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  1. I can"t wait for expedition everest Goliath and the MM flyer. These rides are going to be big fun thrilling rides. Goliath looks really fun and i cant wait for it to open. Expedition Everest looks really cool dew to the themeing and the MM flyer looks really cool and i cant wait for it to open. When the flyer opens I will be there opening day. 8)
  2. Thats not to bad. I really like the drawing. And for the name I think some thing that involes dragons or ninjas. I really just hope though that the ride will be huge have a tunnel and have many inversions. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  3. I thought the pictures were great. Some of them are really funny.
  4. Yeah. All the trians besides BTW were fine and had no trouble. It was just MM lack of staff or some thing like that.
  5. no way there thinking of a new park it would be to much money for them mabye later down the line but not now
  6. I hope when the new flyer opens that they will run more the one train after the frist year. The color scheme isn't that bad and now that I think about it I kind of like it. I just wish it wasn't at the top of the hill. I really dont want to hike up there in the moring to ride the coaster, but I will end up doing it every time. Does any one know whats going on with the Sky Tower. :?
  7. Yeah I like those all to but my favorite is Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I love Splash Mountain beacause of that huge drop at the end. I also like the great theme but i do not like the wait. I love jurrasic park to. I wish SFMM had it so i could go on it more. I wish thouh that they didn't make it have controlled brakes at the end. I also think ripe tide is cool at Knott's.
  8. Yeah I guess your right it might look good when its done to but i just care right now how good the ride will be. oh well for now we will have to wait and see.
  9. What is your Favorite water ride? I just wanted to know what people thought of water rides weather its a flat ride or coaster. So write about your favorite water ride. Mine is Splash Mountain and Pirates.
  10. I saw a hole T.V. show on the roller coaster it looked pretty cool any way when I was little we would ride the wagon down hill and we would scream so loud and have so much fun.
  11. whats on my mind now is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. besides that i am thinking of wut the hell is everyone up to.
  12. I have not seen any more models for years I think they stoped making them because no one would buy them.
  13. SFMM I went to SFMM this summer twice. Once with my parents and another with my friends I had a great time excepted for the crowds. I did a lot of rides and manged to go on Goliath 12 which rocked and I went on dive devil free. 8) Knott's Berry Farm This year I went to Knott's for the frist time in 10 years. I had a great time. My favorite ride I went on was supreme scream. Sliver bullet sucked big time and there was no scary rides besides supreme scream and xcellerator. I still had a great time because I was with my freinds.
  14. YES! Thanks for correcting me I guess its going to be a B&M I cant wait it's going to be a great ride. I just hope it has at least 5 inversions and a long tunnel that would be great
  15. X seemed to have some huge problems for the frist years Flashback was a big mistake Superman the Escape never seems to work right for more then a day
  16. I really dont want the supports to be orange that color would look so ugly on the hill side I think red would be better. Besides red would match the rest of samurai summit. Also the way it looks like its going to be a vekoma coaster:evil: But I could be wrong.
  17. I really dont care if its like air. I just don't want a Vekoma coaster! It would be cool if it did use the metro tunnel and if it went around the skytower, but I bet it won't just because MM doesn't seem be to smart but then again who knows. I just hope its going to be a good ride. By the way does anyone know whats going on with the skytower and the Orient. :?
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