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  1. That is one big woodie. That thing actually mit scare me i hope that some day i mit be able to ride it
  2. Cool pics That roller coaster thingy looks really fun doen't see why themeparks dont have them.
  3. Looks like it going to be a big and fun ride but then again I could be wrong.
  4. it figures rides are not suppose to be that hi but then again im not the person who is get the money from that ride.
  5. Yeah like that will every happen. Besides all the wait for that ride couldn't imagine. But then again SFMM is that dum
  6. I want that book I have the haunted mansion book which is really great. Can't wait for Christmas when i will be able to buy it at borders
  7. Cool Pics Looks like a ride that I need to go on. I will make my way over to that park some day
  8. Coaster looks pretty cool. You know whats funny I thought about A ride like this and I thought it would be cool and now there building a ride like the one i thought of. I guess this means that i should be an engineer. By the way i really not lieing
  9. no i don't live by Las Vegas but i know people who do.
  10. ^^^^ where have you been the last hunderd pages. Any way I cant wait for tommorow. This seems to be the perfect week with the coaster and harry potter both I dont know which is better
  11. 100 Pages WoW!! By the way the footers there digging and pooring at the same time so that I think means that the supports will go up as the rest of the footers are being poored or drying.
  12. great pics love them. I cant wait tell im 21 when I can go on my own. since I live in CA and my parents dont want to pay to go that far I have to go on my own cant wait to see it go
  13. I just want to see a lay out of the ride so I can tell if the three hr. wait will be worth it.
  14. ^^ You should be very glad you didn't go I got to go on like 5 rides. Also going on November 17 sounds like a good idea.
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