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  1. Based on my two prom experiences, girls definitely seem to put a lot more time into prom than guys, between running around to multiple stores (most people where I live went to the local malls & San Francisco, which is like 40 min away) to find the "perfect" dress & shoes and then spending hours on their hair, makeup, etc the day of. One thing I thought was funny was how obsessed some girls were with making sure no one else had the same dress. Personally I couldn't have cared less, but I had a few friends who were like that. Good luck with your project!
  2. ^ Those name spellings drive me crazy! I don't mind the ones that have common multiple spellings (Sara/Sarah, Lindsay/Lindsey, etc) but the ones like Jessikah, Jennipher, Brittnie look so ridiculous to me--and I'm not making those up! Plus then the poor kid constantly has to spell their name for people. Anyway back on topic...I wonder if the spike in Twilight-related names is because adults are reading/watching Twilight or because more teenagers are having kids. Either way, it's a bit disturbing. I kind of like the names Isabella and Jacob, but if I ever name my kids one of those it will *not* be because of that whiny Twilight girl or the werewolf.
  3. This definitely creeped me out a bit (probably because I'm so used to the regular Mickey) and I can totally see it freaking out the kids who were already terrified of the costumed characters. That being said, the technology is really impressive and I think most kids will love it. Will be interesting to see how they choose to use this technology.
  4. Agreed that Brittany is a great dancer! I remember her getting cut in the final rounds on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago so I'm glad to see she's successful now. That's exactly how I felt. I didn't run to buy the songs on iTunes like I did with Hello and the Madonna episode, but I felt like the songs fit with the stories so it worked well.
  5. I also enjoyed getting to hear the other guys sing. I've always thought Puck has the best male voice (maybe not now that Jesse's in the picture) so I'm happy when he gets solos. Physical was hilarious. I actually found it more entertaining than Vogue (probably an unpopular opinion).
  6. ^ The Little Mermaid structure seems to have gone up really fast! I'm definitely no expert on park operations, but I don't get why they need to close the park so far in advance of the last show. I know currently they don't have enough numbers to keep the park open, but isn't the whole point of this show to attract people (and disperse some of the crowds at DL)? If they close at 10:00, people seeing the 9:00 show who might have wanted to stay in DCA afterwards won't be able to for more than 30 minutes...and they'll probably go back to DL. If they have to close PP, fine, but why not leave Hollywood & the Grizzly/Soarin areas open? Three shows seems like it will be very chaotic, possibly even more so than the Fantasmic/fireworks/Fantasmic set up that DL has. Should be interesting to see how it all works out--hoping for the best because I do want this show & DCA to do well.
  7. I liked parts of last night's episode but overall it was too serious/sappy for me. I much prefer funny, upbeat Glee (with more upbeat songs). But I did love seeing Kristin Chenoweth and lots of Kurt (I feel so bad for him!), Mercedes, and Quinn.
  8. Here's the track list for the new cd, if anyone's interested: http://www.gleetastic.com/articles/glee-soundtrack-volume-3-tracklist-revealed Bad Romance has the potential to be really amazing! Interesting...I think I would actually like that.
  9. ^ The Nsync fangirl in me is incredibly jealous! I haven't actually met anyone famous, as far as I can remember. Saw Nicholas Cage at Disneyland, which was cool but would have been a lot cooler if I actually liked Nicholas Cage.
  10. I for one am not upset to see the lap-sitting arrangement gone. Lapbars seem like they'd make the ride more uncomfortable so I'm glad they're using seatbelts. I'm hoping they're going to add some padding in those trains though.
  11. This, if true, is one of the things I really don't get. It just seems like a recipe for disaster, especially if that means they won't be giving out Grizzly FP in the morning (which is definitely what it sounds like). I don't know how these things work, but couldn't they just build separate FP machines for WOC? Because using Grizzly's seems like it's going to confuse/frustrate guests. Reading this thread makes me feel sorry for anyone working DCA crowd control or guest relations this summer. That being said, I'm still excited for this show, although I have no intention of waiting 2-3 hours beforehand to see it.
  12. ^^I was disappointed by the lack of Quinn (and more importantly, Puck ) in this episode. Hopefully they'll have more screentime next week.
  13. ^ Just looking at that picture is making my arteries cry. I think the fact that they have a grilled version of the Double Down is quite funny. Because nothing says healthy like bacon covered in cheese! I'm surprised the fried one isn't *that* bad for you, relatively speaking. Still, if I'm going to eat 32 grams of fat, I'd rather do it eating something else.
  14. This episode had a bit too much relationship drama for me--they must have started/ended at least 3 relationships in less than an hour--but overall I liked it. I loved seeing Idina Menzel (hope she sings at some point!) and Jonathan Groff. Sue's Vogue = awesome..so excited for next week!
  15. Those new trains look pretty cool but I'll be kind of sad to see the old trains go. That being said, I've never really liked the lap-sitting arrangement and I think individual seats will be a big improvement (assuming that's the case here).
  16. I've only been to Gilroy Gardens once right after it opened, back when it was still Bonfante Gardens. Glad to see it's still a beautifully landscaped park. I don't remember doing the rock maze though--looks like I missed out. Great photos!
  17. Didn't watch the video because I'd rather wait and see it live but the soundtrack list made me very excited. I hope I can make it down there at some point this summer, even though I'm sure the crowds will be horrible. This may be a stupid question but are they planning on running this at the same time as Fantasmic or the fireworks? I'm guessing Fantasmic since they're more similar but I don't know.
  18. America's Next Top Model = best guilty pleasure show? I think so. I'm still slightly ashamed for watching it though.
  19. I get why they'd have parts of Paradise Pier closed during the show but shutting everything down an hour earlier seems a bit excessive to me. Anyway, now that they're actually getting rid of Maliboomer, I may have to take a trip down to DL this summer just so I can say I've ridden it.
  20. I'm majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Lodging Management. I also can get credit hours for completing an internship, and then one or two of the Collegiate Courses that they offer can transfer to my university. (I think it was personal marketing and human resource management) I'm close to a Business major so there's a chance I could get credit. Unlikely though especially if I do DL since I don't remember seeing any major-specific classes like the ones you mentioned on their site, only the Marketing You and Corporate Analysis ones. Was anyone here debating between DL and WDW or did you all want to go to WDW from the beginning? I'm trying to decide between them and it's hard to find people who have done DL's (or even considered it) to compare. Everyone's responses are really helpful so thank you!
  21. I keep reading that the program has a lot of networking and professional opportunities, but I haven't really seen many examples. So does anyone here have any experiences?
  22. ^ Just out of curiosity, what's your major/minor? I'm pretty sure my school won't give credit other than internship hours but it would be nice! I'm Claire, nice to meet you! Yeah I've read so many positive things about it, which makes me really want to do it, but I've also read some really negative things, which makes me a bit hesitant. I guess it's just different for everyone.
  23. ^ I'm hoping to do a program then too (not sure which one yet). There is a lot of info in here about the WDW program (which is all really helpful) but does anyone have any info/stories about the Disneyland program? I know it's less popular so there's less info out there, but there has to be something. At the moment, I'm leaning towards that one (mostly because of location), so any info would be very much appreciated!
  24. I've only been to the Norcal parks and Disney but out of those... Best: California Screamin Worst: Kong and Vortex--Grizzly may be boring but those two are more painful/uncomfortable so they win this category for me.
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