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  1. ^There's actually a lot of people that are happy with the improvements SFMM made (or is currently making). This summer the place looked really nice and didn't have too many hiccups, and the ones that it had weren't the park's fault (ie Tatsu's lift motor). Fright Fest is looking like it's going to be a big success this year as well. Glad you took advantage of everyone's tips and had a great visit.
  2. This pretty much sums up my feelings on the new Facebook format...
  3. Does anyone know where the shows are going to be? Do they have something in the Golden Bear and Magic Moments Theaters? I think they have a stage set up outside DC Universe that they do something, and probably something in the entrance plaza. Any traveling acts that move around on the midways?
  4. You have to pick something up at the park. I think you go to guest relations to get them, but if that's not true, then you'll already be at guest relations to ask.
  5. I'm just hoping for one that's as smooth as a B&M, unpredictable as an Intamin ZacSpin, with a design inspired from the original Arrow 4D.
  6. Yes. Do you drop it like its hot?
  7. Crunches. Preshow or just heavily themed line?
  8. Cedar Point, since I ride SFMM coasters so often. Would you rather sit on TPR the rest of your life or sit on a social networking site (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc) for the rest of your life?
  9. I guess so. Are you on a computer with a touchpad mouse right now?
  10. Pilot. A lot of that stuff is done in unmanned vehicles now. Would you rather teach someone everything you know or learn everything from someone else?
  11. Camp Snoopy. Speakers or headphones?
  12. Coaster. Would you rather vacuum the cracks in the sidewalk or power wash the street gutters?
  13. Actually, no. Do you wish all your coaster rides were at night?
  14. You might want to do SFMM two days in a row, the Thursday/Friday, and Knott's on Saturday. Any Saturday at SFMM is a joke. Of course, this is coming from the idiot who is planning a Saturday Fright Fest visit this year.
  15. ^^I would use the X2 plan, because the GP still manages to fill up that whole line every morning. Given that you get to the park early and make it to X2 before the mob, hit X2 then Tatsu, back down to Deja Vu and Apocalypse. Head up the backside to the hill to Superman/Ninja and you'll have eliminated the worst lines of the day. The only two rides you might have to wait for are Green Lantern (probably your only significant wait of the day at 30-60 minutes) and maybe 20 minutes for Goliath. Hit the walk ons later (Gold Rusher, Viper, and Revolution) after you've finished your main loop around the park. Pretty much everything is walk on if you execute this plan fast and smart enough, except GL and Goliath with the mentioned wait times. [Edit]: By the way, if you don't make it to the park and X2 early enough, you're hosed. Either take the Revolution exit shortcut to Tatsu and continue with the plan that way, or go with what DJeXeL said.
  16. Yes, but I haven't been reading this thread so I don't know. Does your favorite coaster reside at a park that has more then 15 coasters total?
  17. Secret cave/mine. Would you rather sit through a twelve hour movie or a twelve hour play?
  18. Six Flags. Would you rather own Sea World or Universal Studios?
  19. My all time favorite ride and a "well" themed station, but also one of the worst. Just look at this clusterf**k of people!! Who's idea was it to make the rows in an angle? No one knows what row they'll end up in, and you can't gauge whether you'll be on the same train if your group has more then four people. Pretty much self explanatory... [Flickr]
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