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  1. X2 -- Six Flags Magic Mountain at about midnight last night.
  2. I took a visit to SFMM yesterday, and while on The Riddler's Revenge (shocker) the ride's computer suffered a minor delay. As protocal, the ride ops walked out onto the brake run and told us that there would be a slight delay as the ride's computer resets. [Me]: "How long until we are back in the station?" [Op]: "Not long, this ride's old computer just needs to reset. It could be worse. You could be the ones stuck in the station." [Me]: "How old is this ride?" [Op]: "They built it in like the 70's." [Me]: "And why would it be worse to be stuck in the station?" [Op]: "You'd have to listen to the music." [Me]: "They had techno music in the 70's?"
  3. White House. Would you rather be a trash collector or a street sweeper driver person?
  4. NO! (I'm at SFMM, and Knott's just got a Windseeker). Do you think SFMM should get rid of Deja Vu?
  5. I just watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I thought it was better then okay, but not great. Some of it was pretty predictable and drawn out, but there was a lot of fast paced scenes. It's a little sad at parts (the grandpa with Alzheimer's! ), but had an ending I thought was fitting and satisfying.
  6. ^And make that empty plaza between Laughing Dragon and Ninja have a purpose. The only reason why I could see them not doing this is because they would be too lazy to floor the building and be forced to relocate the bathrooms on the lower floor. [Edit]: If they built it on the summit, I would hope they would reopen LD Pizza as well.
  7. The hyper is an Arrow, and they were 11 years apart. The time and ride experience difference is why it's not being mentioned.
  8. I'm relatively sure that they will announce that you can now choose if you want to go forwards or backwards on Superman.
  9. ZacSpin (4D's are too rough) Memory Foam or Water bed?
  10. I was looking all over trying to find where they called it a roller coaster. Then I watched the video... http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/entertainment&id=8324770
  11. If those 3 gallon water dispensers count, then yes. Do you want Cedar Point to get a Dinosaurs Alive attraction next season?
  12. The Chiller. Wide ruled lined paper or college ruled lined paper?
  13. iPhone 4, black. Don't really need a picture.
  14. Simpsons. Surfing (ocean) or Skiing (snow)?
  15. Facebook. The Daily Show or The Colbert Report?
  16. I will try to expand empty the GL lot as big as possible. That whole area of the park needs some help, so I'll be working on it soon. If you could build the actual ride, I can put the facades and station/queue after if that's ok! Other people have updated some of his recreations on a site he is still active on. I wasn't originally going to post this, but I was looking for some scenarios on RCT grotto, saw the others, and decided it would be cool to post what I have done to this. I made sure to give him credit for the original scenario!
  17. Toast. American history of European history?
  18. Ninja -- SFMM Flight Deck (Kings Island) or Iron Dragon (CP)
  19. I would love something like that at SFMM, but with Superman (especially if one side is supposed to be turned back around again) I think it would be too redundant. But who knows, with all these similar coasters popping up at parks for 2012, anything could happen.
  20. ^Haha yeah, I was too lazy to close it and make it three boats like how it really is, meanwhile dumping the 100+ people back on the midway. I didn't want to slow down the line either since its apparantly so popular. Thanks, and visits to SFMM these days are always awesome (except on Saturdays that aren't WCB of course!) This original scenario was started from scrath by someone else, but not updated since 2003. I'll take a look at that, but since the empty lot in this game is a lot smaller then the one on there, I might have space issues. That is amazing! I actually took a look at it before I started this topic, to see if others had done the same as me. Great work! Too bad about the map size though.
  21. I loved Geometry, so Algebra I guess (even though I like it too). Text message or Facebook chat?
  22. Time for an update! Just a couple tweaks and shots from around the park... Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X2 has fire now!! I tried connecting this to a quote from a Batman movie, but I couldn't. Viper says "I didn't suck when I was first built!" Revolution doesn't like it that its neighbor is so much better. There's a better shot of Tatsu's first drop and roll. Ninja's water dives are actually pretty cool! And now for Apocalypse -- It's really popular! I tunneled in the first tunnel (?) ...and tucked in the track a little more accurately. Full backside shot (Dirty!) Finally, a picture of DC Universe. I don't really know where to go with it from here, since there's not enough space for the facades.
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