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  1. ^Looking at a different side though, although I do not disagree with you at all: - It did end up raining a lot over the holiday, and we know Superman closes when there's a drop of water on the track. - It did end up being very windy when there was no rain, even causing Lex Luthor to have problems/close. - It was freezing cold, and correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Superman have problems in extreme cold (by SoCal standards) weather? But yes, I agree. They should have waiting for weekend only operation to do the work that needed to be done over the Superman plaza. However, they were kind of lucky that they could get the work done when the ride would likely be having operating problems anyways.
  2. If anyone is mad at SFMM for anything right now, forget about your grievances. Because guess what made its return after a nearly three year abscence... Spark of green? Can this be real? YES! Notice it in the top corner? The question mark lights are back. Now I don't expect everyone to get as excited about this as me, because these lights are the only piece of theming I care about at any theme park in the world ever. Extremely crappy picture, I apologize. It was hard to catch one of those things on an iPhone camera. The two in the back corner you see in the first picture are still out, and the two on the exit platform have been taken down (presumably for repair). THANK YOU SFMM! My life has been made (until they burn out again, of course ). P.S. I hope even if you don't care about the content of this post that you at least appreciate it for the entertainment value. Sometimes other people's "passions" are something to laugh at.
  3. I'm pretty sure the report is referring to "unscheduled" downtime. For example, if you "plan" on not having Jet Stream open until 11:30 on a 100 degree day (yes, I was there when this happened) it doesn't count as downtime, it's just part of the operating schedule. As others have said, all this report proves is their plan of catering to the YOLO crowd is actually working. I figured as much after I posted that, but decided just to leave it because of my serious personal problem of being forever bitter at everything SFMM does.
  4. Getting rid of their water rides should help with lowering the downtime statistic, considering they're all closed through the winters.
  5. I'm referring to the train number. The one labeled train number one was sent to New Jersey. Two is back in rehab for its second year, and train three is running all year again.
  6. Funny enough, this off season the one train they're running on Riddler's is train 3. Last year, train 3 was the one train that was running through the whole year as well. Hopefully train 2 will be in top notch shape after it gets out of rehab because it's spent two straight off seasons in maintenance.
  7. Are you saying you won't be able to go down the path in front of Mooseburger during construction?
  8. I think the reason people are complaining is that they're up to 18 coasters and not a single one of them is worth going out of your way to travel just to ride it. This SHOULD be a park that people would want to travel to, like the ones you visit on TPR trips, but it's obviously not.
  9. Anyone else notice that they're now open the entire week of Thanksgiving, not just the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?
  10. I can't believe people still run to X2 in the morning. The line will die down to 30 minutes or less at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The only real explanation is they actually been doing really well on dispatches and the back of the park is significantly more crowded that time of day, so no one is in the front riding X2.
  11. I was there yesterday as well. When I was on Tatsu, they were running two trains. I was on it at about 11:00. Goliath was running two trains when I went on it in the late afternoon. The one train rides that I saw were Revolution, Ninja, Superman, Riddler's. Gold Rusher and Viper MIGHT have been running one train, but I'm not sure. The only ride that I ran into having problems with capacity was Riddler's, but they can't really do anything about that.
  12. I would spring for a Flash Pass, especially with an upcoming concert on the 15th, and after that the hours shortening with crowd levels remaining constant. [Edit]: Get a gold Flash Pass.
  13. ^When it was open the last Wednesday of September last year it was pretty empty.
  14. It's miserable. Luckily they seemed to have removed the horrendous music and strobe lights (at least they were off when we were there a few months ago). Tatsu, however, took the cake for the worst line. The misters turned the cattle pen into a disgusting swamp, adding at least 15ยบ to the already blistering heat. They should steal that big A$$ fan from Batman's line and stick it in there. They should really have someone at the bottom of the stairs there all the time, and every time a train goes by, lets up about 32 people. They had a Flash Pass person in a red shirt for a little while holding back the line during the summer and busy weekends, but apparantly they're no longer. Does anyone know why that air conditioner has NEVER been on before? They fixed it up awhile ago when Jay Thomas was around. I've never seen it working or turned on before. It's there. Just turn it on! The music still plays, but it is so faint you can only hear it if you're standing right next to a speaker. Regarding the question mark lights, as a die hard pre-whenever-Riddler's-began-to-suck fan, I'd love to see them return, but they never seem to last more than a couple months after they are fixed up.
  15. I'd rather see Goliath completely replaced with an Intamin than them redoing it. That'll never happen though. There's no point of doing that from their perspective. I think Goliath will be there for a very very very long time. Isn't it the best capacity ride in the park? I've said this before and I'll say it again: Just send Scream away to another Six Flags park that can actually give it the time of day to keep it maintained and some popularity. Bring back the parking spaces!
  16. You would make your X2 reservations at the FlashPass booth, so just do that when you're picking up your flash pass. I don't think there's a discount on FlashPass for SPH's, someone correct me if I'm wrong. If you have an Xtreme pass, there are discounts for Flash Passes. But if you're interested in getting one for 2013, the Flash Pass discount is a perk they peeled off the rebranded Gold Pass.
  17. I'm still confused on where the station and launch track into the first loop is going to be located. I just can't get my head around this going into the empty hill where LJ was. Hopefully they use this space wisely and maybe there will be room for another attraction in there in the future. Hello water ride! (crosses fingers).
  18. I've sort of let the announcement simmer in my head before I opened my mouth. The only thing I'm truly disappointed about is I feel like they just flat out forgot they have to make a second half of the ride. Top hat, drop, then it's over? Alright. I'm not saying it's going to be a bad ride by any means, but just a little underwhelmed. It would have been nice to see them use the terrain, but the last coaster they claimed was a terrain coaster was Tatsu, and you know how that looks... I really agree with Sir Clinksalot that I am most excited about the Gold pass replacing the Xtreme pass this year. Great move on their part for finally including HH admission and those other perks. Second, I'm excited about whatever they're going to do with the surrounding area. I think they should torch the big fake tree. It's infested by bee hives and looks horrible. I'm surprised they're not doing anything with Golden Bear and Mooseburger though.
  19. As sad as that is, I just had to laugh when I read this. It's so true. It really is a good thing X2 doesn't run three trains. Like someone said, I remember summer '08 they had three running. One was in the loading station, one was in the unloading station, and the third was backed up behind the unloading station. The ride just isn't long enough and even with a perfect crew, it's impossible to get those trains out much faster.
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