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  1. I had all 4 of mine pulled in January (that's how I got to spend the last week of my winter break), and I was so nervous, especially about the anesthesia and pain. It really wasn't that bad though. I don't remember anything from the actual surgery, but I remember the surgeon talking to me afterward, so I guess I was able to talk (and I don't think I said anything stupid, which was something I was worried about too). Luckily, I wasn't in very much pain afterward (which really surprised me). The first 2 days were kind of uncomfortable, but I think by the 3rd day I was comfortable enough to start taking Aleves instead of the prescription pain killers. The worst part was that it was hard to open my mouth or chew anything for about a week. It's not going to be the most fun way to spend spring break, but it's kind of nice getting to sit around and do nothing but eat ice cream and watch tv for a week.
  2. So You Think You Can Dance Survivor Pushing Daisies Kyle XY Gilmore Girls (even though it's not on anymore)
  3. Elementary: Eagles Middle: Bobcats High: Eagles
  4. Good luck with Honors Chemistry! I hated it last year, but that's only because I didn't like my teacher. I have a feeling this year is going to be a lot of work (which I expected, since I've heard Junior year is the hardest). I'm taking: Honors Physics AP Psychology Honors Pre Calculus English 3 AP French U.S. History But so far I don't dislike anything (I only started yesterday though, so maybe that's why).
  5. I start my junior year tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it...
  6. Lucky! I saw Wicked about a year ago in SF with Eden and she was amazing (actually, the whole show was amazing)! I wish I had seen it in New York with the original cast (Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel) when I had the chance.
  7. I have only been on 3 B&Ms: Top Gun (inverted), Medusa-west (floorless), and Vortex (standup). I like Medusa best and Vortex least, so I have to go with floorless as my favorite and standup as my least favorite.
  8. Blades of Glory It was a stupid movie, but it was still pretty funny. I'm not sure I would watch it again, but I enjoyed watching it once.
  9. Honors Chemistry. That class is so stressful and frustrating for me... And I agree completely with the people who said PE. I don't hate PE this year because I'm not in regular PE, I'm in dance (we get to choose our PE class sophomore year), but I hated it last year. EDIT: What was I talking about...? I still hate it now, just not as much as I did last year.
  10. I've been pretty lucky so far. The worst injury I've gotten was when I was at dance class doing a leap and I landed on the side of my foot, resulting in a sprained (or mildly fractured) ankle. It hurt like hell the first day and turned lots of different colors, but it wasn't too bad of an injury.
  11. Yeah I pretty much agree with everyone else who has posted so far--"Knott's Great America" sounds so bad, it's funny. If they had to put Knott's in the park's name, they should have just changed the name totally...
  12. No school tomorrow! And no chemistry until Wednesday!!
  13. ^ Misunderstood < Just turned off the Grammys because I got bored V Has to go to school/work tomorrow
  14. I pretty much live in my Cathy Jeans, flip flops, and slippers, because they're so comfortable, but I also have Pumas, KSwiss, and ballet flats.
  15. Age: 15 Middle Name: Camille...bleh Pet Peeve: People walking really slowly in front of me. Color of your bathroom: White and blue Best Movie of ALL time: Pirates of the Caribbean Best Song of ALL time: Best TV Shows: Gilmore Girls Favorite Band/Artist: None Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean-DLR Yummiest Ice Cream: Cookie Dough If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Can't choose Morning Person or Night Person: Definitely not a morning person, so I guess night. Pets: Golden Retriever-Carly Favorite Color: Pink or green Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): The movies Coke or Pepsi: Root beer! But if I had to choose then Coke. Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: It's good. Best Vacation Spot: Disneyland Cook or Go Out: Go out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach Favorite coaster: Medusa Favorite videogame: Don't have one Favorite boardgame: Apples to Apples Favorite book: Anything by Lois Duncan, Meg Cabot, and Mary Higgins Clark. Favorite magazine: none Non Coaster Passtimes: Travel, hanging out, dance, school Wishes: To go to college Films I'm looking forward to : Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Favourite inversion: Vertical loop Favourite ride (non-rollercoaster): Anything at Disneyland Favourite type of car: I don't even drive.
  16. The Santa Clause 3 It could have been a lot worse, but it was still pretty bad. They should have stopped after the second one.
  17. ^ Likes the Lion King < Is bad at bowling V Went shopping yesterday
  18. Haha that would get really old fast...The dog made me laugh the most though, because that's exactly what my dog would have done.
  19. My trip to Marine World yesterday was fun and it was so empty. All of the rides we went on were walk ons. The only bad part was that a lot of rides were closed, though all of the coasters were open.
  20. My friend and I are going to Marine World tomorrow. And I get a five day weekend.
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