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  1. Green Lantern actually needs to be replaced with a freshly mowed lawn.
  2. Yes, suprise for me as well. This is the only time this summer I have experienced that. On the other hand, there were actually people in line for Green Lantern today (full queue). But I'm calling that a car came in upside down and they waited an ungodly amount of time for a mechanic to flip it over.
  3. I don't know if that's a "secret," but there are really so many tricks to getting around that park I don't really care that they tell other guests about it. But it is really hilarious when you're on X2 after waiting basically no time at all and then you realize that there were suckers that waited three hours for it when the park opened. I just got back from the park right now and at around 5ish I walked right up to where the line splits for both sides. Music was blasting (on train 1) and the fire roaring. On top of that, inside seat at the front of the train = kick ass ride!
  4. ^^Buying tickets at the park also went up from $61.99 to $64.99. It was $59.99 earlier this year too. But season passes are still only $74.99 which really is a steal, and the combo pass ($99.99) and the Xtreme pass ($125) are really good values in my opinion. If I were them I'd stop raising general admission tickets here and bump up the passes. I'd easily shovel out $200 for an Xtreme pass (especially now that parking is at $17 a visit, plus the significant amount of money I save with the 25% off in park purchases).
  5. I wouldn't mind a Star Screamer in Thrill Shot's place. What else would you put there? It's been wasted space for years. And hey, it's a badly needed flat. Just be thankful it will pull people out of the lines of other rides.
  6. Got back from a very long, hot day at the park today. Medium crowds, and hit all the rides perfectly. Longest I waited all day was the hour for LL:DOD. Waited about an hour for Lex, starting at about 5:45. Was walking out the exit just before 7:00. Very impressed with the queue and how it all turned out. The a/c was blasting inside the line (that of course everyone crammed inside the building). The things all over the walls and theme stuff was fun to look at as you circled around the inside in the switchbacks. I was surprised for the amount of people in the park that the line wasn't longer. But there were a ton of people waiting at the exit who I'm assuming didn't want to ride, and a ton of people that were probably turned off by the intimidating wait inside the building. The line moved surprisingly fast, and operators were on their game. Never saw a single empty seat on Lex all day. At around 3:30 or 4:00, LL:DOD broke down. I was in line for Superman at the time. An op came into the cave after they had announced that there would be an "extended delay" and explained something had happened with LL that was causing them to not be able to run Superman simultaneously. I exited the ice cave with pretty much the rest of the tunnel. Rode Ninja, sat down for a couple minutes, heard Superman again, and walked on. I never did figure out what the problem was.
  7. When Goliath is running three trains, and the line is to the entrance, how long of a wait is that? Two trains with that line is nearly two hours.
  8. I think the shakyness and rattling from the Superman cars will satisfy your need for a sketchy drop tower. Great report!
  9. I totally agree. If the audio is mounted on the gondola I give it a year. If it is mounted on the tower at the top of the drop I'd give it longer.
  10. It was confirmed by someone earlier that both sides rise (including leaving the station) at the same time, but drop independently.
  11. Honestly I'm not surprised. Pretty evident they were pushing the limits for procrastinating on construction. Watching Green Lantern progress from last year, this ran the same way. I'm not really mad about the delay, I'll get to ride it plenty. It's just kind of a "nice going Six Flags" moment. They chose to plan to not include room for problems, and it totally bit them in the ass.
  12. Can anyone tell from the pictures if the cables are wired on the gondola? I can't tell on my screen.
  13. I'd personally go Saturday and buy a Flash Pass. The crowds won't really matter if you have a gold or platinum one, plus you'd get three more hours in the park.
  14. Yes. ... well thanks for clearing that up It's supposed to open when Drop of Doom opens. Construction is already complete on the tower. As a matter of fact, I think the worker cages that move up and down the track are gone. They have a lot of work to do on the station, queue, and surrounding area before it opens.
  15. Hiring staff is done on a park by park basis. + Example: SFMM doesn't hire enough janitors to clean the bathrooms. = SFMM is responsible for their own crappy park and appearance. Corporate is by no means cheap. Three new or remodeled attractions at SFMM in 2011? Another significant ride for 2012? A predicted massive 2013 project? CEO's promise for new attractions at all parks across the board every year?
  16. "The ceremony is about to begin...." "X.......X.......2...2........X2.....2"
  17. Holy crap! Across the board those are all outrageous increases. It just makes me appreciate more the family member I have that is up in the ranks and has been working there for over 20 years!
  18. ^What's frustrating is that the exit ride operator always has time in between cycles to stand there. It takes the entering ride ops more time to get passengers situated, so why can't the exit operators who are already there take 5 to 10 seconds to spin incoming cars??
  19. Green Lantern: Second Flight Flames, audio, and fog! But one flame thrower, the audio, and fog won't work after one season.
  20. You know it's freaking disgusting when those black crossbeams you're referring to were originally bright orange...
  21. Isn't the lower observation level open air? So all the exhibits are being stored there?
  22. I've seen Tatsu running three trains on two occasions: Opening summer and some random summer day a few years ago. Although I do try to avoid the park on peak summer days, there have been plenty of days I've been where three trains and both stations should've been in use. I've always thought Goliath should run three trains much more. At WCB 2011 (the year of the one train wonders: Riddler's, Apocalypse, and Tatsu), we learned a bit about train rehab cycles. Next to Gold Rusher, Goliath's trains were apparantly the fastest and easiest to rehab with a three to four week cycle for each train. Why not run all three during the summer months? Even with SFMM ride ops, everyone still waits awhile in the station for the two trains to come back. Goliath certainly has the long lines to justify running train three.
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