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  1. I have some plans. Honestly right now it's hard to tear myself away from the desk and go in-park, as social media is just a small aspect of my job. Our wonderful interns will defiantly help give us the bandwidth we need to really shine on social media during the season. And once construction gets interesting I'll find time to get out there and take some photos.
  2. Sling shot and RedHawk are honestly two of my favorite rides at the park. Obviously there is nothing to gain from removing them, so I'll leave it at that. I can speculate that the go karts area could look vastly different when it comes time to evaluate the offerings in that area. Just a gut feeling I have. I guess I'm just way more optimistic than most in this thread. I'm super excited about the new rides this year, and the overall progress that is being made as we approach the season. Lots of great programming with free in-park concerts, dive-in movies, ect. The park will not become an enthusiasts dream overnight, and it shouldn't. But I believe that Darien is a fantastic place for families.
  3. Color Me Rad 5k is coming back to Darien Lake in 2015! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Better than ever with double the color stations and new gel paint! Theme Park admission included with every registration packet. Learn more at: http://colormerad.com/event/?event_id=15163697026
  4. I'm not in a position to give any official statement on that particular ride. However, the general consensus is that the ride will not see another day of operation.
  5. I unfortunately do not know the answer to that at the moment. I'll look into addressing this sometime in the future though.
  6. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. How many other names were considered? - I'm not sure. I've heard two other names mentioned, but I'm not sure how seriously they were considered. The name was our GM's brain child. Colors - Colors were decided for me, but that's OK! I actually like the color scheme! Announcement videos - I edited the videos as well. Ride footage was provided to me, but putting it all together, selecting the royalty-free music, and creating the animations was all me. Here are a couple stills from Blender, the animation software I used.
  7. Thank you! I was really excited when I found out they were going to go with my logo, and allow me to create the announcement videos for both attractions. Those tasks were slightly out of the realm of what I usually do there, so I was glad to be given the opportunity. I will be posting photos to all of the social media accounts when construction starts. Visible construction will probably not start for a while though, so please be patient with me!!!
  8. I can provide a little insight on the tagline, as I actually came up with it and created the logo. I felt that the logo needed something to balance it, as having the train at the top made it feel top heavy without a tagline. I also don't think it's THAT corny. But I'm obviously bias. EDIT: Image didn't attach for some reason. Here we go!
  9. A little bit of extra info that wasn't included in the Press Release. -Rolling Thunder will be installed at the former location of UFO (I know for some this is common knowledge) -Brain Drain will go in the small plot of land in between Tornado and the Swirl City Slide Complex -Ride height requirement for both is 48" -Rolling Thunder is scheduled to open with the park on May 9th -Brain Drain is scheduled to open with the water park on May 16th
  10. That would be rather bossy of me... Anyway, time to get back to work. Some last minute things still need to get put in place for tomorrow. My mind is racing.
  11. But there's a video directly contradicting your theory that has already been posted...
  12. That is the only explanation that I can wrap my head around, this is THAT bizarre. Study the few pixels this video has closely at 3:17, it does appear that the car in front of them does pull forward and vanish!
  13. Top Thrill Dragster years and years ago. Properly blew my mind!
  14. Kind of... "The Vekoma Boomerang: Now with three fewer concussions per ride." I'll admit I totally set you guys up for that one, lol!
  15. This does pose an interesting question. Can a coaster model ever be too "big" or "time-tested" that a serious incident wouldn't effect operations at different parks? What I mean is that, because i-Box technology was pretty new, NTAG's incident closed Iron Rattler as a safety precaution. But Boomerangs have been operating safely for decades.
  16. Despite camera technology getting smaller and lighter, a GoPro coming loose, either by mount malfunction or user error, can still be lethal or cause serious injury. Such was the case with Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge at Universal, which no-longer duels as the result of a loose object injuring a guest. Always follow the rules. At the few parks that DO allow filming, perhaps consider purchasing a pair of Pivothead sunglasses, which are arguably safer when combined with a behind-the-ear strap.
  17. That was already posted a few pages ago. I don't think he was implying that he was breaking news, only that he just heard of it. Anyway, Larson sure is having a good year.
  18. I think the free mug with $0.99 refills is going to be a better value for a lot of Season Pass holders when compared to the Coke Pass last year, which came at a premium. The only caveat is that pass holders need to visit on or before May 25th, 2015, to pick up the mug. So keep that in mind and visit early! I'm also excited for "dive-in" movies. I'm more of a "dry park" guy myself, but this sounds great for families and guests staying on-property. I know they did a couple weekends of short films on the "laser lawn" during the fall this year and it seemed to be a hit with those staying in the campground.
  19. Here are a few I took at Darien Lake last off-season. Hopefully I can grab some more good ones this off-season! Darien Lake as seen from the Lakeside Cabins Mind Eraser taken from the Niagara Frontier bridge Ride of Steel from the Crossroads midway
  20. Looking sharp! Glad to see that SEFK will once again look as good as it rides.
  21. This is really neat! I'd love to see one of these get built in the states, as it combines two of my favorite things!
  22. Finally got around to reading this report. Having only cruised on Allure, I was extremely excited when Quantum was announced. SeaPlex and iFly are pretty tempting, but my overall impression is that I would still enjoy Allure or Oasis slightly more. I certainly hope SeaPlex and iFly find a place on the next Oasis class ship. I wonder if the choice of Ship Manufacturer has any effect on these elements finding their way to those ships?
  23. Had Cinnamon bread at 100% of HFE properties that offer it. 100% of B&M dive coasters in the Americas. 100% of wing coasters in North America (until Thunderbird.) 100% of Giga Coasters in North America (until next year.)
  24. Feel free to reach out, but please do not spam that email address, it is designed as a means for us to better serve our customers. There are a lot of rumors floating around right now. When things can be addressed, they will.
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