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  1. (New) Premier Parks is managing the park currently. (Old) Premier Parks acquired Six Flags in 1998 and rebranded themselves as Six Flags In 2011, Kieran Burke (former Six Flags CEO) founded Premier Attractions Management, which is now (new) Premier Parks. So, the similarities have more to do with (Old) Premier Parks acquiring Six Flags, and less with any possible 2016 acquisition of Darien Lake. Premier added a Larson Loops to Elitch Gardens in 2014 (prior to Six Flags installations) , Darien Lake in 2015, and Frontier City in 2015.
  2. ^ 1) Every Coaster is currently running one train, save for Viper, which runs two when it is busy. 2) There is always a mad dash for Ride of Steel, so you can either try to do that and beat the line, or take advantage of the short lines elsewhere. 3) SkyCoaster is a must do for me, it really depends on what you are into. 4) Maria's was fantastic last year, haven't eaten there this season.
  3. Viper's second train is still getting calibrated. It's on the transfer track, but not quite ready to roll (with passengers). However, the maintenance team is working to get it there. It's just taking a little bit longer than expected.
  4. Two train operations is returning to Viper and Predator for the second half of the season.
  5. To answer your questions. 1) Paddle Boats were new for 2014. 2) Two train operations had been a moving target. I have no ETA to give unfortunately. 3) Our front gate staff usually start bounce back coupons around 6:00pm. Not sure why they were not being handed out when you left. I'll look into this tomorrow.
  6. ^Water Park closes at 7:00pm. Boomerang was open all day up until I left work at 5:00pm, at least, might have just been down temporarily for a fault. Same for Mind Eraser. Rolling Thunder was down all day, and will probably remain down for a few more days. We had our first "Dive-In" movie in the wave pool today. So while the rest of the water park closed at the normal time, that remained open.
  7. Boomerang, Moto, and Corn popper were all up today. Many things stated in this thread are highly exaggerated. Weather has been on the rainy side this season, but beyond that things seem to be going pretty good. People love the slides, Rolling Thunder fills the void that Ranger leaves behind. The free in-park concerts were well attended.
  8. Mind Erasers supports are currently being painted on non-operating days, and should be completely painted by the time we reach daily operation.
  9. Full transparency, Moto is a clone too. But, both Ride of Steel and Moto were the originals. So there is that.
  10. First off, I want to thank SFNE for throwing such an awesome event! I couldn't have asked for a better time! Secondly, the ride itself is absolutely amazing. So much airtime, it never lets up until you hit the brake run! And it may be one of, if not the smoothest coaster I've been on! Lastly, I spotted a "loose" in the wild! But I absolutely love the theming in the station & queue. It really ties everything together quite nicely.
  11. Unfortunately, I don't have the first hand knowledge to answer these questions. However, I don't remember silver bullet ever lifting to 90 degrees in my years as a guest since the late 90s. Perhaps I just didn't notice.
  12. We have the ability to process Season Passes at our administration building in front of the park in Allegheny Rd. Stop in during business hours and we'll gladly get you processed. However, you'll have to visit the park during an operating day to get your coupon book and mug after you process. We also went pictureless this year with the passes, which eliminated the need for printing, and really quickened processing. We continuously tagged the back of the line on opening day, which was through the switchbacks and out to the parking lot, and we were still under a half-hour wait. So, if you waited until your first visit, you will not wait too long.
  13. Ride of Steel doesn't have a block system that can accommodate 3 trains. But I get what you are saying.
  14. ^^ Sara, quick question. When was your visit when you encountered this 2.5hr line? Last season, as per policy, we were notified over radio whenever Ride of Steel's wait exceeded 45 minutes. It was a rare occurrence, and it only happened on extremely high attendance days. I'm not saying that Ride of Steel doesn't get a line at times, but I have never encountered a report of 2.5 hours through any of our social media, email inquiries, or in guest services.
  15. ^You really should! The Splashtown expansion really took our water park to the next level. Brain Drain brings in a whole new level of thrill. And since you'd be traveling quite some distance you should consider staying in one of our accommodation options. See http://www.darienlake.com/lodging-deals/ for sales and promotions. I don't scare easily. I'll ride any coaster without giving it a second thought. But the anticipation standing in the SkyBOX got me mentally. To be dropped nearly straight down without a harness on messed with my Brain.
  16. 1) Unfortunately, I cannot with certainty answer that question. With uncertainty I can say, I think so! I'll ask those who would know tomorrow. 2) Splashtown opens for the Season this Saturday, May 16th. It will be open 11am-7pm (or park close, whichever is first) the rest of the season. So it will be open for physics day. If your friend has any questions he can always call his group sales rep
  17. Brain Drain is set to open this Saturday! Believe me when I say that these slides are intense! I was able to take a test ride yesterday afternoon and, despite temps in the 50s, I loved it! If you've never been on a SkyBOX enabled slide before, this will be quite the experience for you! Words really cannot describe it. If anyone here tries it out this weekend, let me know what you think! Tweet at us @darienlake.
  18. Ok, this is a foot in mouth moment. When I said to ask about 2016 at Dip 'n' Dots, I referencing a joke often used on TPR in the past. Please don't pester our Dip 'n' Dots employees. Instead, pester me at @darienlake and social@darienlake.com!
  19. Whew, man was it an eventful opening day. I thought I might address a couple things. Season Pass confusion: It is absolutely true that we did not do a return-card-mailer this year. The reason for that is we have a brand spanking new Season Pass system, featuring picture less passes similar to what you might find at a Cedar Fair park. Only those that renewed online will still have the picture. And it will be completely phased out in 2016. Brain Drain: Should open on the 16th. I haven't heard anything stating otherwise. Come out and ride it! 2 Train Operations: Ask again later (that doesn't mean no, just don't want to risk giving inaccurate info). RoS: Will warm up, it always does. To provide feedback to the park directly, reach out to either info@darienlake.com or social@darienlake.com.
  20. Yes. And we just got daily tickets up online! You can purchase at http://DarienLake.com/?keyword=daily%20tickets Any info on other park updates that arent related to the new rides? Well, in general, we've reached the part of the year where things are becoming really active inside the park. Some buildings are getting fresh paint, rides are getting re-assembled and inspected, merchandise is being stocked, new tech systems are coming online, ect. Truthfully, I'm not too up-to-date with everything simply because it's hard to get away from the desk and into the park this time of year. But every department is really working hard and kicking butt this year, and I have a good feeling about this season. I think I saw that a few former Dip 'n' Dot locations have returned, plus a new one, so be sure to stop by and ask them about our 2016 project.
  21. Yes. And we just got daily tickets up online! You can purchase at http://DarienLake.com/?keyword=daily%20tickets
  22. ^To my knowledge, it will be separate. However, I imagine the entrance will be directly next to the Swirl City queue entrance. I'm not familiar with the blueprints.
  23. I'm obviously bias. But I like the color. I think the green is vibrant and the blue complements it well. But to each their own.
  24. Yup. The loop we are getting is the 22 meter giant loop model. http://www.larsonintl.com/pages/giant-loop/giant-loop.html Fun Fairs generally get the fire ball model. http://www.larsonintl.com/pages/fireball/fireball.html
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