk - King's Island Maverick - CP Star Tours 2011 - Disneyland Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage - Disneyland The version of Space Mountain that opened in 2005 - Disneyland Every single attraction at Disney's California Adventures, including every one that has been opened after opening season. I really loved the Who wants to be a Millionaire show they had before Monsters Inc. Silver Bullet - KBF Xcelerator - KBF Goliath - SFMM X - SFMM Deja Vu - SFMM Scream - SFMM Tatsu - SFMM X2 - SFMM Terminator - SFMM Green Lantern - SFMM S:EFK - SFMM Road Runner Express - SFMM
  5. I was nearing the station house of Tatsu at SFMM and heard someone singing a Britney Spears song. I didn't hear it again until I was next to board, when the lead ride op belted out Till the World Ends by Britney Spears over the microphone. All while not stacking the second train (one station ops).
  6. I can manipulate the crowd patterns pretty well (plan on getting there before opening as usual) when lot C is full. After that when the overflow lot is full, it gets a little hairy even for the smartest of planners. I plan to hit all the rides during the day, and the Halloween stuff at night (But it sounds like I will have to do Batman, Backwards Colossus, and X2: Area 19 at night. Do the mazes themselves generate lines in order to be able to walk through them? When the mazes open at 7:00, do the lines for the rides die down? Here's my plan. I'll be visiting October 8th (ugh bad day, I know). The park's open 10:30am to 11:00pm. Plan -- Revie exit to Tatsu, Deja Vu, Apocalypse, Superman, Riddler's, Green Lantern (may pass), Scream, Colossus (if its open backwards at this time), Goliath. I'll hit these fast paced, and hopefully I won't hit too many people because I'll be there at opening and be moving fast. Then grab a late lunch at Mooseburger, mosey around and do the short lined rides (Revolution, Ninja, Gold Rusher, and Viper) until night, where I'll hit the mazes and the special Fright Fest rides (hopefully I won't have to do Colossus Backwards because of the possibility of it being open during the day). Is there a good time of night to hit X2? Just as it gets dark or nearer to closing? I don't see Batman getting anything longer then 20 minutes, even with the fog.
  7. Ok, I'm trying to get a Fright Fest trip planned here and have a couple questions. I have never been to SFMM just to do the Halloween stuff, and thought this is a good year to try. -I can't make it on Sundays (which I would assume are the best days). How are the crowds and wait times for the rides on Fridays and Saturdays? Maybe I'm just completely screwed with crowds either way. -Does the backwards side of Colossus open when Fright Fest starts or is it open all day? -What is the best time to hit X2: Area 19 at night on these days? I'm assuming Fright Fest has different crowd patterns then a typical day in the park.
  8. I watch the comedy news shows like the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Sometimes I'll catch Tosh.0 or some randoms that happen to be on. But my all time favorite was the old Regis Philbin's Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I know it is a game show, but between the questions, fastest fingers, lights, music, and lifelines, it was the best.
  9. Yes. Have you ever faked having a headache?
  10. A custom SLC at SFMM or CP. What's worse then eating so many candy corns that you pass out?
  11. MaXair Left or right side of Superman: Escape From Krypton?
  12. True. Last year I drove by SFMM on a Sunday night at around 11:00 and all the lift hill lights were lit up. I knew they were supposed to be dark!
  13. No. Have you ever seen someone throw up on a rollercoaster at SFMM?
  14. I just could not see them getting a Mega Lite. Tim Burkart didn't even know what it was at WCB. A giga I could see in their future though.
  15. No. Do you like Six Flags Magic Mountain in general?
  16. Arrow Looper. Would you rather ride Tatsu all day or X2 all day?
  17. Pizza Hut McDonald's or Burger King?
  18. Just looked over the SFMM Fright Fest site, and I think it's awesome that they're doing the Foggy Nights thing on Batman! It was awesome before, I can't imagine now! I've never made a trip to SFMM just for Fright Fest, but I think this year I'll have to give it a try, just for Batman and the coasters in the dark.
  19. ....yes Do you get more then 9 hours of sleep every night?
  20. Green Lantern. Biology or Chemistry?
  21. Silly Symphony. Newspapers online or physical newspapers delievered to your house?
  22. No. Do you listen to mainstream pop music?
  23. Eat a bar of soap. Given that you are a Republican, would you rather vote for Rick Perry or Mitt Romney? (don't answer neither )
  24. Goofy's Sky School. Thunder Mountain or Matterhorn?
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