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  1. It is possible once SCarowinds is added to the online store. I would imagine they will start selling tickets later this month. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. I imagine that, for most, if you've never ridden TTD before it's most likely your first time ever visiting CP. If that is the case, I highly recommend investing in Fast Lane Plus for one day, even if you are there multiple days. It turned a 3 hour wait for Valravn into 5 minutes when I used it in May. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. Well, it's official. I have the RMC curse. I missed out on NTAG and iRat in 2013 because of closures. LR in March, and I was in line yesterday hoping to finally get a lap when they called it around 2PM. So I'm 2 for 5 out of the parks with RMCs I've visited. I'm not one to get super worked up over a credit... or 3, but I just can't seem to catch a break. Still had a great time yesterday, but at this point I don't think I'll risk revisiting until next season when they have the bugs worked out. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. ^ I'm actually leaving Darien next week for a different opportunity. Trying to button up some other priority projects before my last day, which is why we've been quiet on social. Stay tuned though! I think this summer is going to be another step in the right direction for Darien Lake.
  5. Point of clarification. It's not going on the former Cuda hill. Not sure where the news got that from. Carry on.
  6. ^ The park will not be open in October. We will do a fall event similar to last year's in September. Basically, expect this season to be very similar to last season.
  7. ^The hotel was designed with optional blueprints to expand in the future. Keep in mind, the hotel is just a part of our accommodations business. The past decade has seen the introduction and expansion of other "properties," such as Cabins and Guest houses.
  8. Just to add to what Andrew said. Only RoS will be getting a new train. 2-train operations should be expanded to include Viper and at least one other coaster for 2016, and then expanded again in 2017. Without giving too much away, I think Premier is doing a great job at creating a healthy balance between revenue driving investments vs park improvements.
  9. Not claiming to be the authority on CNL's long term plan. But I haven't heard anything at work that would remotely validate DarienLaker's theory. Sorry. I guess I can say that plans for 2016 are pretty solidified., but we haven't announced anything yet. So, there will be news, just not now. I'm traveling right now, so our social media accounts will be pretty quiet until I get back on the 5th. But I'll see if I can post anything interesting when I get back. Happy new year guys!
  10. Sorry SbSteveZ, I have no information I can give at this time. I am excited about the upcoming season though. Lots of good work is being done by all departments right now. I really wish everyone had an opportunity to see how hard our full time employees work. I think that it would put a lot of things in perspective for everyone.
  11. The old app was simply a mobile version of our site, but our current site is mobile friendly, and our new site will be even more mobile optimized. If we do build a new app, it will most likely include new functions pertaining to season pass. Nothing has been green lit though.
  12. I have the impression that it is not possible to run two different generations of the hyper trains due to how they interface with the restraint control system. Furthermore, it's probably not best practice to have two different restraint systems on one ride. I'll see if I can get confirmation of this.
  13. ^Admittedly I respond to most of the comments while on-the-go from my phone (including this one). I went ahead and fixed that typo. Hopefully that helps your OCD! [emoji39]
  14. Ranger will be removed from the park this off season. It is unlikely that a new attraction will be built in that area for 2016. I do not have the impression that Rolling Thunder was installed with the intention to replace Ranger. In fact, Ranger did run during the press event / Season Pass holder preview. To my knowledge reliability concerns / availability of parts kept it down the rest of the 2015 Season. That being said, there is no denying that RT shares many characteristics with Ranger, and is a suitable replacement in the wake of its removal. I'd personally like to see a family ride built the area that is appropriately themed to Rowdy's Ridge. Or the relocation of the Haymaker there in order to make room for another thrill ride near the fountain/games area. But that is just my personal opinion, completely irrelevant to the work I do at the park.
  15. ^ To my knowledge, we'll be getting one train in 2016. I believe the intention is to order a second one for 2017. I believe they will have the same restraints as Bizzarro/Superman: The Ride at SFNE.
  16. Could you give any details or at least hints about those 2016 plans? We are in the process of solidifying our 2016 plans now. I cannot give too many details, and I will not know too many details for items outside of the department I work in until they are set in stone. Here is what I can confirm: • Ride of Steel will be getting a new train (announced at ACE picnic). • Construction has begun on a new archway/portal that will serve as a gateway between the park and the performing arts center. I will share construction photos and a rendering later this week. • Second trains on more coasters, but not all. • Repairs and improvements to the picnic pavilions for catered picnics. • A visual redesign for DarienLake.com. That's pretty much it for now. More substantial information will most likely come after the new year.
  17. ^ Our partnership with Tops will continue. They will begin selling Season Passes later this month, and daily tickets as we approach the 2016 Season.
  18. It was captured by a company called 'Another Off The Wall Production,' based out of Houston Texas. They are a great production company, and have years of experience in the industry. The footage they captured will be used in next year's advertisements, so keep an eye out for those quad-copter shots!
  19. That information is typically not explicitly discussed at the park level, so there is really no way for me to know for certain. That being said, I have not been given any information that suggests another management change. We're going full-steam ahead with 2016 planning.
  20. ^ Hi Steve. There honestly is no rhyme or reason other than that I now have time to make social media a priority. Things were pretty busy last off-season and this season, so it was harder for me to create content on top of my other responsibilities at the park. This off season, one of my goals is to grow our following, as well as develop and schedule a base layer of content for next operating season. We'd really appreciate it if everyone followed and interacted with us on our social platforms. We're going to try to be more responsive, and answer questions when we can. Twitter: @darienlake Vine (will be ramping up content on this platform soon): @darienlake Instagram: @darienlake Facebook: /darienlake YouTube: /DarienLakeResort We're also trying to develop some Snapchat filters for next season. So look for them in May!
  21. I read them, just to keep on top of things. Usually don't click on the links though unless it is industry news I missed.
  22. ^ It's a filter, isn't it? At least at one point it was. Therefore it was impossible to say lockers, and would write "fluffy fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo" instead. If there is still a filter, what I said above probably doesn't make sense.
  23. To address some things: Going to look into the Exit Pass claim at Ride of Steel. I pass Ride of Steel whenever I enter the park (from my office) and have never seen a significant exit pass line. Looking at redemptions, our highest daily redemptions on Ride of Steel was 56 for the day on 8/13, which was the Jason Aldean Concert. I'll keep an eye on it. I do apologize about the concert traffic. Bandwidth is the name of the game when directing 20,000 concert goers off property. Because of this, we must use all avenues possible to direct traffic onto Allegheny and Sumner Rd. I believe removing Floodgate Falls was of concern because of 'Cuda Falls. I do not believe it is of concern now, as 'Cuda Falls has been removed. Giant Wheel lighting package - we hear you, not in the cards quite yet. Two train operations higher on the list of priorities. Expect more 2 train operations in 2016.
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