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  1. Regarding the 2013 ride, once I found out that the rumors were favoring a Premier, I wasn't too excited. Sure, the rides they make are fun. But I don't think this thing is going to really be all that world class. In my opinion they should really just pull out all the stops and order an Intamin twistyyyyyyy goodness!! (with airtime of course). I really don't think Premier can pull off a ride that will make people flock to it from all over like I305 or El Toro did. Call me a skeptic, but I'm not really putting my money on this announcement. I really hope I'm wrong though.
  2. Internet translators never work exactly right when translating to English, so my guess is the translation was off a bit. Who knows if the guy was trying to be racist or if he was actually responding.
  3. Obviously it would be more major. Putting in a ride that is very similar would just be silly. That was directed at the people who seem to think the Metro tunnel will be the underground portion of a SFDK S:UF ride. I agree with you, it is going to be something very big.
  4. Definitely hoping for something way more major than a SFDK S:UF ride... And personally, I'd love to see Scream leave just to get back more parking spaces.
  5. ^Hoping for something much bigger and higher capacity than that after all this...
  6. All frequent visitors have had this far flung wisp of a dream for so many years. I'm right there with you.
  7. I'm not too surprised because the past couple projects they've done the construction sites have either had absolutely nothing happening or they have had floodlights rolled out because they were working 24/7 up to the ride opening date.
  8. No, because then they had to pay less for operations and less for the demolition crew. It doesn't cost anything for the site to sit empty like that. I personally think that they took down LJ so early is because of possible surveying that has to be done on the lot before any sort of construction begins. If that's not the case, then yes, they could've run the ride all summer. I thought Yosemite Sam's Falls shouldn't have even counted as a water ride and I was glad to see it go. LJ was a loss, especially being an original ride, but it's not like there's NO water rides anymore. There are still three big water rides in the park still, which I think is a good number. P.S. Tidal Wave sucks. I hope it goes soon (but replaced by a water ride!).
  9. Where it has the silouettes of the rides, didn't it say something like streets sports action theater until just recently?
  10. ^Well I guess that just means the BMX stunt show isn't returning for sure...
  11. Some new wheels on the Riddler trains would be great, maybe a repaint and power wash of the track in the next couple years would do it some good. But it's still really popular, I'd say it's somewhere in the middle of the road for the park in terms of popularity. Yes, it takes awhile to load, and there are pretty consistent GP moments in the station all the time, but it's doing fine. As much as it pains me to say this coming from a diehard Riddler's fan, I don't see why Six Flags would invest any money into it other than to keep it running. Give it two hours to be safe because of traffic. Just take the 405 north all the way around until it meets back up with the 5 and continue north until MM.
  12. From my experience, Riddler's Revenge is the biggest culprit of employees standing around doing nothing.
  13. ^I've actually had fine experiences with Goliath ops this year. I've only seen it stack significantly when it was running three trains randomly one day. It has a 60 second dispatch clock, and for the most part I've seen they've made it or are late by no more than 30 seconds. I have to disagree with you about Tatsu. With Tatsu having opened recently, I've followed its ups and downs its entire lifespan. So far, I'm not really wowed on how it's been run this summer. It's still at the point right now that they are so slow the GP even comment about it. Just this Monday I was in line right at the beginning of the day and people were already commenting things like "wow, it's taking them awhile to for them to make the thing go" and such.
  14. ^The X2 crew has been the best I've ever seen it, maybe even better than when X2 reopened in 2008. This whole summer they've been great. The most I've seen it is in the morning right after the park opened and it was at 2.5 hours, but that quickly died down to about an hour after noon.
  15. Listing them out: Lex Luthor (go up the exit), Riddler's Revenge (go up the exit and follow the signs), and Green Lantern (separate staircase next to the the station's exit, on the far side when looking at the ride from the front). Goliath is "supposed" to have one, but I've never ever seen it actually used. Revolution and Viper have them too, but they don't have lines that justify using them - they're usually walk ons (except right when the park opens).
  16. Hmm, interesting. Probably just one of those randomly busy days where more people just happened to show up coincidentally. Have you been going on Mondays? I was thinking about going the 6th, but besides the off season, I've never been on a Monday before. Similar crowd level to other weekdays? Worse? Better?
  17. Thanks for posting this! I speak German, not very well though. Showed me I was a little rusty!
  18. I just hope that wherever they put it, the space it uses is not wasted. (ie NOT Deja Vu's spot).
  19. Wasn't one of the Viper trains shined up for a commercial filmed there a couple months ago? I think that's the one that looks newer.
  20. An hour for Scream has been the most hilarious thing I've heard all day!! I haven't had to wait more than two trains for it all summer...
  21. Happiness is living within a 90 minute drive of seven year round theme parks and five seasonal water parks! Disneyland, DCA, Knott's, Universal Hollywood, SFMM, Sea World SD, and Legoland. Hurricane Harbor, Raging Waters, and three Soak Cities (Buena Park, San Diego, and Palm Springs).
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