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  1. DCA~ I don't know what exactly you want to do there, who you're going with, or how bad the crowds will be, so I just wrote things based on my trips to DCA. --Go to Soarin' in the morning, early. It seems to have the longest lines. --CA Screamin' has pretty fast lines. Fastpasses usually aren't necessary. --Tower of Terror had relatively short lines in the morning. --Sun Wheel and Mullholland had slow moving, long lines. --If you're with people who like shows/parades, see Aladdin and the Electric Parade. --Don't stay the whole day--you'll get bored, even if you do everything they have to offer. That's all I could think of right now. I tried not to write too much. And like Eric said, the freeways can get really bad. There's not much you can do about that though.
  2. CA schools closing doesn't surprise me either. Supposedly, the teachers in our school district were possibly going to go on strike. That would be interesting. I haven't heard anything about it recently, so I'm not sure what's going to happen.
  3. I'm curious--do all of the seniors at your school make one of those?
  4. Straight, but I have nothing against anyone who isn't.
  5. I want a Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. Seriously, I have no idea what I want for Christmas. I never make a list until the last minute anyway, so I have time.
  6. Wow, those people have too much spare time on their hands. I wouldn't want to pay that electricity bill.... If someone did that in my neighborhood, they would probably have the police or the city council after them.
  7. Actually yeah I have...three of them, I think. I forgot all about that--those shots definately hurt more than regular ones.
  8. No, seagulls are evil. Have you ever gotten crapped on by a bird?
  9. I've never gotten a flu shot, but I've never gotten the flu either. I try not to get any shots I don't have to, since I hate needles. It can't hurt more than a Tetnus (sp?) shot...ugh those hurt.
  10. I don't really like carnivals, because of -Rides that look/feel like they're going to collapse -Expensive games -Drunk people -Food that isn't very good -Stoned ride ops But they can be fun if you're with the right people.
  11. pEoPlE sHoUlDn'T tYpE lIkE tHiS...it's so annoying and hard to read.
  12. ^ Needs a life < Needs to stop stalling and start doing her homework V Needs a haircut
  13. I never went on it, since it was already closed by the time we ever got to DCA. But from what I've read, I wasn't missing much. Hopefully Monsters Inc will be good though.
  14. Thunder Mountain at Disneyland, then it was Roar at SFMW...I'm sure those weren't the first but that's as far as I can remember.
  15. Before it was...I'm a Gangster~Josh Tobin. That song is so funny. Now....Dance, Dance~Fall Out Boy
  16. The more you study, the more you learn. The more you learn the more you know. The more you know the more you forget. The more you forget the less you know. So why study? Haha...so true. And no I didn't make that up.
  17. ^ liked the Brothers Grimm movie < hasn't been to the movies since October V hasn't been to the movies for a year
  18. My friend hit me with a football in the face in p.e. When I was little I hit my head on a washing machine. Never had to get stitches though. And I've probably walked into a door at least once. My list would be much longer if this thread was 'what have you tripped over?'
  19. It was the first one I could come up with. There isn't a story behind it or anything. Well I matched up with Tinkerbell on some quiz in the Disney Animation Studio in DCA, but I don't think that means anything. Yeah real exciting...
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