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  1. How about that schnitzel! Bleh Gilmore Girls has kind of sucked lately....
  2. ^ Well they said it was 2 miles each way (we got to walk back), but it didn't feel that long. I think it took 30 minutes tops (and I stopped and walked a lot). My P.E. teacher wasn't actually timing us though, so I don't know for sure. Which was weird, because it was the final, so you would think he would have. Anyway, I thought it was going to be horrible, since I hate P.E., but it wasn't too bad. It probably would have been much worse running 2 miles around the track.
  3. Today was a good day. We had to take our P.E. final, which happened to be running 2 miles to a McDonald's. Then we got to eat there, which didn't really make sense, but oh well. Also we got out of school 2 hours early (finals schedule).
  4. Yeah probably. Especially if some of them were Great Danes. Do you watch more than an hour of tv every day?
  5. I'm on level 7 but I gave up for a while since it was making me mad.
  6. I don't eat much fast food but I like: In & Out Pizza Hut El Pollo Loco Fuddruckers And I'll eat Subway and McDonald's, but they're not my favorites. The only fast food place that I can remember thinking it was really bad is Burger King.
  7. ^ Wow you're really lucky. I could be wrong, but I think pretty much everyone here has to pay for braces. And they aren't cheap. I had braces for 3 years (2 "phases") and honestly I didn't think they were that bad. I can't say I liked how they looked, but I got used to them, plus a lot of other people I knew had them too which made it better. The only really bad part is if you have to get teeth pulled in order to put them on. And sometimes your teeth hurt a little after getting the braces put on or tightened. That and not being allowed to eat certain things since your brackets would supposedly break (never happened to me though and I broke that rule many times.) It was all worth it though, since now my teeth are perfectly straight. I have to wear a retainer at night now, but that's not bad at all.
  8. My friend sometimes eats a bag of popcorn (probably butter) a day, and she's in the best shape out of almost anyone I know. Of course she exercises a lot too, so she probably just burns it all off.
  9. I'm taking French II right now. Sometimes I wish I had taken Spanish, because it might have been more useful, but I kind of like French.
  10. ^ Nah I'm probably still the youngest girl here.
  11. ^ You have a car? You're 13! Is the driving age different in Ireland? Or did I misunderstand what you wrote? I haven't introduced myself either. So I'm Claire. I'm a freshman. Besides coasters/theme parks, I love the tv show Gilmore Girls, Disney, dance, and some other random stuff. I only started liking coasters about 2 years ago. I've only been on about 18 coasters so far though. Disneyland is my favorite park right now. My home park is SFMW, but it's about 45 minutes away (it takes 15 minutes just to get to the highway from where I live). I can't really think of much else to say...
  12. You are so lucky that leadership (or ASB in your case) is only a semester long. We had to stay in it all year. My friends and I hated that class since our teacher made us do some pretty stupid stuff. Like blowing up 50 balloons for some teacher's baby shower without a balloon pump, since they were all broken. Or cleaning out her refrigerator. I hate science fair projects. A lot.
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