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  1. ^ Didn't scarf a scarf. < Hasn't eaten anything recently because I have sore throat and it hurts to eat. V Has eaten soap recently.
  2. ^^ Ugh don't get me started about fire drills..... The fire alarm always seems to go off at the quietest moment possible. Like yesterday. Fire drills always remind me of last year in 8th grade though, when someone set a trashcan on fire--that was funny. Ok back to ranting. I have a sore throat. And I have to go to "parent's week" at dance in less than 2 hours.
  3. I love the week before winter break. So far, no homework. And my p.e. teacher hasn't made us run the track in two days and in my opinion, that's a very good early Christmas present.
  4. I've had a lot of bad theme park pizza, but I can't really think of any good ones. I remember liking some pizza at PGA, but that was at least 4 years ago, so I don't know if I would like it now.
  5. ^ Is right...I do microwave everything (just food). Or it stays cold. < Has a headache. V Is watching a movie.
  6. Not really. I look at a few things and then put it down. Do you like chocolate?
  7. A Skycoaster and a Starflyer. They look so scary! Also, there are a lot of carnival/traveling rides that I wouldn't ride, but I can't think of any specific ones. Also I don't think I would ever ride any of the Stratosphere rides. Too high...
  8. The first time I went on Medusa at SFMW, I almost had a nervous breakdown going up the lift. After I was fine though.
  9. LOL! Wally, you'll have to let us know when your next show is so we can all come see you in your bunny costume.
  10. ^ Lives in Ireland < Went to a birthday party last night V Likes playing truth or dare
  11. No Is it true that if you microwave a CD it will explode?
  12. I pretended to be sicker than I really was on Friday so I didn't have to go to school. And a couple months ago my friend and I sat around listening to the Backstreet Boys and N'sync for fun...and enjoyed it. :?
  13. Saw Christmas with the Kranks last night. It was just as hilarious the watching it the second time as it was the first time (I saw it in theaters last year.)
  14. ^ Puts up Christmas lights. < Has never tried putting up Christmas lights (well my parents haven't) V Got electricuted putting up Christmas lights.
  15. ^ I'm surprised you actually went in the water.... Wasn't it cold?
  16. Christmas I guess. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
  17. ^ Has a SpongeBob avatar < Thinks SpongeBob is kind of overrated, but I'll admit, the show is funny sometimes. V Wishes they were SpongeBob.
  18. That's what my sister says. I'd rather not find out... Were you ever a girl/boy scout?
  19. I think the last time it actually snowed here was about four years ago for 10 minutes. Instead we get rain. Well it snows a lot on the mountains, but that doesn't count.
  20. No, but I probably could be if I wanted to. Have you ever had the flu?
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