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  1. If you're traveling from the UK and visiting on the weekend, I'd say go all out and get at least the Gold Flash Pass. About mid March is when it gets crowded on weekends, so in my opinion you'll need one. Shouldn't need one otherwise. Any other tips? If you can gather anything from recent discussion, don't eat the food inside the park...
  2. Contrary to what people are saying about the front seat of Batman, I actually enjoy the back rows. The whip you get over the corkscrews is great! Same with the back car on Ninja around the turns. For me it's front or die too on Riddler's and X2 for sure.
  3. The fences on the hill will disappear when bushes and trees grow in around it. But I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to position and color the one near Superman.
  4. I just got one about Care Bears and Hot Wheels....and a survey about the survey...LOL Mine was about the Cookie Monster and Hot Wheels...
  5. Then valley after the loop And continue to valley, then close for six months, then they'll build an easy access platform around the base so it's easy to evacuate the train. Or just leave the train sitting there not knowing what to do with it. What makes it better is that I can recall X, Deja Vu, Revolution, Psyclone, and Superman (the car was stranded in the middle of the track) all being valley'ed in the past decade, so nothing said above was even a joke.
  6. Then valley after the loop And continue to valley, then close for six months, then they'll build an easy access platform around the base so it's easy to evacuate the train.
  7. Yeah, it did take the park until June to finally open LL:DOD, but then again, they did have to move an entire staircase that was located within the Superman superstructure. To support your arguement further, Lex Luthor opened July 7th.
  8. I'm a little more optomistic now that we'll get an early June (if not, Memorial weekend) opening. Construction on Lex Luthor and Green Lantern seemed to start extremely late, and waiting for the track work to begin was a huge drag. Once the ride itself was finished, the areas seemed to pop up really fast. That's what it felt like to me. But GL and LL both had opening days announced, and both were delayed. But FT is Premier, not Intamin. I don't know, too many factors for me at this point. But I'm remaining optomistic as of now...
  9. So about a month ago I was obsessed with the Netflix original series House of Cards. But now I am going back and watching the original British version, as well as the other two British sequels to House of Cards, which are To Play the King and the Final Cut.
  10. I think they should open it up again. I was surprised when they didn't open it when Superman was redone. From what you can see in the Sky Tower, it looks like it could use a new roof though.
  11. Same! Like who was the one who took one for the team and did a Home Depot run to pick up twenty "all purpose buckets"??
  12. Both of them should be open tomorrow. Superman reopened after they poured the footers in its plaza, and I'm expecting it to close back down for the actual FT trackwork. Even though there is track at the park now, they have yet to move it to the actual construction site. As far as I know, Lex Luthor has been operating every day this year except in extremely rainy and severe wind conditions.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. The footers are tucked along the hill well, and the hill space on the back near Superman was dead space anyway. [Edit]: And then if they ripped out Whistlestop park.... Mental image I turned into reality: Yellow = FT footprint
  14. I agree with you. As I said, "technically" (statistically) they would be entertaining a higher volume of guests. I didn't really bother factoring in other variables. But the point I am really trying to make is that SFMM absolutely sucks at keeping multiple trains running on rides, worse than neighboring KBF, especially considering SFMM is open 100 days less a year.
  15. I just spent 60 seconds counting up all the days SFMM will be open in 2013. Judge me. DO IT. .... Anyways, SFMM will be open 245 days in 2013, compared to KBF's 364. As I'm whipping out the calculadora from my desk, here are the ratios for all you mathematicians: Days open: 245/364 = 67.3% Attendance: 2.7/3.65 = 73.9% SFMM is open only 67.3% of the days KBF is, but their attendance is 73.9% of KBF's. Technically, if they were open the same amount of days KBF was, SFMM SHOULD have more yearly visitors. Interestingly to me, KBF's attendance includes Scary Farm, which tells me that SFMM is much busier on a daily basis, considering Halloween is so huge and lasts so long at KBF. So really, people really should rail on SFMM for running more rides more frequently with one train than KBF. They are open less days and get more visitors when its open.
  16. They used to have a prerecorded spiel in its early days that worked pretty well in getting people settled in their seats the right way. I do have to say it's been over the past five or so years that they've had the worst problems with people locking improperly. But I don't know if that had anything to do with the spiel they played. No one else probably listened to it but me. The spiel went similar to something like this: Something about opening gates, stand clear, then move to the furthest seat in your row. Stand in seat and adjust it to what's a comfortable position with feet flat on the floor, and knees straight. Pull down on your shoulder harness as far as possible. It is important that you remain standing, with both feet flat on the floor. Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside at all times. Attendents will be coming by to check you. Enjoy your ride on The Riddler's Revenge.
  17. This has always.... ALWAYS been a problem on Riddler's. The only real solution is for the ops to say locking in three, two, and one. Except, they already do that. The people are just stupid, not much can be done about that. The only way I could imagine that would quicken this process is if they got trains that unlocked individual seats like X2, but I think with the way the seat locking mechanisms work (on a per row basis) this would be difficult to implement.
  18. So Quickly? It's been in the weather since 2006- original paint, anything painted that has endured the sun/rain for that long will fade. This is normal. Wow, it's already been there for that long? Can't believe it either. Going on seven years! I believe Tatsu was done with cheap paint, that's why it looks so bad. Goliath through Tatsu I believe all used the cheap stuff. Back in 2008, I think it was Tim, said it cost them $800,000 alone to use the "10 years guaranteed paint" for X2. They probably saved a couple hundred grand per ride using crappy paint back in the early 2000's.
  19. I don't really care about if she interacts with guests, employees, or whatever. However, I do think that someone can be rightfully criticized when something is done poorly, or not as well as it has been done in years past, etc. It may be funny to crack jokes at her expense because she isn't very outgoing, but as long as the park is ran well, she could watch TV in the admin building all day, every day for all I care. If there is a problem though, the blame dominoes on up to her, because she is the park's president. So in many of the stories we hear about the park, "technically" it's her leadership that is at fault, even if it's a supervisor or single employee's problem.
  20. SFMM's update to Superman's closure. Superman: Escape From Krypton [Edit]: Best use of YOLOcoaster I've seen yet.
  21. I processed my pass last Thursday (1/3/13). I got in line about 10:10 and was walking out of the building at 10:40. In the years past, I've gotten in line, processed, and been waiting for the gates to open at 10:20. I was ticked off waiting 30 minutes last time, I can't imagine any of you guys who waited upwards of 90 minutes. Unbelievable. I have to stand in terrible lines from time to time at county recorder's offices and courthouses for my job. A 90 minute wait for processing a piece of paper gives even those government institutions a run for their money. [Edit]: An you know which counties are the best? The ones that let you file and record electronically. Maybe you can learn from them SFMM.
  22. 17/26 The international coasters kill me. Don't travel out of the U.S. much.
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