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  1. I can't believe they did an entire story on that, including broadcasting it on TV. This just seems like no one who is watching the news would care about. It's more of an individual problem between the guest and SFMM. [Edit]: I love the updated title description!!
  2. Totally agree on the air in the last row. It's my favorite spot. It used to be better, but I think they've trimmed it back. It's definitely my favorite stand-up coaster. Speed varies significantly ride to ride; the amount of people in the train is a big factor. I think the confusing station is to blame for the loads of empty seats on each train. There is a huge speed difference between the beginning of the day and end of the day (probably one of the most noticable at SFMM next to Apocalypse). I don't really see (or I haven't felt) a huge difference in the braking during the MCBR these past couple years. I don't think they have to slow it down very much, its not like I305 burning through wheels. Train 2 runs better (IMO faster) then train 3. It's newly rehabbed, more comfortable, doesn't hit your head on the OTSR like 3 does. Train 3 was the only train running during Riddler's notorious one train ops from November '10 - March '11, and will probably go down for a rehab this season. It's lookin pretty beat up, and it beats its riders up too. Can any of that account for your ride experience differences? Did I just scare anyone?
  3. Out of curiosity, how much does a standard Intamin prefab generally cost?
  4. When they were panicking trying to finish Green Lantern and the surrounding area, they worked seven days a week. They started construction so late on it, I hope they don't have delays or procrastinate like they did last season.
  5. ^Even if it does close, it will probably close during a period of Saturday/Sunday only operation, meaning it will probably only be down between 6-10 days total for construction.
  6. Six Flags Great America's X-Flight. Great ride with no theming or medicore ride with amazing theming?
  7. Either then, or I noticed it when I took another visit in the beginning of April. All they did was tear down the border around the building. Seemed pretty pointless to me.
  8. That building has been torn up since around WCB. They haven't touched it since, but it really does seem as if something is going on there.
  9. After they rethemed an entire area in order to fit in GL, I don't think Magic Mountain will just send it away. The other rides they sent around were more stand alone like Deja Vu, Flashback, Shockwave, and the bobsleds. Didn't have a theme or fit into any theme.
  10. ^Hopefully they'll get rid of, if not refurbish the surrounding buildings. I think the entrance will be on the DC Universe side of the tower, since I don't see them connecting it to the midway next to Food Etc. The guest relations building will probably have to go, and I like your idea of making the arcade into a queue.
  11. I would assume that's a balance issue. The tower sways enough as it is with just Superman! But of course that's a wild ass guess.
  12. ^^^^Same. Could you imagine going up that tower and you were on the edge right at the spot where the car goes? Deafening! Hopefully they'll put some sort of mufflers on Superman, but I don't think they'll end up doing that. Probably just time the launches in between rides so they aren't going up at the same time.
  13. Is there another car on the other side of the tower? It would seem strange that it would only be one sided... [Edit]: Beat me to it^^
  14. This is exciting! I haven't payed close enough attention to theme park announcements before, I usually just see it on the news or read about it in the newspaper. Totally different this season.... True anticipation!!
  15. Yes, especially after they lost Freefall. Will you attend any of the three TPR events that are listed at the top of this screen?
  16. From the looks of the picture that is visible, the stand up looks like it has a Mantis or Chang style first drop, and it looks like you can make out the entrance to the first loop in the background of the bottom burn.
  17. Riddler's Revenge can have a very long line or be near walk on depending on what time you visit. In the late afternoon to early evening it can back up to 20 to 40 minutes, but mostly will stay between 5 and 15 minutes. Scream will probably have an empty station no matter what time of day you visit.
  18. Evenings at Apocalypse are a pretty well kept secret. Now that it's running two trains, the line gets eaten up (nom nom nom) by evening time, and you can get repeat rides at dusk and dark. By that time the ride is still loading full trains, and it hauls ass. The train feels like its trying to rip through the track and it has out of control laterals and little pops of airtime. Frankly, I don't really miss the audio and could care less if there are terminators in the third preshow room. The flames are a staple though. At night, they light up the entire structure as well as neighboring Deja Vu, and the heat is exhilerating. The red siren lights in the first tunnel and misters in the station fly by are pretty badass too. The crew has mastered how to get people to put on the double seatbelt and lapbar checks are very fast (no brake run stacking either). They'll open up all the preshow doors and let you walk to the station, where you will wait anywhere between 1 to 4 trains for your ride. I can usually get 3 to 5 rides in easily, and could continue if I wanted to stay longer. During the day when everyone is at X2, Viper, Tatsu, Deja Vu, and Apocalypse, lines are usually between 30 to 60 minutes. The only time it really stays busy are Saturdays, when the entire park is slammed anyway. Evenings are without question Apocalypse's prime time. There are so many hidden great rides at SFMM (night Apocalypse, Scream, and night Ninja [the light reflections off the lake are mesmerising]) that don't get lines because X, Tatsu, Goliath, and the new 2011 attractions suck up everyone. It will be interesting to see how Superman and Green Lantern fair after their first couple seasons. We'll see if they can keep a crowd!
  19. Bed Intruder. Acoustic or electric instruments?
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