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  1. ^^ There's supposed to be more than one dog there?? I totally missed that....
  2. Yes, on a 5th grade field trip. Have you seen the movie A Christmas Story?
  3. I want Gilmore Girls seasons 3 and 4 and Legally Blonde (that movie cracks me up...I don't know why). Plus some other random stuff that I'm too lazy to list. untitled.bmp
  4. There are guys working on our roof (cleaning the gutters) and they are making a lot of noise. And my dog is barking because she hears them, and she has a loud bark. Also, the district controls my school's heating, and they turned it off for Thanksgiving break, but forgot to turn it back on today. So it was like 50 degrees inside the classrooms.
  5. I have an invisible cell phone. I love your phone! Especially since it's pink.
  6. Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Seaworld San Diego Paramount's Great America Bonfante Gardens Six Flags Marine World Playland Park (Rye, NY) Pixieland Park (Concord, CA) Yeah that's it. The last two were parks I went to a long time ago and I don't really remember them--I just remember going there.
  7. ^ Yeah that's true. But there's snow there in winter for snow-deprived Californians.
  8. Lol, poor Santa. It took me a minute to get that one though...blonde moment.
  9. Great TR! Gavin is so cute! I want to go back to Tahoe during the winter, since it looks better than summer.
  10. Indiana Jones and Soarin' over CA--Great rides but not worth those 2 1/2 hour long lines. The longest line I've ever waited in though was 1 1/2 hours for Medusa at SFMW. It seemed short from the outside, but it ended up moving really slowly. Not worth it.
  11. ^ Loved Harry Potter 4 < Saw Harry Potter 4 on Wednesday V Hasn't seen any Harry Potter movies
  12. I saw Harry Potter. It was pretty good, except for the fact that they kept leaving out stuff. Oh well, at least it was better than the 3rd one.
  13. Spiders. Ugh they scare me so much, especially those really fat ones. Ok, I pretty much hate all bugs, especially really big ones or flying ones. I also don't like snakes. And birds when they're not in cages (especially pigeons and seagulls).
  14. The Candy Cane Inn is actually pretty nice. I've stayed there twice. And they have a Disneyland shuttle. That's a big plus right there.
  15. Yeah I could do it. I don't go to theme parks a lot, since no one in my family really enjoys them except for me. So I bet I have done it before. I'm pretty new to this whole coaster world thing anyway. I would definately do it for those free Disney lifetime passes though.
  16. Sometimes. Have you slept on the floor?
  17. Oh. my. What a crazy lady.... She makes us Christians look bad.
  18. Oh yeah, for Disneyland, make sure to go to Indy right away. Then Splash Mountain. The lines for those two will be 10 minutes long, and then a few minutes later, they will be 40 minutes. I don't know where Space Mountain fits in, since it was closed when I was there. Go to Disneyland when it opens. You might want to leave for a while when the crowds get bad in the afternoon.
  19. I didn't hate middle school. The electives sucked and our principal was really annoying, but other than that it wasn't too bad for me. Well except for 6th grade--it wasn't that fun being "the stupid 6th graders." High school is better though. So far, 9th grade is actually easier than 7th and 8th. I guess right now I'm one of "the stupid freshmen" though.
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