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  1. They could not put a drop tower beind superman due to the fact that goliath and its queve is in the way.
  2. Nice update. I have just though of something. they cant take the sky tower down because its a land mark..
  3. Congrats! I knew u could do it. That is so awesome. U are so awesome Robb.
  4. Lol that was funny. I cant wait this year for the fight fest. Then I can see the construction for my self. Also if that is the logo then it sucks big time
  5. im A little confused? where are they going to but the station with a queve up on the hill? :?
  6. I dont belive in UFOs but i do belive that there is other life out the. I real dont belive in aleins like the ones in war of the worlds.
  7. I have the game but not the expasion backs. I really would like to get it because it looks great.
  8. I think those names are cool. I think It would be cool if the theme did invole a dragon theme. It aslo would be cool if it was a dueling coaster but SFMM is to cheap to build a great ride like that.
  9. Lol^ I cant take it either but i think nothing is really going to happen tell after the fight fest.
  10. I cant belive that it didnt happen soon. That much expolisives in one place. it was bound to happen. I wish i could have saw it
  11. I guess Malfoy is all right beacuse he chickened out.
  12. #1 Flashback. SFMM #2 Pyclone SFMM #3 Ghost Rider KBF #4 Viper SFMM
  13. I cant wait I loved the book, and at least the person they killed off wasnt that big. I didnt like:?? it either.
  14. Collosus is great! Its a classic. I think the big rides are cool But I love Collosus especily when they do it backwards for the fight fest.
  15. Dive devil is so cool. I love it. Its the only thing i been on that feels like I am really flying. 8)
  16. Storm Runer Why because it looks like a great ride that i want to go on.
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