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  1. Had Cinnamon bread at 100% of HFE properties that offer it. 100% of B&M dive coasters in the Americas. 100% of wing coasters in North America (until Thunderbird.) 100% of Giga Coasters in North America (until next year.)
  2. Feel free to reach out, but please do not spam that email address, it is designed as a means for us to better serve our customers. There are a lot of rumors floating around right now. When things can be addressed, they will.
  3. MARCEL! I'll have to visit you again before you head back across the pond! I'm running out of time. Hope you have enjoyed your summer in the states so far!
  4. Maybe they didn't need to do anything about it because ridership couldn't justify changing it... Maybe B&M wouldn't accommodate the change until recently... Maybe, just maybe, CP was too busy adding other capital investments, and it didn't make financial sense to add it until this year... So, yes. You can say they listened and did something about it.
  5. I can't tell if your complaining about the groping, or not... I'm going to go with not!
  6. This should prove to be a great ride. I haven't ridden Goliath just yet, so I can't voice my opinion about the "stall" elements. If I needed a reason to get back to SFNE, this would be that reason.
  7. Scrambler re-opened today! I can't wait to ride it myself. Get ready to be scrambled.
  8. Scrambler will be located on Predator Blvd near 3 point challenge and will open this month.
  9. 1) Iron Rattler (missed out after NTAG ejection) 2) NTAG (same as above). 3) Helix (I'm on the wrong Continent) 4) Olympia Looping (same as above)
  10. I think it is quite ok to take realistic guesses about what future investment could be made to the land vacated by Cuda Falls, as long as it does not dominate the entirety of this thread. It looks like Wallenda will be doing his next televised walk for Discovery Channel in Chicago in the fall after his residency at Darien Lake. I for one am looking forward to his show as I really enjoyed the Cirque show a few years back.
  11. My thoughts are with the victim and the family, here's hoping for a full recovery. It was only a matter of time before something happened at this park. Don't get me wrong, we managed to have a great time while we were there, but it was apparent that their safety efforts were lacking. Hopefully that this man, and his family, will be appropriately compensated. Maybe we will see some safety improvements for this upcoming season.
  12. My only stand-up credits have been Mantis and Shockwave, both I found OK. Shockwave was rough, but tolerable. Mantis actually seemed like a lot of fun! In fact, I would choose Mantis over GateKeeper, believe it or not.
  13. Ok, here is my humble $0.02. Fast Lane is a luxury, a luxury I often choose to buy. When I choose not to purchase it, and consequently wait in lines, do I get angry with those who did purchase fast lane? Of course not! I get mad at MYSELF for not forking up the money! Fast Lane, Fast Pass, Quick Queue, ect are great products, plus they are money makers for the parks. I hope I'm not surprising anyone with the fact that businesses exist to make a profit. Feel free to disagree with me, but I love Fast Lane and similar products.
  14. My only gripe about the new renderings is the fact that the structure is more open during the zero gravity stall. I thought it would be amazingly disorienting to fly through all that structure upside down. Overall though, this is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to ride it!
  15. I can't wait to get back to Las Vegas to try this out. Chances are it will be my first El Loco.
  16. I would say I am a mix between a Coaster Rider and a Coaster Whore who dabbles in Coaster Creation.
  17. I'm failing to see how Cedar Fair's purchasing decisions have any bearing on what Busch Gardens would do. But that's just me.
  18. Put me in the camp that thinks the "LOL" was a nice touch. Nothing wrong with the park having a little fun!
  19. Ravine Flyer 2's bridge is really awesome looking and is a nice arch in between Erie and Presque Isle State Park.
  20. Once again amazing job on the Trip Report Andy! Makes me really sad that I am not doing a TPR tour this year. I'm so glad you were there to document what has easily been the best 12 days of my life.
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