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  1. ^Are you referring to the maintenance team or ride operators (or, likely, both)?
  2. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom is officially opening in summer, not spring... Can't say I'm surprised though.
  3. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow. Usually people plan their park day for a day that it's guaranteed not to rain. Tomorrow will probably be significantly less crowded. You mean all three queuing sections? I haven't seen the third section (the first one you're in when you walk in the entrance) used in years!
  4. On Six Flags Magic Mountain Facebook picture of LL:DOD construction: ...cause a 41 story, tallest and fastest drop tower in the world doesn't appease the GP.
  5. Does anyone have a shot of the Viper train from Glee? People are talking about how new and nice it looked. Was it actually cleaned up in real life? The sun hasn't been kind to those old trains.
  6. No one can comprehend how happy I am that the Riddler music is back. Just gonna leave it at that... I'm happy it's also already back to two trains. Last season they took forever and a day to work on the second train. (early November to mid March I think?). This season -- MUCH improved! Glad to hear they're making progress on X2. It sounded like they were putting a lot of work on getting a reliable audio system in there at West Coast Bash. The music adds so much to the ride (or the lift hill at least).
  7. It does not make sense that there isn't even a trace of Lex Luthor parts anywhere. They procrastinated construction on Green Lantern last year too, and the opening was delayed... twice. Why do they wait until the absolute latest day to begin "vertical" construction, when they probably have a 60% chance that it will open without setbacks or kinks? They probably lost a lot of money not having GL/DC Universe area open from Memorial Weekend until Fourth of July weekend, which are all slammed with parkgoers. All rides should really be open for spring break, which is a full two weeks of big crowds.
  8. That's why I head to Tatsu first, and catch the back half of the park with no waits. In my experience, running to X2 first is too inconsistent. Sometimes it opens late, sometimes there are too many people in front of you on the mad dash there, although sometimes you're just lucky. Tatsu backs up fast as well, so if you get stuck at X2 you get hosed when it comes to getting on Tatsu. The line for Tatsu doesn't die down on spring break/summer days. X2 will go from 2 to 3 hours in the morning to about 1 hour in the late afternoon, then back to 2 hours before closing. Tatsu's full all day (full queue = ~1.5 hours). If I really want to go on X2, I suck it up and wait the hour in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, this plan also makes for 45 minutes in line for Goliath, but the queue is shaded, fast moving, and spacey. I'm usually done by 5 or 6.
  9. Don't worry about the crowds if you get there before opening. Take the Revolution exit shortcut to Tatsu right as you get in, then head to Apocalypse, Riddler's (single rider), Green Lantern (single rider), Batman, Scream, Colossus. As long as you don't lollygag around, you'll get these rides done really fast. Try to put off your lunch until after you're done with Colossus, so you don't have to pause as the crowds fill in the park. Viper and Revolution will have long lines at the beginning of the day. Come back in the late afternoon/evening to ride those with short waits, and brave X2 while you're over there (which won't ever really get shorter than an hour all day). Ninja and Gold Rusher will never really generate any "long" lines, so ride those when you have spare time. That's what I usually do, and I only end up in significant lines for Goliath and X2 when its all said and done. It's really difficult to get through 13 coasters without having to wait in something. Have fun!
  10. Night ERT starts right when the park closes: http://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/info/parkInfo.aspx
  11. That sure looks like actual park gates now; not just a wall built temporary for a new ride One thing is for sure, you can kiss Joker's Hideout and overflow Season Pass processing goodbye! That's what I was thinking. That entire area was just dead space after they closed Flashback and the Season Pass center. It's probably easier to just block that area off rather then keep it maintained. If there's going to be a new attraction in that area, I don't think the entrance will be back there because it's too hard to find and endless ugly concrete.
  12. Coaster Enthusiast Day for the general public? Alrighty... Coaster Enthusiast Day 2012
  13. I've been visiting the park consistently for many years now, and I was just stating the observations I've had since the ride opened, including GL's opening summer season. [Edit]: On a daily basis depending on how crowded it is, more people are in line for GL, probably because S:EFK is closed, Deja Vu and Log Jammer gone. But this has been the off season too.
  14. It's definitely not "unpopular," and of course I can't speak for the ridership numbers. From what I've seen from multiple visits I'd say that X2, Tatsu, and new S:EFK are more popular. The Green Lantern line, being short, slow, and reaching the entrance easier because of a really short queue turns a lot of people off from the ride. They walk up to it, see the apparantly long line, and turn away. A bad reputation may also be the case. A lot of people just don't want to ride it. They look at it and think "oh, this will make me throw up" or they'll stare at it and think "that looks really unpleasant," so they just won't ride it. There is no way every visitor to the park on a daily basis could ride this ride with the capacity has.
  15. That's not the Riddler music. The beat just sounds different. They lost the track when they switched over to the new sound system. I asked one of the supervisors and he said the sound department made the new, darker soundtrack to replace it. As far as I know, the park doesn't have a copy of the song anymore. Sure you can download one from the internet, but the edit they used to have didn't have all the "Ecuadors!" in it.
  16. I'd like to thank Robb, Elissa, and SFMM for hosting Saturday's event (I was not able to make Knott's this year). I had a great time as always! I just have a couple of things that I would like to add as constructive criticism to SFMM's WCB. But first off, I'd like to say that I think the Q&A this year outdid last years with the amount of detail they shared and the volume of questions they took. The prizes they handed out made everyone go into total geek out mode, and it was awesome. Morning ERT was outstanding, and I appreciated that they scrapped Scream for Riddler's Revenge, taking into account the many people that traveled or can't make it to the park consistently so they could get their rides on the one train wonder. Stuffing your face with doughnuts for breakfast is a healthy start to an enthusiast's day, always a pleasure. I'm totally satisfied with just four evening ERT coasters instead of the whole park, if they were "better" rides for lack of a better word, no pun intended. I would've traded Viper and Revolution for some Apocalypse and Ninja action. After countless amazing Tatsu rides, I headed over to X2. I really can't handle more then a couple rides on X2 (my fat ass gets totally screwed no matter which seat I sit in), so after I was done there I didn't have any desire to ride Revolution or Viper just to get hammered again. I guess what I'm trying to say is the quantity of coasters don't make ERT sessions, nor does opening rides that are just "nearby." I just don't want to ride Viper and Revolution more then once (as a matter of fact, I never ride them in probably over two-thirds of my visits). It's also very easy for non-locals and inconsistent visitors to get rides on them since there's hardly ever a line for them after the morning. Amazing ERT sessions = amazing coasters you want to ride again and again nonstop. Not to say that the ERT session wasn't amazing (hell, Tatsu was open!), but SFMM could have done so much more with the same amount of effort by opening different coasters.
  17. I was at the Mountain today too. Yes, there were 2 guys on the lift working on the Superman structure just above the lowest set of red aviation lights on the tower. They were pounding, grinding and welding today. They were working several flights about the reach of the power lift / crane. Something is starting... That was probably them moving the stairs over 8 inches to accomodate LL:DOD.
  18. Didn't Tim also mention this at the Q&A? I know he did mention that it was his favorite coaster company. I'm pretty sure he denied the 2013 project as a B&M though...
  19. Second that request. I also saw that same video. I've personally never been on the Metro, as its operating days date back before I began making regular visits to the park.
  20. I would really want to see a Sky Screamer in there, but that's on my list of flats that "aren't gonna happen."
  21. ^Using some imagination, there is plenty of space for a turnaround in the old Spin Out and abandoned lower Dragon station. Personally, I'm skepitcal about them ever using that tunnel again, but I'll certainly applaud them if they do.
  22. When coaster enthusiasts and the general public alike would fan the wild fires of the Santa Clarita valley towards the park. Good times.
  23. The Big Bad West Coast Bash email always makes me cry tears of joy.
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