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  1. Nice pics so far. I was expecting a few more pics of hot guys though....
  2. ^^ Thank you both for sharing your....uh...interesting stories.
  3. No Do you like watching stupid movies?
  4. this is my favorite also That's one of my favorites too! I didn't feel like posting the lyrics a third time though.
  5. Home park--SFMW My favorie coaster is Medusa or Roar...never been on V2 so I don't know if that one's better. And my favorite flat ride there Tazmanian Devil.
  6. ^ Is wrong...I am someone who has nothing better to do with HER time < Hasn't watched tv in over a week...Gilmore Girls wasn't on this week V Hasn't watched tv in over a year
  7. No, I don't even own RCT3. Do you like Chinese food?
  8. The Boudin bakery in DCA had probably some of the best food we ate there (even though Boudin isn't found at just Disney). Also, the hamburgers at the Golden Horseshoe (DLR) were really good, but they don't have them anymore. And I like Goofy's Kitchen too. I've found most places at Disney to be pretty good though. The pineapple whip float at the stand outside Tiki Room at DLR and Dippin Dots are probably my favorite theme park snack foods.
  9. A Christmas Story! That's my favorite definately. I also like Rudolph, Charlie Brown, the Year Without a Santa Claus, and the 'Santa Clause' movies (1&2). I like Christmas Vacation and Christmas with the Kranks too (I think I'm in the minority there). EDIT: I forgot the Grinch (the cartoon)! That's a classic.
  10. That seems to happen to me everytime I go on that ride. Except last time we got stuck in front of Madame Leota and we heard her repeat her 'speech' at least 10 times. That got pretty annoying.
  11. Maybe........ (no) Did you ever play with Barbies? (be honest... )
  12. Haha that was actually kind of funny. I should have known better than to open that though...
  13. Did you have a SFMW pass? That might be why...I don't know. That's the best reason I could come up with.
  14. Well at least now I know how to control my camel when it runs away next time.
  15. No but my mom did once. Have you ever skipped a grade?
  16. ^ So does that mean you have no school right now?
  17. No, but my friend does. Do you eat only the red Skittles?
  18. I don't think it's that bad. When I went to PGA with 2 of my friends, one of them didn't want to go on any coasters with inversions, so we rode Grizzly at least five times. And we all liked it. But Roar and Grizzly are the only 2 wooden coasters I've been on, so I don't really have much to compare it to. Roar at SFMW is much better though.
  19. Yes Do you go to Starbucks every day?
  20. ^ Ohhhhhhhhh ok. I think I've done something like that before in a group of 5, and it was actually pretty fun. Probably because we got to make part of it a movie.
  21. Mr. Six kind of creeped me out.... Plus Six Flags (well SFMW) plastered his face on almost every pole and tree possible, so I got sick of looking at him. Oh well, some people must have liked him. I bet he will be back eventually if Six Flags can't come up with anything better.
  22. That's like a 2,000 mile turn..... Anyway...hopefully you're having a good time in California.
  23. ^ Is wrong--my room is far from clean. < Is excited, because a Jamba Juice is opening 5 min. from my house. V Took the cookies from the cookie jar.
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